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by FredMSloniker

Part 51: Let Your Freak(y) Flag Fly

Here's how flag-painting works: when we visit Ross and talk to him, he'll offer to repaint our base's flag. (I don't know if non-plot Smeargles, who we will get the chance to recruit later, will do the same.) If we take him up on the offer, we'll have a different flag the next time we return from a dungeon. If we don't like the result, we can ask him to try again.

We start with a flag determined by our species, and can't get any of the rest:

There are fifteen more designs Ross can choose from:

Every time Ross repaints the flag, he moves to the next flag in the sequence: Koffing flag, Ditto flag, Wobbuffet flag, and so on until he runs out of ideas and gives us our original flag back.

I could just watch them all day!