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Part 47: Mighty Morphin' Dangerous Deoxys

Music: Main Theme

This is the title screen that greets us every time we start the game.

But if you wait for long enough without doing anything, the start-up sequence will restart and we'll get these new pictures.

Anyway, this is the main menu. I appreciate that they decided to throw all ranks on us like that instead of just displaying the highest. Makes me feel important

Music: Ranger Net

The Ranger Net is basically just a collection of extra missions. They're unlocked without needing any connection to the internet, so I don't know why they're called Ranger Net

That means we can't do cool things like start Fiore's version of Glitch City rumor, though

All the missions will revolve around a legendary Pokemon, in this case it's Deoxys. They tend to be rather short.

Music: Ranger Base

Several days ago, a Deoxys appeared in the Lyra Forest. But there's something wrong with it. For some unknown reason, it is extremely aggressive and combative. There's no guarantee that it won't harm other Pokemon--or even people. I'm afraid this mission is dangerous, but I want you to take it. I want you to capture the hostile Deoxys and return it to its normal, docile state without harming it.

Music: Mission Received!

The game is trying to gloss over how Deoxys is in Fiore in the first place.

Music: Ranger Base
By the way... I'm not sure if I should be even telling you this but... I was actually working on this mission on my own several days ago. When it comes to Deoxys, my interest and knowledge are second to none. I was certain that I would capture it easily. But... I didn't go well. Circe... And Lunick. This time, I want the two of you to try.
Our Leader failed to capture the Deoxys... That's hard to imagine... I think it would be even harder for us, though.
I want you to give it a try regardless of the outcome. The Deoxys will use its ability to transform if you try to capture it. You would be better off thinking none of the usual capturing rules will apply. I arrived at one conclusion as a result of my failure to capture it. It's impossible to connect with Deoxys on an emotional level. It's a very disapopinting conclusion, but it's the only one that is logical... *leaves*

You know, I'm pretty special. When I'm not on an official mission, I assign myself my own missions! Today's mission is... "Cheer up the Leader!" You two don't have to worry about anything on this end. Let me worry about our Leader. Take care, guys!
*When talked to* I think that's the first time I've ever seen our Leader so down on himself.

That's nice of you, Murph

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Lyra Forest

Well that was quick.

It transformed from its Normal Form to its Attack Form! That's a sign that it's become more aggresive!

*Deoxys leaves*

It went into the Krokka Tunnel. It will be a disaster if it gets loose in Fall City and runs amok! We have to catch up to it!

Music: Krokka Tunnel
*When talked to* We have to communicate to the Deoxys that we aren't its enemies.

And then we're brought into the Krokka Tunnel. We're stuck there for this whole mission.

By the way, we can't save at all during these extra missions. The save points will instead say
"Adjustments under way...... Please try again later."

It appears to be in its Attack Form. Even our Leader failed to capture it. You'd better be totally focused!

New Music: Capture Arena

No video because of course this mission isn't going to be that quick.

It teleports if there's no line. Otherwise, it homes in on our line and tackles. You'll have to avoid at least one attack.

The Pokemon available right now are Magneton, Machop and Bellsprout. Not really the best lineup. Good thing they decided to make Fighting immune to all type matchups. With Machop, catching Deoxys should be quick.

But yeah, like I said earlier, this mission isn't going to end just like that.

Music: Krokka Tunnel

What's going on? I thought you connected emotionally. That capture should have worked!

From: Spenser
To: Circe and Lunick

Prof. Hastings advised me on Deoxys. Surprisingly, Deoxys apparently can be captured only in its Normal Form. However, even the professor didn't know what should be done when it is in any other form. My guess is that the Deoxys will assume its Normal Form if it decides it needs to neither attack nor defend. But for that to happen, there has to be an emotional link between the Ranger and the Deoxys... I don't understand it. I want you two to solve this mystery.

A Pokemon that doesn't connect on an emotional level... I didn't know one existed. I think that's a conclusion that our Leader wouldn't want to believe.

With Deoxys not blocking the way anymore, we have access to Diglett, Poliwag, Paras and Magnemite. Note that since Deoxys is levitating, Ground and Grass assists are completely useless.

Try to get it to understand that a capture isn't meant to be offensive. Try to get your feelings across.

Music: Capture Arena

Defense Deoxys is definitely the easiest form to capture, even with its loads of required loops.

Its only attack is the slow-moving orb.

True to its name, Defense Deoxys can defend. Like with Silcoon, looping it during this duration will have absolutely no effect.

Not that looping it out of that duration has any effect either...

Music: Krokka Tunnel

Aww, no... It transformed from its Defense Form to its Speed Form. But I'm getting the feeling that it's not as aggressive as it was before. Do you get that feeling too, Circe?

Anyway, with more of the tunnel open to us, we can now get Geodude, Graveler and Zubat. Obviously, Zubat won't be useful against Deoxys.

Obviously the game won't let us go to Panula Cave. Not that any of the Pokemon there would be useful except maybe Medicham.

An interesting to note is that Zubat has been moved. Its original area has no more Pokemon (except Parasect which we can't get). No Poliwhirl, Machamp or Hariyama for us

Listen, Circe... Why don't you try talking to the Deoxys when you're attempting the capture? Try telling it, "Rangers aren't your enemies," when you go to capture it.

Music: Capture Arena

Rangers aren't your enemies.

Speed Deoxys, true to its name, moves very quickly. Rangers aren't your enemies.

Its attack spreads very widely, so you might be able to get between the gaps easily. Rangers aren't your enemies.

Water assist is the most reliable this time. It only needs 3 loops, so the bubble should last long enough. It's horrible to capture otherwise. Rangers aren't your enemies.

Lunick's tactic doesn't work

Music: Krokka Tunnel

You saw it, didn't you? It turned into its Normal Form! Circe, your feelings got through to the Deoxys! While it was fleeing, that Deoxys seemed to have an expression that said, "Catch me if you can." Or did I imagine that? I don't really know.

Fine, your strategy works.

Anyway, We can now get to Kirlia. As you might imagine, it's not useful. Yeah, most of the Pokemon here is useless against Deoxys. Better than nothing, I guess.

Before we go fight the boss, I recommend getting all three Machop and two Magneton. And filling the last two spots with Rock/Water assist (Graveler/Poliwag).

Video: Deoxys

But, Circe, don't rush it. Try to understand what Deoxys is thinking.

Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

Deoxys will begin the fight by transforming into one of its other forms.

They all retain the same behaviors as before. "Capturing" Deoxys in one of those forms will return it into Normal.

However, normal Deoxys also has an attack. In fact, its attack is much worse than Attack Form's. The attack's identity will remain hidden for now.

Taking too long will cause Deoxys to change forms again, repeating the process.

Taking too long to catch one of those forms will cause Deoxys to change forms into one of the remaining two.

Changing forms will reset our loop count. This added time limit makes capturing Defense Deoxys much harder.

This is the true identity of Normal Deoxys' attack. Yeah, it's absolutely awful. All of the forms' attacks deal 5 damage, by the way.

The main issue is the anemic assist pool, honestly. If there's a Ghost Pokemon around this capture would've been over in a few seconds.

We'll just have to make do. Each Machop only lasts for 10 seconds, so make sure not to mess up. Especially since fucking up means restarting this whole mission from the beginning.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 9(Normal)/13(Attack)/17(Defense)/3(Speed)
Possible EXP: 450/470/510/530/550/570

We did it!

You did it! That's a successful capture! You established an emotional link with the Deoxys, Circe! This should cheer up our Leader!
*To Deoxys* Deoxys... I'm so glad that it seemed to understand everything. It seemed to realize that capturing isn't an attack. Even better, it seems to understand now that Rangers aren't enemies--we're its friends. It looks as if the Deoxys is thanking us. Gee, Deoxys, we need to thank you! Thank you so much! We should release it, though. Take care, Deoxys!

Let's head back! We should go help Murph in his mission to cheer up our Leader.

Music: Ranger Base

...Those big grins... Did you maybe...?!
Great news, Leader! The feelings of a Ranger like Circe got through...even to the Deoxys! When we released it at the end, I got the feeling it was grateful to us.
Aww, why the big change in mood, Leader? When I tried to cheer you up with my best untold jokes and puns, you wouldn't crack a smile. But as soon as you hear THEIR report, you have a grin stretching from here to there!
Ahaha! Sorry, Murph! You know, I really did appreciate your efforts to cheer me up. But your puns... I don't know how I should say this... None of them were funny in the least! Ahaha, sorry, sorry! I really do appreciate what you do for us, Murph!
Uh-huh. Do I dare believe that?

Poor Murph

Thanks, everyone! Circe! Lunick! And Murph too! It's mission complete!

Music: Mission Clear!

But you know, Lunick and Circe... The conclusion I reached about the Deoxys was completely wrong. You two proved that conclusively. ,,,You don't know how happy that made me. I think I got so caught up in the idea of capturing Deoxys that I lost sight of everything but myself. That means my capture attempts would seem no different than attacks to the Deoxys... It's no wonder that the Deoxys turned hostile on me. The cause of this incident wasn't the Deoxys or the Go-Rock Squad or anything else. I'm to blame for the entire fiasco... Everyone... And Deoxys... I'm sorry! And thank you for putting everything right again!

*Pokemon cry*

Was that a Deoxys's cry?! It sounded like it flew over the Ranger Base!
Deoxys... It must have responded to our Leader's outpouring of emotions!

With the mission cleared, we now have a new Ranger Net Mission available.

This means that we have a new round of voting. What should we do next?