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Part 73: One Down, Two to Go (Fiery Field 30F)

If I see one more Warp Trap... just one!... I will personally drown this entire dungeon.

It's okay, Sheldon. I think we've reached the end.

Oh goodie. A target for all my built-up rage.

What compelled you to come? The likes of you have no business being here!

Yeah, I kind of figured I wasn't welcome after the twentieth trap!

I am Entei! I live surrounded by the fiery lava of volcanoes!

I am Sheldon! I beat Articuno in single combat!

Sheldon, I know you're a Water type and all, but should you really taunt the god like that?

If you refuse to leave... I shall forcefully expel you!

Relax, I'll handle this.

BOSS FIGHT #11: ENTEI! Click here to watch the fight!

Not much to say here. Surf + Entei = Win.

Gwooooooh! Urghgh... I... I lost...

You... you won?

You don't have to sound so surprised.

You... what do you wish?

(Well, I wanted to rip someone's face off, but I'm feeling a lot more mellow now.) Uh, yeah. I actually came here because of this.

...Wh-what?! This is... the Clear Wing... I understand now. To meet that Pokémon... Stand aside.

Whoa hey, don't break it!

Entei's fiery blast made the Clear Wing flare! The Clear Wing... transformed into the Red Wing!

Take this and go west! There, you will find the Lightning Field. You will know your path there! Now go! To the Lightning Field!

Sheldon received the Red Wing. And... gained access to the Lightning Field!

During our time in Fiery Field, we recruited two Pokémon. Sadly, Pahoehoe (thanks, Karma Guard!) didn't survive until the end.

Pepper, however, did. We recruited her at level 30, and she gained a level before the end. She'll need to be level 36 to become a Charizard, but she can become a Charmeleon now.

Before Hypnotoad was defeated, he went from level 12 to level 19; he's got to get to level 25 to evolve, but he's getting there. Sheldon also gained a level; he's now at level 44.

Hi, Sheldon! How was your trip?

You're doing the next one.

Um... okay?

Pepper (Charmander, #004) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 37. (Thanks, Adexia (name)!)

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