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Part 11: Pokeran, Pokeran So Far Away

Music: Ranger Base

You restored clean drinking water to the citizens of Fall City by yourself. You restored the city's lifeblood!

No mention of the guy who sacrificed his smell?
He's probably not allowed to comment on cases currently undergoing active litigation.

Those captures you made would have challenged veteran Rangers! You've outdone yourself again. I'm hereby certifying you as Ranger Rank 4, Circe.

Music: Rank Up!

We're moving up in the world!
The ranks are coming fast and furious! Do they slow down in the future, or is it still a 1:1 ratio of rank ups to missions?
They come for every mission, but we're not usually going to be given one right after another. Us getting 3 missions in a row is a special case.

This 'unlocks' Ground and Bug Assist.

Music: Ranger Base
Circe, now that you are a Rank 4 Ranger, there's something I should tell you. You are permitted to add one more friend Pokemon to your party when you reached Ranks 4, 7, and 10. Actually, all Stylers have the capacity to allow up to seven friend Pokemon in your party. However, novices can't make full use of party Pokemon if there are too many. That's why we cap the Styler. Allow me to remove the first cap on your Styler's party capacity. Circe, you are now authorized to be accompanied by up to five friend Pokemon in addition to your partner.

Part of me is really hoping that there are puzzles later on that require a specific combination of pokemon friends.

From: Spenser
To: Joel and Circe

I've got unconfirmed reports that the Go-Rock Squad has resumed activities in Summerland. Circe, if you're not on active mission, head for Summerland. This isn't a mission. I want you to gather intelligence on the Go-Rock Squad with your own eyes and ears.

Looks like it's finally time to go to Summerland!
Everyone break out your sunscreen and big floppy hats!

Now even Summerland is threatened by the Go-Rock Squad... I would like you to go there immediately, but there's a major problem. For some unknown reason, the ferry to Summerland hasn't been running. If you took the Dragonite Bus, you would be in Summerland instantly... But you can't use it at your Ranger Rank. Now what to do?

This is why you should've had a Pokemon that could fly as your partner. Like Spenser with his Fearow.

*Thinks* ...Oh, that's right. How about asking the Lapras Guy who is always in the harbor? If you explain your situation, he may be willing to let you ride the Lapras. He's quite a reasonable and generous person. It's worth a try.

Looks like we're going to mooch off a guy and his Lapras. Looks like the Rangers should've invest more in their transportation

But before that, we'll look at our newly-available assists.

It's Bug type, which means it sucks in terms of typing matchup.

It's pretty much exactly the same as Grass, including the ineffectiveness against flying Pokemon.

Anyway with that done, it's time to go to Summerland talk to people in Fall City. This is going to be a very length section, so if you don't care about NPC chatter, just scroll until you see a Lapras.

The Go-Rock Squad may be in Summerland? Hmm... The Go-Rock Squad loose on that peaceful island...
So far, we investigated pretty well every possible place we could think of. But we haven't had any luck tracking the trail of the Go-Rock Squad...

Have you tried examining the inside of Dusk Factory?

...Hey? Come to think of it, has anyone seen Aria around lately? She's got the chops to be a great Ranger. She's considered the No. 1 candidate to become a Leader, even. But just between you and me, I can sure do without that harsh personality.

You need to be endorsed by a Leader or pass a certification exam to be accepted. Aria supposedly got the highest score ever on that exam.

No wonder Aria doesn't like us. She studied hard to join and we just wrote 50,000 letters begging to join the Rangers. Oh well, sucks to be her!

Hey there, rookie! ...Actually, I'd say you're not much of a greenhorn rookie anymore. I see this here Dragonite Bus still has you interested. After all, if you take to the skies on it, you'll find yourself at another Ranger Base just like that! There's nothing more I'd like to do than let you fly just as soon as you get the Ranger Leader's permission. So, I suggest you get out there and earn yourself some more experience!

Soon, Dragonite Guy. Soon...

Music: Fall City


Well, I guess not! A plain Ranger like you wouldn't get the chance to talk to a leader like Joel.


Then, please, can you do this for me? Please, convey my love to that dreamboat Joel!

Sadly, we cannot help this girl convey her message

But why did the Grimer move into the waterworks? There weren't any there before. It's all very strange.

Grimers love sewers. What's not to understand?

You deserve a medal for putting up with that awful stench.

There's another Ranger who also put up with that stench. He complained the whole time, but he still did his duty

Pwaaah! It's cold! It has no flavor! There's definitely no odor! This is the way Fall City's tap water has to be!

I don't know... There's still Koffing running around down there...

Snubbull is Daddy, Torchic will be Mommy. And we'll be the twin babies, Ranger girl!
Apparently, I get to play the part of a Grimer when we play house...

That's adorable

Being robbed of the Super Styler was a terrible shock to him, I think... To Prof. Hastings, the Styler is something that represents his whole life from the time he was a teenager. He really has dedicated his life to its research and development. If his Stylers were to be used for criminal acts... I'm worried about the professor...

It will be our 20th anniversary soon.
I suppose it's a waste of time to tell you this... But I'm going to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my wife soon. I'm planning to give my beloved a vacation in Summerland. Ssssh! I'm keeping it a secret from her.

This couple is still very sweet

But I do get lonely sometimes.

...Unlike this guy

Want to stay and have some tea or something?

As much as I want to, the game won't let me

The tap water has become sweetly delicious again. I've heard that you're the one to thank. You were the one that cleaned things up in the waterworks? Thank you so much. Oh, must you leave already? I'm sorry to see you go, but I mustn't impose on your time.

The old lady downstairs was really happy that she got back clean water from the tap.
Don't you wish there was an elevator here? Ahaha! I knew you would! The both of us could use some toughening up!

Good news: We're a third of the way done!

Oh, hello! Are you sure you can afford to waste time here, Ranger?
I'm worried about how things are going. You know, like how the clock tower was almost wrecked. Oh, and how the tap water turned smelly, too. That sort of thing damages the town's image.

I hear they have a Marine Capture Challenge where you compete against other Rangers.

They have different temperaments, and they all look different, too. Oh? You couldn't tell?
Our Skitty have stopped running away on us. Did you say something to them when you captured them?

Of course not! Circe is a silent protagonist after all. Unspoken dialogue, on the other hand...

How's Fall City Fountain for a name? Is that too obvious?

Yes. Also, I just noticed that the water sprouts are Horsea statues.
Falling Waters Fountain

I thought up a new souveninr item for tourists. Fall City's famous clock tower dumplings! I'm going to get rich off those babies!

Some people claim to have seen them treating Pokemon cruelly.

They say she's also amazing at doing captures. And that icy-cold attitude... Don't you think she's the greatest?

So you're the type of guy who likes Tsundere, huh?

Victreebel? Vileplume? ...Cradily?
There's plenty of Pokemon that fit the bill, really. You're close, but it's actually Gloom.

Anyway, we're almost done. Only the harbor is left.

Music: Fall City Harbor

I can't remember what it was officially, but they made it shorter. It would be like calling you PokeRan!

PokeRan is a pretty good nickname for this series, not gonna lie.

If you want to ride the Lapras, you'll need to befriend the Lapras Guy.
No one told us that we can't go to Summerland! I bought a cute swimsuit for the resort, too!
I'd like to go to Summerland, but the ferry is out of service.

But, you know? I'd love to take a gently rocking cruise on a Lapras just once.

That's everyone beside the Lapras guy.

Music: Trouble

Speaking of...

It and its buddy got so mad, they went after my Lapras...

This presumably is based off of Gen 3. Lapras can learn Thunderbolt in Gen 3. I don't see a problem here.
The problem is that TM doesn't exist in Fiore, so its best move is Body Slam.


You're kidding?! You're ignoring Lapras's plight?!

Of course we'll help. We do need a favor, after all.

That's the spirit, Ranger! Even your reply is cool!

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

If you can catch 2 Grimer + Muk, you can catch 2 Krabby.
You even got some bonus style points.

Music: Fall City Harbor
Thanks, Ranger! You're my Lapras's savior! Oh, I also hate to seem ungrateful, but I'd like you to return those Krabby to the sea. It was my own carelessness that got us into this mess. Those Krabby aren't to blame.

We owe you huge! If there's anything I or my Lapras can do for you, don't be too shy to say it!

*Circe explains to Lapras Guy*

What's that? You want to go to Summerland? That's all you want form us? Ride my Lapras, and you'll get there in no time. There's no need for any boat or for you to swim!
*To Lapras* Lapras, don't let me down!

Lapras: Puuw wuu.

Circe and the Lapras connected on an emotional level!

Spoiler: This is apparently the only Lapras in Fiore, so we're not going to capture any.

It looks as if my Lapras has taken a shine to you. If you want to ride my Lapras, feel free to go for it whenever you like. Don't worry about me!

That was easy. Off we go!
Pictured: Circe about half a second from missing the Lapras and going for a swim in the harbor.

Next time: Summerland. Finally.
It sounds like the water around Fall City is as clear as the Caribbean is supposed to be.