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Part 52: Another Game of Tag

Video: Mew
Music: Ranger Net

"A Ranger"? Why do I get the feeling that it's one of those incompetent Summerland ones?

By the way, the video covers the entire mission. So you can see that the game of tag is really not as fun as it sounds.

Music: Ranger Base

...of course.

Hld on to your hats! That mirage Pokemon mew was spotted in the jungle! What's even better, it was one of our Rangers that spotted Mew.
Aww, Leader, can you drop the subject already, please? I've been telling you over and over, I must have been mistaken. Just think about it--a guy like me isn't going to find something as rare as Mew!
*To Politoed* Hey, Politoed? What we saw wasn't Mew, right? It was just a Skitty or something.

Politoed: To-tohd!

Hey, Percy... Why don't you have more faith in yourself? Just yesterday you were going on and on, all excited, saying you saw Mew, you saw Mew.
That's true, but... When I went around telling the people in town afterward, there were some people who didn't believe me... I think they're talking behind my back, saying I'm a liar and stuff like that... That's why I'm taking back what I said about Mew. I don't see any Mew. I never saw anything like it at all!

I can't believe I'm saying it, but poor Percy...

Hmm... Now what to do... OK, fine. Circe, I want you to go to the jungle and locate and capture Mew. This is a mission that came down from Prof. Hastings himself. He absolutely needs Mew's data, he says, for his Styler research. In other words, this mission's objective is: find and capture Mew. Actually, there's one more objective. Find Mew and prove that our Percy isn't a liar!

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
That mission's going to fail... I... I really didn't see any Mew! *leaves*
*When talked to* Percy's lost confidence in himself.
*When talked to* This is for Percy, too. I really want you to succeed. Of course, the professor will be looking forward to you capturing Mew as well.

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Olive Jungle

I came along just to be sure, but there's no way that Mew can actually be here. Circe, you should go get a different mission. I really think so.

That was... Mew...? No, that can't be! I was just seeing things! Circe, you didn't see it either! You never saw Mew! Don't tell anyone you saw Mew! They'll call you a liar, too! ...I'm tired. I'm going home now. Come, Politoed!

Of course Percy isn't coming with us even though we're doing this as a favor for him

Whenever we enter an area with Mew in it, we'll hear its cry. There will also be an NPC telling us that Mew is there.

Why these NPC didn't support Percy's claim is beyond me

All we have to do to end this mission is find Mew and capture it.

However, Mew can fly out of bounds, so usually another Pokemon will get caught up in the capture.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Mew has no attack, but it jumps and teleports. It will also flee quickly. That means we have to capture it quickly which is why we start off with our broken assist.

...which doesn't work and Mew flees anyway

Mew will flee into another area of the forest. The NPCs have another line for when Mew isn't around.

...and that's all it is in this mission. It's not that interesting, so let's talk about something else instead.

So, where's Mew?
My gosh! Mew! Finally!

You know how the Go-Rock Quads always plays their jingle every time we meet them?

Pokemon a go-go!
Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
The rhythm of rage pounds the ground!
Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us, we'll cure your ignorance! Billy! Garret! Clyde! Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot-prospect band of key-shaker-and-taker celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten! The Go-Rock Quads!

Well, let's take a look at the Japanese version.


いそいでいたって たちどもれ!

みみをそろえて これをきけ!

いかソのりズム つちふかく!

やほうのメロディ テンタカク!

しらなきゃ はなして きかせてやろう!
ヤライ! ユウキ! ヨウジ! ミライ!
ゴーゴーだんの いちのしバンドは いいとこどりの セレブリティ!
だれが よんだか そのなもえ……
われら ゴーゴー4きょうだい!

Does Mew really exist?
Mew really does exist!

This would probably be more meaningful if I can read Japanese and I can't be bothered to Google Translate the entire thing (), but there's some interesting things from it.

The first is that the Japanese names for the four of them are all completely different. Yuuki, Mirai, Youji and Yarai for Garret, Tiffany, Clyde and Billy respectively.

The second is that there's no Kanji in there. In fact, this game contains 0 Kanji, which is nice for the children (and those who can't be bothered to learn Kanji).

You might remember that DN said something about how Garret's and Tiffany's lines rhyme but Clyde's and Billy's don't.

Well, the third interesting thing is those latter lines are the ones that rhyme, ending with "ku". The former two lines end in "re" and "ke", respectively.

Welp, Flying and Fighting assists don't work. Bug is super effective but doesn't work either. I doubt Water, Grass or Ground id going to help.

I really thought Fighting would work, but apparently the game decides that Fighting shouldn't be immune to a bad matchup just for this particular Pokemon

The question is: How the fuck can we catch Mew before it flees?

Apparently, for some reason, Shedinja appear in this corner which you pretty much have no reason to ever visit during this mission.

It doesn't appear here outside this mission and there's nothing to tell you that it's there, so... Fuck you, game

Getting hit by a Gligar is a faster way to go down the vines than climbing it down normally, so it's useful here.

The time for Gligar's assholeness to be on full display will come soon, when I LP the next game

Where could it be? Where's Mew?
Mew is so cute!

Mew will rotate between these four areas, so at least there's no randomness there.

It's also the reason why you most likely won't check the ruins and find out about Shedinja, though.

...Well this is way easier.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 18
Possible EXP: 150

Mew! Th-this... It's truly Mew! Circe, this is truly a huge breakthrough achievement! Percy and I couldn't stand the suspense, so we had to come out, but we could only hem and haw at the entrance. Asking you to take the mission was the correct decision. By the way... Circe, may I see your Styler? *Takes the Styelr* Hmhm... Fantastic! Mew's capture data is fully recorded! Circe, thank you. Here's your Styler.
*To Mew* Mew, I'm terribly sorry for having frightened you. I'll be sure to use your capture data to enhance the quality of Ranger activities in the future.
*To Circe* Circe, please release Mew. The events of today I will announce as news throughout the town. ...This is for Percy's sake, too.

Prof. Hastings... Circe... Thank you...
Now, now. My end of the bargain is easily kept. Anyway, did you get a close look at Mew when it was released? When it took off, it appeared as if it winked at Percy. Or was that a mirage?
*To Circe* Well, Circe, another fine effort from you. Good job! Now, let us return to the Ranger Base.

Music: Ranger Base

I can tell right away from Percy's huge grin that Mew's capture went off without a hitch. Prof. Hastings can barely contain his happiness, too, it looks like. Circe, you've done well. Mission cleared!

Music: Mission Clear!

Music: Ranger Base
Cameron, you've much more intuitive than your appearance suggests. Circe, you lucked out! You've dodged the chore of making a mission report.
Circe, thank you, really! I'm going to try to be more confident in myself and believe in me! Just like you, Circe!
*To Cameron* Leader... Sorry for being such a sniveling whiner! I was actually very happy to hear you say good things about me. Isn't this what you said about me? "Prove that Percy isn't a liar!"
Hey, now. You're doing an imitation of me? It looks like Percy's back to his regular sunny self. Ahaha! Excellent, excellent!

And that's it for Ranger Net. We only two more choices left, so it's time for our final vote!