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Part 48: Picnic with Murph

Music: Ranger Net

Let's go hang out with our pal Murph!

By the way, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Friend Pokemon don't carry over between the main file and Ranger Net. Browser entries and Styler EXP do, though.

Music: Ranger Base

There is a small shrine deep in the Lyra Forest. I have reports that Celebi appeared close by. At the same time, members of the Go-Rock Squad were sighted prowling around the same area. My instincts tell me that they are trying to capture Celebi for some nefarious reason or another. So, this is your new mission. Capture Celebi and put a stop to the Go-Rock Squad's plan.

Do you know what my last mission was? "Replace lightbulbs." I completed that mission perfectly with my Slowpoke's help, but... I wish we could do a cool mission for a change, huh, Slowpoke?

Slowpoke: Yaaahn.

Sorry, Murph! Whenever I see that happy, round face of yours, it makes me want to pull jokes on you, no harm meant! But, all right. This is what we'll do. This mission will be jointly handled by Circe and Murph.

Finally! I finally get a mission that's actually worth calling a mission! Mission! Mission! Mississiooooon! Aroooh!

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
Both of you, be vigilant always. Don't take anything for granted. Murph... This isn't about changing lightbulbs. I want you to be serious and focused.
*When talked to* Circe! Murph! Be careful out there!
*When talked to* Lalala, a mission! This is it, a mission!

Music: Mission Start!

Unfortunately, Slowpoke isn't coming with us

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
Look! It's Celebi! Circe, look! There's Celebi!

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

*They all move to the right, past Circe and Murph*

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
Those guys are Go-Rock Squad! Circe, Circe, what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to chase them?
*When talked to* Celebi was terrified. We have to do something! Hurry!
*When talked to* Am I being useful for anything?

Well, it seems like our only chance considering the game won't let us go to the left.

We're railroaded by these obstacle into one path throughout this maze. Beats getting lost, I guess.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Of course, that also means there's mandatory grunt battles.

What do you want? Hey, you! Yeah, you! You're giving me the eye, but look at you! You can barely stand up you're shaking so much!

Don't bully someone when you can't even form a grammatically correct sentence

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
Ch-ch-chatter! My knees are c-c-clicking together! I'm shaking all over! *flees*

The Pokemon needed to clear the obstacles are conveniently placed right behind them.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Oh, drat! Rangers? I know why you're here. You're angling to catch that Celebi and use it for something, aren't you? Celebi's out of your league! Give it another ten years, amateurs! This is more your speed!

If the theme for last mission is "bad assists", the theme for this one is "bad opponents".

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
Tch! Lost that... Rather than bothering with a big speech, I'm just going to bolt! *flees*

Another grunt, another obstacle that can be cleared.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Ooh, hello, cute little Rangers! Especially you, the nervous sweetie with the round, round face. Sweetie, let me put it to you straight. You look completely out of place. I'll make you regret coming out here!

None of these grunts' Pokemon took more than 4 loops each. And ALL of them are weak to Fire, which we do have access to this time.

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
I hate admitting this... But you're pretty darn cool. ...The both of you.

I don't know why they didn't just use Scyther here

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

That's a good Pokemon...keep still now. I'll capture you. Just hold still.

*Celebi bumps into the grunt before leaving*

Atchah! I busted my Styler!
*Notices the Rangers* And what the...? When did you Rangers show up?! Wait a second! Close your eyes and count to ten! In the meantime, I'm boogying on out of here! *flees*

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
Even the Go-Rock Squad has wimpy members... That guy was just like me... Oh, but who cares? We have to do something about the poor Celebi! I think it's physically and emotionally beaten up from being chased around by the Go-Rock Squad. Circe, use your capturing expertise and get it to settle down.
*When talked to* You have to help Celebi! Celebi has to be saved!

Yep. We're almost done already. All we have to do is chase down Celebi. Getting rid of those pesky obstacles might help.

The problem is that Celebi will run away if it spots us.

Video: Celebi

But it doesn't for some reason in this case. Probably something to do with the AI.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Anyway, here's Celebi. It doesn't even get the legendary Pokemon music.

It'll create the vine mines at these five spots. It moves decently fast, so it's time to use Swellow/Ninjask (Flying) or Cyndaquil/Quilava (Fire) or maybe even Spinarak/Pinsir (Bug)...

...or maybe not.

Anyway, what usually happens is that Celebi flees...

And we spend a lot of time chasing it around. Good thing we don't have to go through this

[spoiler]Of course there's a worse version of this on the next Ranger Net mission

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 200/214/228/242/256/270

Circe, you've just proved again that you're an outstanding Ranger. I really learned a lot doing this mission with you. ...Was I, like, holding you back?

The look in Celebi's eyes says it's OK now.
*To Celebi* Listen, Celebi... Take care on your way home. Beware of the Go-Rock Squad, OK?

All right! Let's head back to the Ranger Base. Big smiles!

Music: Ranger Base

What's the word? Let's hear your report!
Uhh... Yes! The mission went exactly as you anticipated, Leader. The Go-Rock Squad was trying to forcibly capture Celebi. They appeared to want Celebi to perpetrate crimes. But not to worry! There's nothing to fear! One capture by Circe--our Ranger Base's pride and joy--solved the entire caper! I was really happy that Celebi was saved, thanks to Circe.
Well done. Excellent report. Circe, Murph, good work, both of you. Circe, you're looking more and more like a veteran Ranger. And Murph... Your compassion for Pokemon could be the most important quality that every Ranger needs. I'm sure that Circe has learned a lot by teaming up with you on this mission, Murph. Another thing, Murph's responsible for always keeping the atmosphere in the Ranger Base light.

That's even worse than Shiftree

...All joking aside, Circe, Murph! You've cleared the mission! Excellent work!

Music: Mission Clear!

Hey, hey, Circe. What our Leader just said... How much of it was joking, and how much was real? When he was praising me, was all of it a big joke? It doesn't matter, though. I feel really good either way. I'm going to work hard again on my odd-job changing lightbulbs!

Another mission done means another voting round: