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Part 39: Side Note 05: Gambling, too hot for Europe!

Side Notes 05: Gambling, too hot for Europe!

Veilstone Game Corner

So you want to succeed at the slots? Well don't, it's not too interesting, but here it is anyway! Like before, you put in up to 3 coins to try and get anything good. You won't, since the game is very weighted against you like this. But of course we have the bottom screen to make things more interesting. You can see all the various payouts and since the DS has extra buttons, you press those to stop the reels.

Randomly, a Pokeball will roll in and this will give you a specific win depending on the ball. For a Pokeball, you get, well, Pokeballs, for a Premier Ball, you get something random, a Great Ball nets a Replay, an Ultra Ball gets Pikachu and a Safari Ball results in Moon Stones.

Clefairy Time!

When you get this win, there's a chance a Clefairy will pop out of the Pokeball and that's when you should decide if you want to continue on to the bonus game to net that TM. There's 3 different Clefairy that can appear, a shiny Clefairy, which gives you the best chance at getting Explosion, regular Clefairy and then a Ditto face Clefairy, which gives you the worst chance. Right now, nothing much will happen.

Until you get a 100 payout, then the bonus game begins.

Bonus Begin

The name of the game is very simple, Clefairy points to a reel and you stop it, in that order. This guarantees it'll stick to a Replay.

When you get all 3, that rewards 15 coins and you do it again. And again. And again. Well, 15 times in all.

After 15 spins, if the Pikachu appear then Clefairy will stay on for another round, with 15 spins again. Since it costs 1 coin to play, as the middle line should only matter if you succeed, then you get 210 coins for perfect play. Wow, that's 2% of the way towards one of the elemental TMs!

And you just keep going. Did you click the music link for this bonus game? It repeats pretty quickly, but it's not too bad. Now imagine if you listened to that for about 40 minutes and you'll understand one of the problems.

The biggest problem is how tedious this all gets. You're just following what Clefairy does and that's it, 15 times in a row per round. Sure, you're getting an alright amount of coins, but not for the time spent.

Oh. It's over. See, depending on the Clefairy you get depends on the chance the game just... ends. Even if you're playing flawlessly and have a shiny Clefairy and miss all the pitfalls, it's still a chance whether you actually get to round 10. If you don't make it, then you have to do it all over again until you do. And you have to let the game end naturally, or it won't count! The only other mechanic is the moon. Sometimes it'll glow red or white and if you follow Clefairy's instructions, it'll affect your chances of moving to the next round. It'll decrease if you don't ignore Clefairy for a red moon, and increase if you do follow the instructions for the white one. However, they're both pretty rare and so long as you keep an ear out for the sound of the glow, you should be fine.

And that's the slots! Man is it boring! Don't bother doing the game without a shiny Clefairy, but even then it's not guaranteed, and failing at round 8 or 9 is just heartbreaking. Just trade over Explosion from HGSS, sheesh.