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Part 42: Meanwhile, back in Pokémon Square...

Kekeh! You lot! Why aren't you out there hunting down Jake's team?

That's easy for you to say. It's too much for us...

They say Jake's team has gone way far out there. If we went, the best we could hope for is maybe the Lapis Cave.

I joined the chase, but they fled into Mt. Blaze. For the life of me, I can't go in there. And that's where I lost their trail. I'm a Grass type, see. Fire doesn't agree with me at all. I don't know what became of Jake's team after that. ...but those fugitives... to think they would risk Mt. Blaze... They've grown up tough! I can't keep up!


Kekeh! What a spineless lot you are! Tch!

You're so full of big talk! What about your team, Gengar? You just hang around in the square and don't do a thing. Walk the talk. You guys go.

We're out of that picture. Kekeh! Our role is to receive word about Jake's demise. Kekekekekeh!

Tch! Just appointed yourself that...

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my goodness!

Medicham, what's the word?

Jake... Jake is...

Oh! Finally! We're finally rid of Jake! Kekeh!

No! It's the opposite! Jake is back!

Kekeh?! What did you say?!

H-hey! Over there...


Th-they're back...

Hi, everyone! We're back!

Whew! We finally made it back. We've been gone for so long... It's good to be back in the square again.

Hey, Sheldon!

Hm! Oh, it's you, Gengar. It's been a while.

(Kekeh! What's with that smug confidence? Kekeh! Maybe...)

Gengar! You spewed all sorts of trumped up garbage, didn't you? Jake had nothing to do with it! Jake was innocent!



Is that true?!

You bet. We met Ninetales and found out!

Jake isn't the human from that legend. We came back when we found that out.


Kekeh! W-wait a second! You can't be trusted yet. If you're going to make that claim, let's see some proof.


That's right. Some hard evidence! Kekeh! Let's see some proof! Come on, out with it!

Proof... we don't have any proof...

Kekekekekekeh! It's too bad you don't have proof! You came back for us so we could get rid of you easier! How conveniently foolish! Kekekeh!

Now, fellow Pokémon. Here's your chance to get rid of Jake! Kekekekekeh!

...Kekeh?! What's wrong, everyone? Don't you want to be rid of Jake?

I... I always believed in Jake! You don't fool me!


...I... I'm out. I was saved by Jake's team before. I joined the chase with a heavy heart because of your urging... But I simply can't think of Jake being bad in any way.


I've heard enough too! I believe Jake!

Yeah, that's right! Who needs proof!



What? What is this? looks like a newspaper... doesn't it?

Okay, I'll read it aloud. Let's see...

<Pokémon News> = EXTRA = Jake Innocent! Jake met with Ninetales under the watchful eye of Alakazam and proved that it had nothing to do with the human in the legend. As a result, Gengar's claims were found to be malicious lies. -End-


You rotten...

Gegegeh! R-run!

Stop, you liar! You conned us!

Welcome back!

Yup! It's good to be back!

We're back like we promised!

...I'm so glad... Jake isn't suspected anymore...

Yup, I'm glad too. We won't have to keep running from everyone anymore.

All right, Jake. We're both worn out. I'm going to get some sleep. Our rescue team is back in business tomorrow! Let's give it our best!

Sleepover at my place!

Haha, you got it, Jake!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: the boys are back in town!