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Part 5: Show Me The Wonder

There's a second path through Route 1 available with Rock Smash.

There's no animation for the rock being smashed.

There's no grass - Pokemon Essentials can only handle encounters by type by map by the way - but there are some trainers here. They don't have interesting Pokemon but they are mostly new trainer types.

Incidentally, I changed the wild Pokemon music.

OFSelects: T.Rex - Metal Guru

And the trainer battle music.

OFSelects: Beck - Devil's Haircut

Triathletes have no notable qualities as I don't believe Uranium has biking and swimming ones, which is what made them triathletes in the first place!

Fishermen generally have Pokemon caught via fishing! I need to cross-reference Fishermen teams with fishing encounters to see if one accidentally has a surf guy.

Don't look at the names too closely!

Gertha is the only expert in the entire game!



Ostensibly the reward is a rare candy, but the real reward is a path back to Moki town without random encounters.

Establishing shot.

Traveling all over the region is good for completing the pokedex, after all, and we need an excuse for Dick Solomon to accidentally get in all sorts of shenanigans.

The boulders blocking the way to the east are a known and consistent quality of Moki Town.

He also checks our Pokedex. I'm being very good at it!

Bamb'o will give us various rewards for reaching certain thresholds.

For example, he gives us a rare candy for obtaining 10 Pokemon.

And something else waits at 20!

This is actually a neat feature, I think. It incentivizes catching things while not being all-or-nothing like the official games, and it gives a reason to return to the professor's lab whenever you have a chance.

Uranium doesn't give you many chances. This is the last time we're required to go to Moki Town until the post-game, and it's really out of the way to reach. Even the subway station is two routes away.

Anyway, smahing the rocks we have finally liberated Moki Town.

Until I hit a screen transition and the rocks reload.

Immediately in route 3 we hit a trainer.

She has a new pokemon, a fire ant.

Get it? Well it's only somewhat of a pun as it is merely one of three ants.

This joke is... okay!

Mankey and Owten are far, far more common here than on route 2. Thankfully it's not like we had to clear the normal-type gym to get here or anything.


By the way, Headbutt has its HG/SS functionality programmed in i.e. shaking wild Pokemon out of trees.

No trees are actually programmed to do this, though.

Well, uh, hi there, endgame-quality move. This is the best special grass move for, well, everything that learns it.

I am good at nicknames.

I have to bear with Uranium's fishing mechanics some more. Ugh, ugh.

It's worth it, though.

Lotad and its evolutions are unchanged from vanilla, but the circumstances around them re. Giga Drain TM and Water Stone are on route 3 make them a lot better.

I get my own ant.

Bless you, ants.

Hey I feel like doing this apropos of nothing.

I got a second mankey hoping it'd be better specced than Dankey (it wasn't) so let's wonder trade it!

I got another Barewl.

That's wonder trading!


Sand castles!!!!

Lotadio splashes in!!!!

And he wins damage races he shouldn't due to Giga Drain's power and recovery!

Be glad, lass and bug fans in the audience. Uranium does not treat Bug like a joke type in the slightest.

Encore's an interesting move with deep tactical applications that we'll never see because that's only in pvp.

I like referring to better rpgmaker productions.

Let's never speak of Snatch again.

Black Belts specialize in fighting types. That's about it!

Buizel is also unchanged from vanilla. It's a 1% encounter.

Welcome to Uranium. Welnium.

Route 3 isn't too long, and its s-shape of going down to the beach and up to the grass is kinda neat. Too bad there's no real shortcut.

Anyway, next is Burole Town, a location that forgot to have much of a coherent theme.