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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 10

Deep breaths, Foxy, deep breaths...Okay... moving on...

You're going to eat rats for lunch? What are you, a Dwarf?

I'd rather eat Dwarf bread and that's rock

Well, he does look like a dwarf...

These are the most fish ever.

Hail to Da King, baby.

I'm still trying to figure this one out

Er... kay?

: Look Mr. Pirate Dwarf, I have to deal regularly with a Russian group of Engineer Clowns, people who can't speak even proper Spanglish and don't have a speak impediment such as yours to excuse it, and leagues of rapists under a crazed Professor and his clone. I HAVE SEEN THE WORST. Corna is the worst
: ...


Er, or "sing" I guess.

They give pity for any inconveniencing? Sheesh, I need to tell how much this entire place is inconveniencing me for some gratuitous violence.

Yep it's a cave. And noticeably not green this time.

...You know, I'd say it looked like it ran into a wall too many times, but I don't think there are enough walls in Corna to make everything here so ugly.

It's the Energizer rabbit! But for laughs, Duracel it is (5 glory points to Cuw)

Well, here's hoping not all of these cracks are holes~

No, but I did read the sign, and also the poster that called it a "sing", but I decided to ignore that

You're doing a shitty job, Mister.

Wait... you're gluing the floor to fix it?

... how unsurprising

Oh thanks! How convenient!

... yourself immediately. that sign better not have lied.

Ah, HM Flash, the of HMs...

I'm not sure if I want it...

And watch that Pokemon be miraculously made useless!


I fell down a hole

Oh hey, a rare candy. I hear those are pretty rare... candy.

Oh god it's that pillar again

(#pokegoons basically said this unanimously so 5 points to the channel itself I suppose)

... Yep, that's some creative naming right there.

Crikey! (Yeah sorry AUS goons. 5 glory points to messagemodel)

Are you working in the darkness down here? ... why? Are you a vampire or something?

I'm not mad, just slightly disgruntled Also how the fuck are you seeing down here, yet again?

I can't use Flash yet so that sort of... sucks.


: ... and?

I make ghosts and pirates cry ... err... wow, this place is making me really jaded, isn't it?

He's still crying to himself inside his PokeBall (I forgot who said this but still, 5 points to whoever the hell you were)

Oh hey, I made it out of the dark areas! Too bad I never found that Roco guy I guess I'll have to go back after I beat this gym leader...