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Part 41: Bonus fanart exhibit!

Whew! That was an intense chunk of plot, wasn't it? Let's all relax with some of the fanart that folks have been submitting, starting with the sad and working up to the happy.

gerbilfat remembers the early days, when nobody knew Team Hugs from Adam, Sheldon wasn't sure if Jake was amnesiac or brain-damaged, and Jake spent a long, lonely night wondering if he'd ever go home again. He's been through darker days since then, but at least he has friends to stand at his side.

I think Phelix and Darkrai say it best: "I do nothing but put people into endless nightmarish comas and feed on their horror, but at least I'm not a dick."

Jake wasn't in much of a hugging mood when the Xatu dropped his bombshell, but Minotaurus was nice enough to draw such a hug anyway.

Speaking of hugs not in continuity, Customer Service misunderstood me when I said 'you'd draw a good Murkrow hug', so I got this instead. The mistake was corrected, but the art's too good to just toss!

Adexia submits this piece on behalf of a non-goon friend, wondering: what if it wasn't Jake who was brought to the Pokémon world?

Your art can be featured in the next fanart theater! Any art that doesn't get used in a regular update gets saved away for one of these, so keep your submissions coming!