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Part 24: Sunny Side

Part 24: Sunny Side

Lake Cavern

The pixies have returned to their lakes, but it seems Mesprit has other ideas.

Hikari, that was MESPRIT, wasn't it? You've accomplished what I'd asked you to do at the Canalave Library... I asked you to get data on the Pokemon of the lake, and you did. But it didn't provide any answers about the mysteries of evolution. I still don't know why some Pokemon evolve and others don't. Ultimately, it only deepens the mystery. But having mysteries to solve... that adds to my enjoyment!

To me, it seemed as if it wanted to play with you. If you were to use the Poketch app Marking Map, you'd be able to track the movements of Pokemon. Go on, Hikari. I'm sure that you will keep meeting countless Pokemon and people. Those encounters will keep thrilling you in their own special ways. I hope you'll enjoy that experience! Take care, Hikari.

The only reason to use this app is because it tracks roaming legendaries, which is just amazing. No more do we have to keep going in and out of the Pokedex, it's just there available to us as we're going around the region. This is the best method in the series to tracking these roamers. Which is very useful, especially in this game...

Check type matchups so you can make all your attacks super effective! You'll become stronger than ever! Yup, all sorts of people will give you Poketch apps. Everyone gets super happy that way!

A simple but handy tool to check what's effective against weird type combos. This app has been available since we beat Candice, but we've been a little busy. We won't be getting any more from the Poketch company, but there's still plenty of places to find them.

Yay legendaries. Since we need to see every Pokemon in the dex, then obviously we need to pay every pixie a visit. Only Mesprit will roam, so it's time to get serious.

Lake Trio Battle

We'll start off with the least useful of the legendaries, Uxie won't be sweeping through the rest of the game like some others, but it has a lot of tricks to frustrate any player you come across. It doesn't learn many good moves, the best STAB move it gets is Extrasensory, but it gets some important tech, like Rest, Yawn, Amnesia and Memento. TMs is where it shines, getting pretty much all of the good ones, as well as most tutor moves. It won't do that much damage, but then it takes hardly any damage and just burns through opponents with Toxic, Stealth Rock, Trick, Swagger, Trick Room, screens, hell even Calm Mind if you're in a good position. Don't, heh, SLEEP on this terrifying foe.

...oh wait, I forgot to stock up on more balls.

You know, I'm not in the mood to catch some legendaries, piss off. Completing the Pokedex for the fourth time in a row sounds like a stupid idea anyway.

We'll be leaving some Rock Climb stuff until later, but since this is on the way to the next city, might as well. Was it worth it?

Fuck no.

Huevo: Some wild Pokemn frown upon others for traveling with humans. They jeer that the caught Pokemon have "forgotten the wild." But that view is mistaken. They have just never met a Trainer who could be a great partner. A great partner like Hikari, in other words...

Nack: Humans can't understand the cries of Pokemon, nor our feelings. However, there are some among us that understand human speech... hehehe, Hikari, you're not bad for a human.

Isn't this just a joy to jump around? That's two hidden Sun Stones for mons not in the dex.

What's that smell?

We're finally alone, the two of us, if you'd leave, that is. This is something we don't need anymore. Will you take it?

I've always relied on the old Coin Toss to make any decision. It gives me courage because I'm not accountable for my decisions.

It, uh, is what it is. Heads, my next LP is EO2.

FUCK! I mean... yay, more Pokemon LPs...

Nearly done here, but there's a couple more items that have been taunting us.

Boy howdy was that not worth it, fucking hell, why is that still a TM???

Since the plot is done, the lake is back, though the Pokemon aren't anything new.

Now this is a mon you can smash the rest of the game with, obviously I'm a big fan of glass cannons, I like my big damage and I like it now. In one level it gets Extrasensory and you've got Nasty Plot, so Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt fills the rest nicely and you're good to go. Obviously it learns a load of other good moves, it has the stats to use anything it wants, and well. It has less physical options, you can tutor Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch and use Iron Tail, I guess. A mixed set would work best there and you can also explode if you don't fancy your chances. It's very hard to go wrong with these stats and you're unlikely to find a Pursuit Weavile to ruin your day.

I don't fancy getting wrecked, so let's move on. Since we have the Master Ball, Mesprit just needs to be encountered to be caught, so what's it like? Well it's middling, as you'd expect, but still very good offenses regardless and can take a few hits along the way. So it's perfectly fine, it'll just be a discount Azelf, since Uxie should be relied on to take hits. No Nasty Plot kinda sucks, but you have all the nice tools to work with, just see above for what they are, they're basically the same. But hey, nothing wrong with being perfectly balanced, it's how all things should be.

Route 222 Day / Night

Enough filling out the dex, we've got another badge to get.

I'm going back to the hotel to rest! I find you exceedingly tiresome!

Oh hey, we're finally able to catch this damn thing. Elekid is something we have to breed for, alas, but that can be for later.

So remember when we traded for that Chatot like a million years ago? Well, if you wanted to catch one yourself, this is when it was first available in DP. I think that's the best value trade in the series if we're talking about availability, goddamn.

And then something to touch the mountain later.

The route is split in two with the bottom just being endless Fishermen, so let's put that off.

Personally, I would much rather pamper Pokemon than make them battle.

Just when you think you can leave a HM at home, that's when it gets ya!

But is that true?! I want people to think about that. That's why I give away the Technical Machine Fling.

The move's effect depends on what item is hurled. Remember, the move Fling fails if the Pokemon isn't holding anything.

Ugh, thankfully this is the last ACAB we need to change the rotation of the planet to appease.

Oh, we'll ride upon the sea, in a boat, just you and me! That's the way of the Sailor! Way of the Sailor. Sing it!

It cannot be understated how happy I am Skulletor has Rock Slide now.

Pools are OK, but I like the sea because Pokemon live there.

You ought to think about becoming a Sailor yourself. It's been great to be able to visit different places around the world.

I'll do that eventually... but I'm only halfway done!

Listen, you! Whatever happens, never lose sight of your dream!

More big fish that I can ignore because the reward is a fucking Net Ball.

Hmm, what can we do to break up the monotony of item grabbing?

Ah, another version exclusive. Dunno why they put this line so late, considering how mediocre it is. Oh well, see you in like 10 LPs.

Well this is cute, but doesn't one of them sound... off?


Pika... I'll need a lot more practice to become a real PIKACHU...

I almost feel bad for beating up this kid's pet fish. Almost.

Alright, ready to fight a bunch of fishing men? No? TOO BAD!

"I was doing in the first place."

Oh, right... I was fishing, wasn't I?

This is the first trainer to have a Feebas, so you'll be able to see they're available in Mt. Coronet and then never find one.

Halfway there. What do you think the Gyarados count is at?

Thanks for that! It was a good change of pace for me.

I like to fish. You're a traveler. Farewell, until we meet again!

The answer was four Gyarados. Always have a Gyarados answer.

Another route down. Now fuck off.

Sunyshore City Day / Night

Your Pokemon are secure inside their Pokeballs, but there's no masking that aura of serious toughness! Oops, sorry, I should introduce myself. The name's Flint! I'm one of the Pokemon League's Elite Four! I just had this idea. Maybe you can pull it off. It's about this town's Gym Leader. He's really lost his enthusiasm lately because there've been so few good challengers worth his time. He's been so bored, he spends all his time renovating the Gym. And then the blackout happened... that sure didn't help lift his mood. You know where I'm going with this, don't you? I need you to give him a battle that's so hot, it will reignite his passion for battling. I'm counting on you, hotshot!

Sunyshore City: Solar Powered!
From, well, sunny and shore.
Nagisa City: The town where the sun shines.
From 渚 nagisa (shore).

There's a fair few things to do in this city, but first... seals???

It needs to work a little harder. If it does, I'll give your Pokemon something nice.

Before that, when we've gotten 255 EVs on a Pokemon, we can get a ribbon, always very important. Sure, even our starter hasn't gotten that yet... but we do have Pokerus.

HOLY SHIT!!! After an entire game of teasing, we're finally able to obtain seals. Every day the selection changes, but it's the same rotation each time, so it's very easy to obtain them all, finally. We're gonna need to get some of these!


It's next to the sea, and there's a lighthouse... oh, if you don't have the Gym Badge, you'll be forced to turn back.

Let's explore a few more houses, sure there's probably some cool info in some of the them, but if they don't give me an item, they can fuck off.

My husband is a Sailor, and he's off working somewhere far away. I long for the day he comes back to me. All that waiting gets to be very boring every day, though... I know! How about you visit me and tell me stories every so often? Starting tomorrow, please visit and tell me stories about your travels.

Man, why do I gotta wait til tomorrow? This lovely lady, Julia, will give us a daily ribbon, which is very important and not just something cute they put in and then had to come up with reasons to shove into every future game because content bloat is a real fucking problem.

When he does, you know what you've gotta do. Give him a battle that's so hot, it will reignite his passion for battling! I'm counting on you, hotshot!

Now the game's just taunting us with how much of a pain Munchlax is to get.

Oh yeah, if you wanted to use Raichu in DP, here's the earliest you can get it without getting lucky in the Underground. Seriously, how were these games ever made???

It's undoubtedly a Poketch! The latest model, no less! They're awesome, yeah? I got OK'd by the Poketch Company to develop original Poketch apps. Hey, you're a Trainer, right? Can you do me a favor? You've got Pokemon with different natures, right? May I see them? What am I in the mood to see now... I'd like to see a Pokemon with a Serious nature.

As much joy as new apps fill me with, I guess I'll do that, I'm sure one of our various catches has the right nature.

Let's go help some guy cure his boyfriend's depression., you're the latest challenger up against the Sunyshore Gym... all right, I've decided! If I find you to be weak, I'm going to challenge the Pokemon League. I'm all done with renovating the Gym, so I don't need to be here. More than anything, I want to have battles that can thrill me again. As the toughest Gym Leader in Sinnoh, I'm going to unleash everything in my arsenal on you.

SOON, uh, if you can see the Pokemon League building, between OBS recording and Irfanview cropping and converting, the fog got a bit... overpowering.

Ooh, I wonder what this app will-

Oh yeah. Calender. You can highlight specific dates. Woo. Also yeah, I tend to record ahead until I hit a voting wall, this game is just so good!!!

The Dot Artist app gives players free reign to their creativity.

Four different colours to experiment with making pixel art. As always, I show how amazingly artistic I am. It's a talent.

The Roulette app can be customized to make an original roulette. Someday, Poketch apps may outnumber all the species of Pokemon.

...well, it's not wrong. Draw and spin your own roulette! Honestly, you wait ages for shitty apps and then 5 come in one update!

He seemed to be feeling upbeat, too. I have a hunch that he recognized your toughness right away. I bet he's getting excited over the thought of battling you. Remember what you have to do, hotshot. Give him a battle that's so hot, it will reignite his passion for battling! All right, hotshot! I'll be waiting at the Pokemon League!

Alright, let's get our eighth badge... right now! Goes a little over the average image count, but you know, when there's someone you need to see, you should do it as soon as possible, because they deserve your love and attention. Doesn't matter if you do much, but being there for someone is always important.

Pokemon Gym

Let me check out your Trainer Case. Let's see how many Badges you have. One, two, three... whoa! Wow! You've already got seven! That means if you can beat this Gym Leader, you're on your way to the Pokemon League next. That also means this is the last time I get to give you advice. This is it, kiddo! Listen carefully... one last time! The Gym Leader here is a master of Electric-type Pokemon! That's all I have to say. The rest is up to you!

As helpful as always... I've done this damn Gym puzzle so many times I could do it in my sleep, just push button, receive rotation. Green buttons turn the gears counter-clockwise.

A Ground type is a massacre in this Gym, so I'll try not to use Etrian too much, even though it's super hard not to.

Onto the next room!

Blue buttons rotate clockwise. Woah!

You just showed me that there's still lots I need to learn. The world of Pokemon is deep!

Easy enough to figure out, just gotta clear the path for the top gears.

The Trainer's desire to win! If you don't lose that, there's no limit on what you can become!

Using a fragile Water type in the Electric Gym is hardcore.

I dress this way so I can get a feel for how electric Pokemon think. Would you like to try, too?

"improve your mad skills!"

The way you battle, I can feel the very heart of rock and roll. Tell me, are you maybe a fan of rocking out?

The red buttons are tricky as they do a half rotation at once, so the right gears will stay upright for the moment.

I'm so glad there are Pokemon! There isn't much else that gives me the thrill that Pokemon do!

Hey, don't try and start a new catchphrase, slalom!

We were lacking energy... no, we lacked more than that. We didn't want to win enough.

Ooh, puzzling, but not a way to the leader yet.

As a challenger, you're one tough Trainer.

The final step is doing a half rotation. Beautiful.

It's not often, but some Trainers manage to come and challenge me. But they've all been boring battles. I didn't break a sweat beating them. ...sigh... I'm Volkner, the Gym Leader. They say I'm the top Gym Leader in Sinnoh, but... anyway, I guess we'd better get this done. I hope you're the Trainer who'll make me remember how fun it is to battle!

Gym Leader Battle

Volkner: The Shining, Shocking Star
From volt and the German Volker (defender)
Denzi: Star dazzling radience.
From 田字草 denjisō (four leaf clover) and 電磁 denji (electromagnetic)

I know, Pop shouldn't be here, but he wouldn't appear in this match otherwise!

Volkner is a real tough cookie, but we have Etrian, so he's actually a complete pushover. Where's the fun in that, though?

Okay we get it, please leave.

The main problem is that any of Volkner's Pokemon can get rolling if they get lucky with Charge Beam boosts. Frankly it's just nice to see some Electric types in my Electric Gym

Ah goddammit I would've beaten it without the Burn!!!

Oh well, Nack needs some exp. But we've still got the biggest obstacle.

Ah. Huh. Well it probably didn't matter...

Your desire and the noble way your Pokemon battled for you... I even felt thrilled during our match. That was a very good battle.

Hahahah! ...that was the most fun I've had in a battle since... I don't know when! It's also made me excited to know you and your team will keep battling to greater heights! This is your eighth Gym. Badge. You've earned this!

"you're not in battle."

Waterfall happens to be key if you're going to the Pokemon League. Also, because you've collected all eight Badges, any Pokemon at any level will now obey you without fail. I want you to take this, too.

It may raise Special Attack if it lands. It's electrifying! Your next step is the Pokemon League challenge. It's time for you to cross the sea and win your way through the gauntlet that is Victory Road. Demonstrate to the Pokemon League your mastery of your team. Against you, even the Elite Four will be pushed to fend off your challenge!

Always a pain when you've gotta walk out of a gym... but at least these rooms are already cleared.

Gotta rotate to get outta here, though.

Well, of course you did! But, you know what? You haven't made it in my mind yet! Do you know why? Because you and your Pokemon are capable of achieving so much more! But, I am proud of you! Eight Sinnoh Badges! Way to go, kiddo!

There we have it, all 8 badges, and next time we- wait a minute.

Perfect. Next time, we have a few little things left before it's off to the league.