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Part 27: DP 01: Diamonds Take Forever

DP 01: Diamonds Take Forever

Johto Confirmed!!!

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Twinleaf Town Day

What up, it's your boy Cross and today I'm bringing you a little gem you haven't seen outside of 2007 webcam walkthroughs: Diamond and Pearl. We're going over the various differences and a fair bit is front loaded, but there's some interesting stuff here.

I don't know what it was about, but he said it was an emergency. You know how impatient Jun is. He took off before I could even ask what it was about.

Don't go into the tall grass. Wild Pokemon might attack you. It would be OK if you had your own Pokemon, but you don't, so...

What was that about?! Oh, hey, Koki! Hey! I'm going to the lake! You come too! And be quick about it! OK, Koki? I'm fining you $1 million if you're late!

Like the previous boy's name, Koki has a dash thingy above the o, they like doing that, but it makes it a pain.

Oh, hey, Koki! We're going to the lake! I'll be waiting on the road! It's a $10 million fine if you're late!

Route 201 Day

You know "Search for the Red GYARADOS! The mysterious appearance of the furious Pokemon in a lake!" That show got me to thinking. I'll bet our local lake has a Pokemon like that in it, too! So, that's what we're gonna do. We'll go find a Pokemon like that!

Koki! Don't go into the tall grass. Remember, wild Pokemon might attack you if you're walking in tall grass. It would be OK if you had your own Pokemon, but...

Because I'm gonna be a Pokemon Trainer. You know what a Trainer does, right? Makes Pokemon battle and all that?

Pokemon all have different moves, huh? A Trainer makes his Pokemon battle by ordering them to use moves. That's so awesomely cool.

I want Pokemon of my own, and not too soon, either. I'd be able to go everywhere with my Pokemon that way.

That lake has a mirage Pokemon living in it. Everyone says nothing lives there, but I know I'm right.

I'm gonna become a Pokemon Trainer for sure. Not just any Trainer either. I'm going to be the greatest ever. That's my dream.

Hey, that's enough talking already. I'm itching to get going to the lake. Come on, come on!

Without Pokemon, this sounds like a swell idea.


Hmm... I may have been mistaken... something appears to be different than it was before, but... fine! It is enough that we have seen the lake. Dawn, we're leaving.

Professor, how are you enjoying being back in Sinnoh? After being away for four years, it must be exciting again? There is one thing I can say. There are many rare kinds of Pokemon in Sinnoh. The region should serve us very well in regard to our studies.

I beg your pardon... we'll be on our way.

Huh? Koki! Let's go check this out! ... ... What's that? Don't go into the tall grass? No problem, no problem! We won't be in there long enough for a wild Pokemon to come out.

Those people forgot it here. What are we supposed to do with it? We can try to deliver it, but who are they? I heard them say professor...


Waaah! Po-Pokemon?! What's going on?!

Like my Ruby playthrough, I'll be using a batch of six you'll think are much cooler than my actual team and wished I'd used them instead.

Since this is DP, if you want a Fire type, this is your only choice. Okay, there's Ponyta, but that has Ember until Veilstone where you can buy Fire Blast. It's not fun, don't bother.

Bit of a different first battle, but it's super easy.

But my PIPLUP was way tougher than yours! ...they were other people's Pokemon, though... but we had to use them... they won't mind, will they?

The professor would have been furious if I'd lost it... huh? Oh, no! Did you... did you use the Pokemon in here? You did?! Oh, my gosh! What's the professor...? ...this is so not good... I'll take this briefcase for now.

I don't know what's going on. Koki, let's get out of here. My Pokemon got hurt from that battle. If we get attacked by another Pokemon, we might be trouble.

...I know we have to go return these Pokemon. They're not ours. But I want to spend just a little more time with this little guy...

We didn't have any choice in using those people's Pokemon, right? But these Pokemon belong to them... they'll want them back, won't they? But this is the first Pokemon I've ever battled with...

I wish I could grow tougher with this little guy...

I don't feel like talking... let's go. ...are we maybe walking slower than when we went to the lake?

I heard from Dawn that you used our Pokemon? Let me see them, please. Hmm... CHIMCHAR and PIPLUP... ... hmm... I see... that's how it is... Dawn! I'm going back to my lab!

Um... yes! Professor, please wait for me! I think you should visit our lab later. OK, see you!

What was that craziness about? I mean, if he was angry, he could've just yelled at us, or whatever... and didn't he want their Pokemon back...? Koki... we should go home, too...

Twinleaf Town Day

What's up, dear? Wow. I can't believe that happened to you. Am I ever glad that both you and Jun are unharmed. The professor you mentioned is most likely Professor Rowan of Sandgem Town. I've heard that he is well known for his studies on Pokemon. I hear he's also quite intimidating... Koki, I think you need to visit him in Sandgem Town. You need to properly explain why you had no choice but to use his Pokemon. Don't worry! I'm sure he will understand.

Alright, let's zip to the next area. But first...

Eh, we'll manage. I think you'd feel a lot safer if you were to catch some more. In Jubilife City, there's the Trainers' School, which... well, you know. Koki, you should visit it. You'll get some tips on Pokemon. Oh yes, Jun went to the Trainers' School earlier. OK, bye now!

It feels... like there's there something missing. Well, probably didn't affect anything anyway.

Anyway, we need a second team member and the choices early are just dire, so, uhhhhhh, sure, here's a bat.

Hidden Power!

Neat to get early, but Return is better.

Very important to note is the one button Poketch. Seriously, what the hell is this garbage?

If you don't have a single Gym Badge, other Trainers will look down on you like you're a total noob, right?


The GTS is also a lot smaller and a lot less impressive.

I love Pokemon! So, shall we battle? I'll let you join my fan club if you can beat me!

This looks familiar. The Pokemon Center fights were only here in DP, with no rematch teams, but had kinda tough teams at this point, going up to level 17! Wow!!!

Eterna City Day

"they've beaten all the other Trainers."

I'll be waiting for you in the back. Good luck, challenger!

Ah, this Gym. It's so bad, how did this even getting approved???

What a puzzle. Okay, it's because I've done this a million times, it's burned into my psyche where they are.

Gardenia is mostly the same but Cherubi hasn't evolved yet! Also look at this cool version exclusive I caught! It'll go 6 Gyms unable to evolve! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Come back when the sun shines, gurl.

Let's see what Team Galactic are up to.

Renting out office space, I see. Well your lease is up!

You can ride down Cycling Road and end up in Hearthome City. It's a fast and fun ride. You should check it out!

This is so you don't come at the Lucas/Dawn encounter from the wrong side, since they ambush you just after Cycling Road. Bit annoying if you wanted to head back and visit the Old Chateau, gotta do that after the Gym, but before Galactic, sucker!

Hearthome City Day

Evil fuckers. If you walk through walls and get past the woman, you can walk around just fine, you just won't get any items.

Are you entering a Contest? Tehehe... enjoy yourself, please! Incidentally, Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader, also happens to be a Contest expert. And you may ask yourself, how do I know this? Well, I am Fantina! You may challenge me, but not yet! You must become much stronger. Then, you may challenge me!

Sweet tux, ma. But yeah, 5th Gym, come back later. Want better mart items? Fuck off.

Hey, there! How's it going, Trainer? You being here tells me you're going to challenge the Gym Leader. Well... I hate to break it to you, but that's impossible. You're questioning why, and the answer is: she's not here. Come back another time, OK? I'll be right here waiting.

They found this at the Day Care in Solaceon Town... want to take it? Here you go! This is what I heard about Eggs. If you take that Egg and travel with energetic Pokemon, it'll hatch. I remember someone announced that... Professor Elm of Johto maybe?

With the Good Rod we can get a fish on our team. Water moves are the only thing it'll have for a long time...

Those that enjoyed long lives... those whose times were short... all the departed Pokemon shall find solace here... it is good of you to have visited. Here, take this Hidden Machine.

...I've forgotten where exactly, but you must visit a Pokemon Gym.

The requirements don't change, we still need Canalave's badge, the 6th. We're still on badge TWO.

Veilstone City Day

Gee, you keep getting tougher and tougher, don't you? Me? Well, I went shopping at the department store, and... I mean, well, of course I've been working on my Pokedex, but... I'll catch you later!

We can fight Maylene or Wake, I mean, Crasher Wake next, but I'm just so used to doing it this way. Another Gym redesign and it's alright, I guess. The punching bags are more thematic, but slower.

Still not much of a puzzle regardless.

And we can buy Fire Blast, so Lucario got no chance.

I guess I'll have to find this out myself, like a PEASENT!

Great Marsh

It's the Hidden Machine Defog, but none of my Pokemon can learn it. You'd be doing me a favor if you took this.

Here's a random HM in a side area from a random guy you'd walk right past. Was DP always this bad? How did we not notice sooner???

Our newest member won't have the best showing here, but we have our Gyarados answer. Uh, kinda.

Definitely weaker, but Floatzel is still dangerous.

So, now it's my job to deliver this to the lake! This is an important mission. No failure allowed! No making boo-boos like wandering off into the Great Marsh!

If I wasn't in a hurry, I'd pulverize you with my Pokemon! But I have to get on my way to the lake ASAP! So, you're lucky! I'm out! Oh, and listen up, you! Don't you dare follow me!

I won't have any distractions to keep up with you!

Is now really the time?!

So how's it going, Koki? Buffing up your Pokemon, eh? I'll test you and your Pokemon out to see how buff and tough you are!

Jun... Jun Jun Jun... we need an intervention.

That even shocked me a bit, so yeah, I got beat 'cause I was careless. So, hey, what was that Team Galactic guy all freaking out about? I don't know what he's up to, but you should chase him down! If you're not a Pokemon, and you run like that... you're a bad guy. All right, Koki! Next time, I'm not holding back!

That's it for distractions, next time, we go over the main differences compared to the actual good game of this trio.