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Part 31: Land's End

Part 30: Land's End

Victory Road

Hey remember this cave? Well it's a new area explore, I wonder what's in store? I hope it's not Defog!

Oh... Hikari, will you help me, please? I want to get through this tunnel. Will you let me go with you?

Neat, haven't had one of these in a while, but this is the final use of Defog in the series. Now fuck off and never come back!'re very chatty...

...the Pokemon among the flowers...

That's right! It's time to let their Pokemon go wild!

I will win. I am sure of it. Therefore, you will lose!

No more Lucario and Kadabra, this is a support Arcanine, which is just fine, it can be very helpful.

Ooh, don't like it when I do it to you!

*in very racist Borat voice* High five!

Whether you're talking to people or Pokemon, it's important to always look them square in the eyes.

It's not that you've won. It's just that I lost!'s all the same. Go, me.

HMs, HMs.

We weren't able to find out with other partners, but you can't traverse with HMs, so no surfing, we're on a specific path!


What can psychic power be used for? Well, one mustn't use it for committing crimes. But, I don't use it for doing good, either. Using psychic power leaves me too worn out!

I can use psychic powers, but battling isn't so simple... it takes much more to win!

While there's a few things only accessible via water, we need to come back to get the other item anyway.

I've experienced it all!

I mean, I get why you did that, but why did you do that?

We're gonna go ahead and leave... you know, go train elsewhere.

You may be a child, but you've taught me a whole lot. I thank you humbly.

Nice of them to give us a HM break inbetween trainers.

I want to become stronger, but only with my favorite Pokemon.

Getting the best out of any Pokemon... that's what makes a good Trainer.

The one who wants to win will emerge the victor!

I see it! I see a victory for me!

Psychic power... I know it isn't easy to believe in something that you can't see. But love, friendship... you can't see those, either.

Your efforts have altered the very path of the future!

We're skirting around the outside to avoid this maze. Well, it's divided into various chunks, so we'll hit dead ends very quickly.

Alright, last fight to show your stuff!

That works too.

I'll forget that we lost! ...wait, if I did that, we'd never learn from our mistakes...

Always risky trying to get new mons with a partner, but thankfully we just have the one.

I wanted to see the Pokemon that visits it, that's all... ...I appreciate your escorting me... ...just a little...

Alright, let's clean up.

There's a whole second half to this room, but not too much to it.

Let me see what you got there, kid. I could give you some advice.

Ahhh, nice team synergy!

I'm sorry, my Pokemon team... I promise, I'll get better at this so you can get a taste of victory!

Well, I don't have any advice for someone as tough as you!

Sure, that's a reward, I guess.

Brrrrrr, finally finding this is the wild! Since the Gen 2 one was more of an event.

Well that was fun, what's next?

Route 224 Day

Ah, this is the kind of adventure this game excels at, hell yeah there's a whole optional route at the other end of a cave!

You've won countless times... that has made you very powerful.

Another for the pile...

Idiotic completionist? Yeah, let's go with that.

I've seen countless Trainers and even more Pokemon. You're a strong Trainer. Moreover, your heart is strong.

You don't blend in as well.

A place where nothing else exists... a place such as that is better suited to awaken the power within.

Wonder what they're all here for? Another damn Psychic legendary???

So that's what it means... I feel... I feel some sort of a mystic presence emanating from here...

Another one!

Still being sneaky it seems.


Ah, excuse me, I'm combing the beach.

Gazing out over the sea doesn't do a thing for toughening up my Pokemon!

Sorry bud, it's all cleaned up.

Yes it's weaker, but more importantly, it has a better paralysis chance. Such is what I have to work with when my Electric type doesn't learn Thunder Wave and also it's a facility only TM because fuck you.

Just what we need, another big statue I can't interact with.

Another movie reference that the localization missed, DOUG. This is Hitomi, or, uh, Rebecca, from the 7th movie, Destiny Deoxys, where she was a real nerd at the Battle Tower with her Metagross.

I had a lot of fun battling with you, though. I wonder if I can analyze the battle data properly? I could use a rematch to get some additional data.

(You can't rematch her)

Uhuh, sure man.

It's been several years since I left the Dragon's Den. I've got to say, your Pokemon are in the top class for toughness.

Well wasn't that excursion fun? I'm sure there's more to this place, but the continuation is something we can't do. Oh well!

I have a Poketch app that has a SNORLAX motif. You can have it for showing me a real SNORLAX!

Doesn't that KITCHEN TIMER make you want to cook something?

Wow, I'm sure loads of people used this!!! The only good thing is Snorlax banging its tummy when the time is up.

Well it's a good thing you can catch one pretty easily in RSE, otherwise to get this app, you need the Poke Radar in Diamond, since it's a version exclusive doncha know, or the Great Marsh daily Pokemon. Yikes.

The Color Changer app can change the Poketch display color. Changing colors can change the mood, too.

Got real Yellow LP in here. Here's the best app! It's the last app! Why is this so late? I needed this like 20 updates ago, green got super fucking old. Still, once you get it, you'll never forget it.

Obviously going to pick the best colour ever, you won't know it's there, but like with seals, it makes recording just that much sweeter.

Oh yeah here's EVENT POKETCH APPS THAT WERE NEVER RELEASED! It's a stopwatch. It's like the Kitchen Timer. But the other thing.

And you reset it by holding it down for about 5 seconds so Voltorb explodes.

If you love being awoken to the sound of Loudred, then please get some help. By leaving the DS open and brightly lighting your room all night, you can set the alarm to a specific time. Wow! No wonder they never put the effort into releasing them, not that the other apps are any better. But that's all 25 and I've used like 4 throughout the LP. YAY!

Route 227 Night

Enough with the interludes, it's time for the final big area in the game.

Like the ash on Route 113, it's also cosmetic in battle. No soot to collect though, thank god.

There's also XTREME biking!

Look around you at this wildly contorted terrain. It's no wonder that Pokemon would grow tough in a place like this.

You've grown so tough that you're training out here now... everyone keeps getting tougher and tougher... and, in doing that, they develop closer bonds with their Pokemon...

That's my master! Those are words of wisdom!

What? Are you still having trouble understanding? I don't for a second ever recall accepting you as an apprentice! I mean, if it's wrestling moves, I can show you all you like, but...

Aww, master, don't be that way! You've got to get me into that club in the Survival Area!'d I get involved in this...? So, anyway, Hikari. You're going to Stark Mountain? Even the wild Pokemon there are very, very tough... if your Pokemon aren't well trained, they'll have a miserable time... then again, that kind of challenge is an exciting prospect... but no matter what, you'd better be fully prepared! I've got to get ready for another tournament. Farewell!

That's why I'm off to the Battle Frontier so I can make some challenges! Master! Wait for me!

Yes, yes, that's right. Get some well-earned rest. Oh, you're still looking tired. You're still needing rest, are you?

Is that right? You're sure now? I'm only concerned for your sake. No need to worry about putting me out!

Doing that conversation loop always makes me feel tired for saying no. Why do they do that?

So, uh, since you're training anyway, can you do me a favor? I'd like you to patrol Stark Mountain for me. I'll keep asking the same thing over and over until you say "Yes!"

Deep inside it is this special rock called the Magma Stone. I can't explain it well, but it's really important. It keeps a Pokemon asleep. But lately, I've been hearing rumors about vandals in Stark Mountain. They say goons in space suits are causing trouble there. Huh? What, me? I was on my way to the Pokemon Center because my Pokemon's low on HP. So, if you could get up to Stark Mountain, that'd be great. Thanks! OK! You're in charge! Patrol Stark Mountain for me! Don't worry about me. Not even a little bit, OK?

Well we've dicked around before coming here, so plenty to distract us on the way!

There is always something to like about any Pokemon. It's so hard to decide which ones I should raise.

There's some new, and strong, Pokemon in the grass, but there's plenty of opportunities in a moment.

All that time under the waterfall... seems I've caught a cold.

Your left ear burning by any chance?

I failed my Pokemon! I wasn't prepared enough to lead it! I don't ever want my precious Pokemon to be humiliated again!

Hmm, we'll come back to this mon.

Aside from boom boom over there, the only other new Pokemon are Numel and Skarmory, both rare, both not worth my time.

Now we need to get deep inside. Let's do this!

Yeah, but... can that old guy really take over? Can he replace Master Cyrus?

Yeah, I hear you... that elder Charon is a Commander, but he can't replace Master Cyrus. ...maybe this is a good time for me to be done with this Team Galactic thing...

Are you ready for explosive postgame plot???

Where were you after you disappeared at the Spear Pillar? Huh? The Distortion World?! Where GIRATINA was? You're not making any sense! Don't play that card with me! Fine! You don't want to talk? I'll bash you and make you talk!

Galactic Commander Battle

Mars is somehow one of the strongest trainers we've fought. Not much to it, despite Purugly being a fast lucky FUCK.

At least your boss got a damn Crobat!

My Pokemon let me down again! How am I supposed to get information about our missing Master Cyrus?

You make me embarrassed to be a Commander like you. Fine. I'll go up next. I want to know what became of Master Cyrus, too.

Hmm, that could be a problem.

Good thing most of our team is mixed, babyyyyyyyyy!

OK! That's it for me! I'm going to look for Master Cyrus. The Distortion World, was it called? I should go there, right? I'm quits with Team Galactic. Jupiter, you can deal with it!

Following Mars's lead at anything irks me, but... I'm quitting to do my own thing, too. Team Galactic's just no fun without Master Cyrus around. So old-timer, go ahead. Do what you want with Team Galactic.

There you have it. We're going back to being ordinary girls. You can mop up whichever way you want.

...says you. An "ordinary girl" you're not. What should I do now? Is leaving on a journey the right idea?

What do they see in Cyrus? Immature, overthinking buffoon. He goes through the trouble of assembling Team Galactic for what? Ultimately, he destroys his own creation for his ludicrous vision. It's no thanks to him that I have to struggle with the pieces. ...but that's fine. The young can live with their dreams. I prefer to remain firmly in reality. And for that, money is paramount. You there, child. I'm not dealing with you. After all, the other Galactic member who did all suffered consequences. We'll be off to collect the Magma Stone. It's all for the money!

Alright, we'll stop you. Just, uh, just as soon as I pick up these items.

...and just as soon as I deal with all these HM puzzles. But after that, oh you're gonna get it!