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Part 56: The Beginning of the End (Hugs Team Base)

...Urgggh... I feel horrible...

This is a dream... isn't it...? But why... why do I feel this terrible...? This is... the first time...

How do you like Dream Eater? Horrible, isn't it? Keke!

But who would've thought you were also human before... Didn't expect that.

But who cares? Someone like that's sure to be some lowlife. Keke! I'll expose you yet! I'll expose what's in your heart with Dream Eater! Kekeke!

Hm?! Something's coming!

What? What is that light? It's coming closer?

...The pain... it's going away...


Gardevoir... will you tell me now? Who or what I am...?

Yes. The time has arrived. Why you have come here? I will tell you all there is to tell. Jake, you have... come to save this world.

...Came to save the world of Pokémon? I did...?

Yes. We learned that this world faced extinction. And so we sought a hero. But though we searched, nowhere could we find our hero. We were becoming discouraged... when we came across a human. Jake... you were that human.

Wa... wait a second! Hero? Me? That's too much! I'm not anything special like that?!

Yes. That is also what you said the first time we met. You said you were not strong. But what we sought was not power merely for display... We sought true courage.

True courage...? That... I'm even less confident about that.

That, too, is what you said when we met.

It was then that you said this. To see if you were worthy to be our hero or not... you asked that we put you to the test. And only if you were found to be truly worthy... then you were to be told the truth. To fulfill your role clear of heart and mind, you then chose to erase your memory as a human and became a Pokémon of your own will to fight alongside your friends. That is how you came to be in this world.

I... I did that?

Your courage has been proven. Without question, you bear the role of saving the world. And that role... it is soon coming to its end.

...Stopping the meteor from crashing into this world...? That's my role?

Yes. And when that is accomplished, you can return to your human world.

Oh... so I can go back to being a human...

Wait! But that means...

Yes. It means... parting ways with Sheldon.

Sheldon... I have to leave?

Sheldon feels great kinship with you, Jake. So if you were to leave, your friend would be heartbroken... but there can be nothing done. Because there are encounters, there are also farewells... I, too, once had a friend beyond value. Truly, I cherished our friendship... but my friend has gone away. It fills me with sadness still, losing my friend... but... we will meet again... That is what I believe.

W-what was that?!

...Who was it? Someone appears to have been looking into your dream. But it is fine now. Whoever it was ran off. All that remains in this dream is a feeling of sadness. That Pokémon... I think ran off crying...


It will be morning soon. Au revoir.

The next morning...

Morning! Get a good night's sleep? This is it! Let's roll, Jake! To the sky we go!

...yeah... something wrong?

Huh? No, no! I just didn't sleep well.

Too excited, huh? I know how you feel; I had trouble sleeping too. We'd better head into town, make sure we have everything we need...

This is it, isn't it? Make us proud!

I see you're heading out soon. The best of luck!

Ah, you're leaving? Good luck!

I'm rooting for you! Go get 'em, Jake!

Jake, don't let us down!

Are you heading out now? Don't give up!

I'll use Harden and wait for Jake's team to come back!

You're soon going... but this is Jake and Sheldon. You can't fail. I believe in you. So I'll be waiting for you.

Hello, I am Caterpie's mother. It's been a while. You also have my support. Please do your best. And please be careful!

I see... You are finally off. This journey promises to be harsh. I count on your perseverance.

Oh my, it's time to go? Please take care.

You're going, aren't you? Go for it!



I can't even imagine what's up in the sky, but be brave!

You're going, hey? Buckle down and get it done!

Jake, take care, darling.

Oh, yeah. Leaving soon? Give it your best shot! Don't you lose!

Go with care!

Go for it! Take care!

You guys can do it for sure! There's nothing to worry about! Go with confidence!

Well, I guess that's everything. Let's get this show on the road...

Wait. I want to look at our flag. You know, for inspiration.

Oh! Mister Ross has been by!

What was he thinking, giving us a Ditto flag? I liked the old one better.

I kind of like it! It's like it says anybody can be part of our team!

If you say so. We'd better get going.

I'm helping!

Ah, good of you to come.


Wh-what's going on? What is Xatu doing?

It is almost ready. The Teleport Gem...

Teleport Gem?


...It is made.

This... This is the Teleport Gem. This will deliver you to the world of the sky. Now, Jake. Accept!

That was made using the powers of psychics. By me, Alakazam, and... oh? A Ghost-type Pokémon. We received help from it. ...Gone away, it seems...

Who could it be?

Hahaha! It must be bashful. Let it be.

Now... I must ask you this one last time. This journey will be fraught with considerable danger. Will you still go?

You bet we will! We need to see Rayquaza and ask it to blow up that falling star, right? If that's what's going to bring back peace, I'm not going to think twice about giving up my life! That's what I want to make happen.

(...Yes... and when that wish comes true... Gardevoir said I can return to my human world.)

(This will be my last adventure with Sheldon...)

(...but I've got to be brave! For him, for Team Hugs, and for everyone!)

Jake! Let's do this right!

We're counting on you both!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Hugs falls to its death! (No, not really.)