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Part 15: A Bunch of NPC Chatter

Music: Ranger Base

I'm really grateful that you recovered Percy's Politoed. And thanks to you, we're starting to get a little better idea ab0ut the Go-Rock Squad. So... Circe, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 5!

Music: Rank Up!

This unlocks Rock assists. Take a guess as to where we're going next.
I love how ridiculously stylish every rank up is.

Music: Ranger Base
Oh, that's right! Circe, I have to uncap your Styler's Partner Gauge to three segments!

Plusle is now even more dangerous!*
*Does not apply on some types

50% more

Your Leader Spenser, Joel in Fall City, and I all worked on the same team when we were younger. Spenser and Joel... Those two were outstanding Rangers even back then. I wouldn't be surprised if they went to work for the union eventually. ...Huh? What about me? Ahaha! That's not going to happen! The slow and laid-back atmosphere of Summerland is what's best for me. ...But with the Go-Rock Squad showing up in the Olive Jungle, I won't be able to kick back now. Oh, yeah, I'd better report this to Prof. Hastings.

Looks like, for once, we don't have anything to do. Which is why we talk to NPC leisurely.

Seeing as you're here in Summerland, why don't you kick back and enjoy some rest and recreation?
Let me thank you just this one last time. Thanks, Circe!
Weren't you scared of the bad guys in the jungle? I couldn't take it. I can't deal with anything like criminals or teams or gangs or anything like that. All I've done is help keep the sea natural and stuff like that.

I know keeping the ocean safe is important, but isn't it equally important to keep the jungle safe? You really should work on that
Forget about the ocean and jungle... it sounds like these guys barely keep the resort town they live in safe!

I've been hearing good things about your exploits. If it were up to me, I'd say it was high time you got to ride the Dragonite Bus. But you haven't got the Ranger Leader's approval yet, isn't that right? Rules are rules. It's surprising, but they're pretty strict about that sort of thing. Having said that, I honestly think you're real close to getting approved. I'll be looking forward to that.

Based on this, I'm predicting "after the next mission" for a bus pass.

In Fiore, Spenser's known as the Fearow master, while Joel's famous as the Dodrio rider. Our Leader doesn't have any sort of nickname that'd suit a Ranger like those two, though.

Why not use "The Wingull Flier"?

Music: Summerland

From: Spenser
To: Circe

I have a new job for you. I need you in Fall City immediately.

Eh, I don't think a direct boss' order is a good excuse not to talk to NPC.

If you're the type that doesn't talk to NPC at every opportunity (you monster) then you can scroll to when you see Spenser.

We can claim that every NPC in Summerland was between us and the Lapras.

Hmm... That suntan you have... Could it be? Something you picked up on a Marine Challenge?

No, we picked it up in a jungle. Somehow.

However, they won't grant me permission to explore the relic deep in the jungle. I may have to call off this expedition and simply enjoy the beach resort of Summerland for what it's worth.
You're not a Summerland Ranger, are you? But you're going to patrol the jungle for us anyway? That's good! Summerland's Ranger Base doesn't have enough people to cover everything.

They do have enough people. They just chose not to.
Get rid of Cameron and the problem will largely fix itself.

The Ranger Leader of this town and I have known each other since we were kids. Even as a kid, he already had a knack for finding weird junk, which he would then give away as gifts. He doesn't mean any harm, but...

But I think I've been exposed to too much briny sea breeze. I'm starting to itch all over.

I'm also the one most scared of Bug-group Pokemon in all of Summerland.
My big brother is good with machines, but he's unbelievably weak against Bug-group Pokemon. If he even saw a Wurmple, he'd run away like some cartoon character.

Maybe it sensed the Watcher within you?
Maybe it's getting ready to storm and the Phanpy is afraid of rain because of ground's water weakness.

With great gusto, he took to his mission. I believe the mission was called, "Build a sand castle!" I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

If the sand castle is the same one on the beach, then Murph did that mission splendidly.

...You didn't hear that, did you? I was just talking to myself.
My husband's one of those people who don't know what to do with their time if they're not working. He doesn't know how to relax and take things easy.
(Sigh...) When we go home, there's going to be lots of homework waiting for me... I wish I could stay here forever...

Circe's tip: write 100 letters to Cameron about how you want to be a Ranger.
I bet if you just showed up to the beach trials/games or whatever they're called and asked Cameron, you could get in to the Summerland rangers that way.

With our faffing about patrol around Summerland done, let's go back to Fall City.

Music: Fall City Harbor

My Lapras seems to enjoy going for swims with you on board, too.

Cameron told me about that Politoed abduction. It sounds like you came up huge. I'll have to get the details from you later when we have the time. I'd like to assign you your next job, so swing by the Ranger Base when you're ready to go. I have to confer with others, so I'll wait for you there. *leaves*

Looks like we got permission to wander around

In fact, the rest of this update will just be talking to various people in Fall City.

I wonder what caused it to move so far away?

Tropical paradises are ideal places for a nap. That Snorlax knows what he's doing!

...That's a little song I made up.

...I should think you would be better informed than me by now.
If Summerland and Ringtown are both out, then there's only Wintown left. I think Wintown will be cold, but my dear Charmander will serve as my personal heater.
I can't believe my rotten luck... I decided to head for Ringtown because I can't reach Summerland. But now they tell me I can't go to Ringtown either because rockfalls have closed off the Krokka Tunnel. So much for my vacation.

Truly, Go-Rock Squad must be stopped.

Music: Fall City

How's Pokemon Fountain for a name? Is that too plain?

Falling Leaf Fountain.
That's an even worse name

I thought up a new souvenir item, but it's a disaster. No one's in a buying mood. It's my new Teresa-and-the-Skitty postcard set... Maybe her lovesick hubby will buy 'em!

But why? Who would buy a commemmorative postcard of the local crazy cat lady?
Her husband?

Back then, the Dusk Factory was tiny. People and Pokemon used to work there side by side, all friendly with one another.

Open your ears tower nomadic attracts! The rhythm of rage gets around! Let the melody of invasion cry to the skies! ...What do you think? Impressive, huh? I've tried memorizing the slogans from the band practices in the factory. I'm not sure if I got it perfect, though.

I see that it still has the AABC pattern. I'm sure someone is bothered by this...
I wonder what that one guy would do if the rhyme before his ended with "-ies". Would he still mess it up?

It's a special place only for Pokemon. People can't go in there, supposedly.

That's going to be a problem. I have to make a delivery to Ringtown.
The Capture Arena is just a little ways to the west. I'd like to see someone pull off a monster capture that wipes out Spenser's record.

The Capture Arena is still closed, though

Oh, for goodness' sake! Please don't talk to me! You made me lose count of my lovely-wubbly Skitty! I've heard there are more and more Pokemon kidnappings. That has me so worried!
There are people out there who abduct Pokemon. What a rotten thing to do!

Even I'm feeling a little discouraged...

I'm joking! I just wanted to say it!

Aye, there's no doubt about it. There's no mistake in what I say.

There is no way to read this line that isn't creepy as fuck. Just how old is Circe supposed to be, anyway?
She looks to be a bit older than the PC in the mainline games. So 13-15 years old? He may just be reminiscing about his younger days, you know.
Being a young teenager arguably makes it worse. And there's still no way to read that line that isn't creepy as shit.

I was planning on taking my family there for a picnic on my next vacation...

I'm sure you all can guess where we're going next.

It's possible to observe and interact with wild Pokemon while living in a city.
Pokemon plush dolls are so cute, aren't they? Real Pokemon are even cuter, of course!

But today, his impatience is ten times worse than usual. He's gone back and forth between here and the Ranger Base, even though there is nothing to do...for now. The stolen Styler must be weighing heavily on his mind...

My wife's cooking up a delicious batch of cookies.
Were you drawn here by the delicious aroma? (Giggle...) You're like a Snorlax.

It worries me so much, I think I'm losing weight.

They come selling things like Go-Rock Squad insurance, Go-Rock Squad kitchen sets--stuff like that. I don't even know what this whole Go-Rock Squad is all about. Anyways, want to try some of my cinnamon tea?

Why do you keep preventing us from these snacks, game

Bragging about Pokemon with my friend in Ringtown is one of the few pleasures I have in life. It would be nice if someone young like you would come by to keep me company instead, but... I suppose you're much too busy what with your job and all.

He wasn't that way before. I don't know what's wrong.
Good workout coming up to the third floor, huh? It's pretty tough, isn't it? Don't push yourself too hard. The stairs are too much for me, so I get my little sister to do almost all my shopping for me.

Next time, we're going to see why we're called back here.
I can't wait for the fakeout where we're suddenly sent to Wintown instead of Krokka Tunnel.