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Part 33: DP 02: Space For Less Plot

DP 02: Space For Less Plot

Welcome back to an insignificant game, that I'm still covering anyway.

But my granddaughter said something about this hidden move... oh, yes! To use Surf outside of battle, the Hearthome Gym Badge must first be obtained. On that matter, you will have to handle it yourself, I'm afraid.

Everyone should step back and view things from a bigger perspective. Yes, a bigger perspective, one that is on a universal scale. My name is Cyrus. I seek the power to create a new world, a world without strife. However, that power seems to be unavailable here... we've met before, yes? It was at Mt. Coronet. If you discover any power derived from the legends of Sinnoh, inform me. For that power is what I need to create my new world.

Pokemon Gym

Ah fuck it is really time for the worst Gym in the series? It really takes some doing to outdo Lt. Surge's RNG garbage, but you're about to see why this Ghost Gym requires you to backtrack to an otherwise identical town from the previous visit.

Motherfucking maths questions! I just don't get it. Why is this the puzzle? What does this have to do with Fantina? Why do you need to take slow lifts to reach the next area? Are they saying maths is the devil? WHY? WHY? WHY???

My team is shaping up, so we shouldn't have too many problems.

This might almost make me use my calculator app. It's a good thing to teach snot-nosed kids how to count so they can get a retail job, because that's the only available work due to our capitalism hellworld.

Cool, let's get out of this shithole.

From the worst gym comes the worst moveset. Well it would be a little mean to have a good Gengar, right?

Evolution would've sealed that, but that's still over 2 gyms away.

Thankfully it doesn't fancy knocking me out. When I said Gen 4 was hard, I meant Platinum, this is 2006 AI we're talking about here.

Cool, let's move on.

After walking out. Because when it's the worst Gym, I MEAN IT!!!

Egg finally hatched, here's smol round gal.

Since Earthquake is AFTER this Gym, DON~ is gonna have a bit of a slow time.

Our final member is a Glameow, because this is the only game in the series where it's readily available to use. Even it is incredibly mediocre, dammit I wanna use a cat!

Dixie is playing with her food, since it doesn't do much back.

Now to the north, where the Lakefront is pretty damn flat.

Standing guard is a very important assignment! I'll make this a success and earn myself a CLEFAIRY!

Considering this is after we've seen them kidnap sentient pixies, I feel like our PC shouldn't really let themselves be blocked by some grunts. But Koki is a very quiet boy.

WideBertha is slightly less shit now, but since we haven't had it for very long and it has meh stats, Return does real pitiful damage.


That's another leader out of the way, boy are they easy! Maybe your team shouldn't be fucking dreadful.

When they blew up Lake Valor, a cavern appeared in the middle of this lake!

You're here to see the lake Pokemon, too? You must be bored to fight your way through the snow to get here...

No time for any random bullshit no one cares about, on with the main show!

With this Red Chain I will pry open the portal to another dimension. I command that you unleash your power for me... PALKIA, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of space and dimensions!

Legendary Appearance

With everything gone, there will be no fighting and no strife. Feel the dimensions distorting... only I can stop it.


PALKIA, the ancient deity of space and the dimensions! This world cannot be molded into the ultimate world I seek! It's far easier to create an entirely new world than to change this one! A new world in which I am the ruler of all things! I shall become a deity!

We should definitely stop this guy, there's only room for one Populous 3 LP on these forums!

Barry is as useful as ever.

Fantastic! Beautiful! It's the creation of a new galaxy! My new world! ...wh-what?!

Legendaries Like Fixing Their Own Problems, Huh

The Red Chain! It crumbled away to nothing?! But why? Why would MESPRIT, the Pokemon of Lake Verity, appear by your side? But never mind that! It's all destroyed! My galaxy is gone! ...I won't allow this... I will capture those three again and craft another Red Chain! But before I even think about that, I'm going to completely crush you!

Galactic Boss Battle

You know what guys, my team doesn't seem too amazing. But that's fine, neither does his, really. They fixed so much for Platinum it's unreal.

Still, we got some good stuff, like a goddamn Dusk Stone, as well as Ice Beam, which is going to be very important later oh god.

This does not bode well for the future.

The most beautiful thing... joy that shines brightest... ...telling you is meaningless. But I will not give up. I will become a deity one day... and I will make the ultimate mine...

It's impossible to tell if it is enraged or saddened... but to me, PALKIA appears to be waiting for you, Koki... it seems to be challenging you as a test... go on, Koki. Face up to PALKIA! Listen to its heart. Understand its thoughts. PALKIA is out of control after being dragged out by the Red Chain and forced to use its power. PALKIA seems to be entrusting you with stopping it...

Koki... I ran into Jun a little while ago. He said that he believed in you, Koki. He said that you could get the job done. I feel the same way. Please help that Pokemon! It's suffering from being dragged out by Team Galactic!

Palkia Encounter


Well if you're gonna be a pain, then see ya later, fucko!

You were magnificent. Truly, you were incredible. I've lived for sixty years, but I've never been thrilled like this!

Since the last time, the professor did a lot of research... he became very concerned about you, Koki, so he came out to a place as treacherous as this... Koki, I'm so glad you're safe. Let's go home!

No one has the right to take away anyone's future or anyone's world...

Go wherever you've never visited before. That way, you should see Pokemon you haven't yet seen. know, that Pokemon was extraordinary, wasn't it? Was it really the Pokemon that created the Sinnoh region...?

Well that was a thing that happened, Cyrus escapes to plot future stuff, Lucas/Dawn are somehow strong enough to get up here and if you don't have an Escape Rope, you're walking all the way back down, sucker!!!

"track the movements of Pokemon."

What? You don't have the Marking Map? should occasionally pay visits to the Poketch Company, you know.

Everyone decries the lack of Fire types, but Electric similarly suffers, with Raichu, Luxray and Pachirisu as your only options! Volkner made the right choice, but it's crazy how this got so far without someone asking the important question of why this dex is so damn small.

I'm fine with oddball Pokemon that have the type for some moves, it makes things really interesting! But for strategic reasons, not because they ran out of options.

Still, DON~'s here, so it's on to the hardest challenge. Probably in the series, since my team ain't too great, but shitty RS Revival Herbs do contribute a lot to that Elite Four.

Game Freak decided the Elite Four shouldn't have personable rooms like before, seriously, there's a reason I say these are the worst games in the series, there's nothing massively wrong on the surface, but there's a billion little things that add up that were fixed to make one of my favourite games. Interesting how that works.

Elite Four Battle

Where the fuck do I even start with this Elite Four team? Considering his other options are Kricketune or Wormadam/Mothim, he was pretty screwed.

Still, plenty more to go, oh boy.


...come on now. Let's just move on.

What should we do with our two Fire type lines? Make a Fire Elite Four member? Genius!

In fairness, this is a fun fight where you can't (mostly) sweep with Water or Ground types.

So he has Steelix because it's hot tempered steel, he has Driblim cause it's a, well, hot air balloon. So why does he have Lopunny? Can't think of a reason.

I'm glad Flint got a better team, but it's still some interesting stuff. This should definitely happen more often.

Lucian remains very similar, but come on, when will Girafarig ever be on an Elite Four team again?

Good AI, good game.

Champion Cynthia

This is what you've all been waiting for. How the FUCK am I supposed to beat a stronger Cynthia with this team??? She got nerfed in Platinum, since her team is around 3 levels higher on average. Her Garchomp is the strongest main story Pokemon you face, until Diantha barely surpassed it, in a game that gives you a billion exp for blinking!

Still, I have more healing items than sense, so I think I should be fine.

Also an Infernape. I chose it for a reason.

But wonky AI aside, Garchomp is terrifying. The best you can hope for is a Dragon Rush miss.

The worst you can hope is stalling it out of PP and hoping something survives so you're not endlessly reviving Pokemon. This was also an incredibly bad battle to bring a Hippowdown to, whoops!

Turns out Lumineon is not the best answer to a psuedo-legendary nearly TWENTY LEVELS HIGHER!!!

But hey, it's finally out of Dragon Rushes, so Mismagius is a great pick, being immune to its other 3 moves. I say, twenty minutes and 15 Revival Herbs later...

But at least with that nonsense out of the way we can come back from this. Barely.

Fuck outta here!

So not the best team, but it was still a lot of fun. Shame the early game and Fly options are so dire that I wasn't able to use all Gen 4 mons, but hey, if I'm bothered about that, then I can think of the perfect game to ease my mind with. Postgame ho!

Fight Area Day

I'm fining you $100 million! Listen up, I'm going to become the greatest Trainer ever. That's why I'm here--to toughen up myself and my Pokemon!

Hehehe! Sorry! I couldn't help overhearing that. But the greatest Trainer ever?! That's going to be really tough. Because you're talking about me! To prove that, I'm going to the volcano right now. You look puzzles. You really don't know anything, do you? All right, I'll tell you. This is the Battle Zone, OK? At the far end, there's a volcano. And deep inside the volcano, there's supposed to be a treasure.

So? What's the big deal? If I find that treasure first, that'll make me the greatest Trainer ever? That's what I'll do, Koki! And you too, stranger! I'm gonna get the treasure first! But before that, I'm going to the Battle Tower! See ya!

Anyways, howdy, I'm Buck. Sheesh, that punk can't beat me. So, do you know that zippity-doodah of a Trainer? You should chase after that guy and tell him not to underestimate the volcano. Oh, but you know what? You'd better shape up at the Battle Tower first, too. I don't like your chances of getting to the volcano, otherwise. Be seeing you!

Well this is kinda familiar, but not exactly.

Before Gen 4's Battle Frontier, there was the standard Battle Tower, with the Battle Park before it! Nothing of this place remains in Platinum, which is a bit of a shame.

Whoops, sorry about that! I was in a rush. Oh, wait a second... aren't you... you're Koki from Twinleaf! Wow, that brings back memories! So, if you're here, he can't be far behind... this should be fun. See you!

Oh, hey, Koki! You came to the Battle Tower too, huh? I decided I'll see how I measure up before going to Stark Mountain. But that guy you were just talking to... ...nah, it's all right! I got here on my own power. It won't take long before I see him. See ya, Koki! I'm going to toughen up here!

Ths first building is where you exchange stuff, all very fancy, but the Battle Tower is basically identical to the Pt and HGSS versions. Though a quick thing to note, since we fought Palmer in HGSS, he actually has different dialogue in DPP.

Hi! My name's Palmer. I remember you from when you were in Twinleaf, Koki. You were always playing with my son Jun, right? You’ve grown up since then, and most impressively, too! So, I'd like you to show me. Show me the bond you’ve built with your Pokemon. Show me the skill you've acquired as a Trainer!

Losing to an outstanding Trainer like you... I can live with that. Bravo! One day, I imagine my son will come challenge me just as you have. That’s something I look forward to a great deal. You will become even more skilled the very same way your father did. Keep battling Trainers from around the world and keep growing greater in stature!

So, you've come this so far! As the Tower Tycoon, I'll have to give you my best effort. That's how the best Trainers show respect to each other. By battling all out as dedicated students of Pokemon!

Bravo! I feel inspired in my heart! It brings back a memory of that day long ago... I went out to the lake with your father that day... we were attacked by a wild Pokemon. We fended it off, but I don't recall how. It was that desperate. That was my first step as a Trainer. I wonder if the professor is doing well? ...that's enough reminiscing. My young friend, the world and your future hold infinite promise. Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!

God this place looks so lame.

Stark Mountain

Oh, hey, Koki. That Buck guy wiped us! Oh, man... there's always tough Trainers around everywhere. But you know? Losing means I have room to become even tougher. That's why there's the Battle Tower in the Battle Zone.

Your zippity little buddy challenged me to a battle earlier. Yeah, I owned the little dude. Made sure he was taught a lesson. But I don't know if I could beat him again the next time. Seriously, you're bound to run into tough Trainers wherever you go! Anyway, I found out about this place, but the Pokemon here are tough... what do you say we team up and go together?

My instincts tell me the volcano's treasure is just ahead of us. See you around, Koki! You might be the toughest besides me!

This is the Magma Stone, the treasure of Stark Mountain! Since I found it, that makes me the greatest Trainer out of everyone! Thanks, you all helped it happen! Oof! Whoa! Wow! Hehehe! That was wicked! The volcano's in shock from that! It might be so shocked, it'll erupt! Nah, that can't happen! See ya, Koki! Say hi to that zippity Trainer buddy!

Gotcha, gramps! I'll put the Magma Stone back. That Magma Stone was keeping the volcano Pokemon under control. It's all right, though. I can go put it back myself.

Me? You need to ask? Of course I am. They're my partners! I'm going to rule at the Battle Tower with them. I'll prove how strong we've become and totally shock the guy there.

And that's it for the postgame "plot". Definitely prefer the fixed version, makes Buck less of an absolute Buck and ties up some loose ends. It's pretty ballsy of them to talk about how strong Buck is without actually letting you fight him, but partnering with all the Stat Trainers in the Battle Tower is the only way to see them again. And on the weekends you can fight Barry at the Fight Area. But anyway, it was interesting to look at these games, please do not play them, they are very bad. That's everything I want to show off!

...well I suppose there's one more thing.