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Original Thread: Pokemon Uranium is not a very good game.



Pokemon Uranium is a fanmade Pokemon game created in RPG Maker XP using the Pokemon Essentials script package. It features over 150 new pokemon, new moves and abilities, its own region to explore, and some good ideas bogged down by plenty of baffling decisions, bad design, and novelty for novelty's sake.

It also has an antagonist who quotes Oppenheimer. But all in due time.

So why am I here? Tie Tuesday did a run right after its release in August 2016, which some of my e-buddies watched, and they posted about some of its more bullshit moments, which got me curious. And the more I saw, the more curious I got. How far did I go?

Well, I decpryted the game, which not only gave me complete knowledge of its inner workings, but gave me the ability to edit it, meaning I could circumvent its most tedious aspects to get to the guts. At its core, Uranium is a very unbalanced game, and I wanted to show that to the world without the part where I'd have to grind on random encounters for hours just to stay on par with the enemies. And it gives me the ability to train and rotate a massive cast of goobers despite this game's insistence I never try anything new.

So I've beaten the game. Completed the Pokedex. Fought bonus bosses. There is not a virtue or sin uncovered.

Oh, by the way? The pokemon in that screenshot will do nothing but use Overheat until it runs out of PP or dies, and Overheat is a 140-power move so it hurts like the dickens. It has the ability Contrary meaning, rather than the normal cut to its special attack Overheat as a drawback, its already formidable 181 special attack is increased by 181 more each use, which is such a drastic increase that almost nothing can survive after one, much less two or three boosts. It has 249 speed due to the choice scarf, putting it ahead of nearly everything else without its own choice scarf at level 70. If you do not pack specific answers and deploy them at the exact right time, this thing will crush you.

It's not even the most broken thing on the guy's team.

Welcome to Uranium.

I've already beaten the game, so any suggestions like use this guy or go there I can't act on. This LP won't exactly be new-to-pokemon-friendly, as a lot of what Uranium does wrong is on the technical side. I'll try to explain everything that's going on as best as I can but I'm still going to get really deep and will probably forget something along the way. I'll be mostly summarizing scenes and dialogue, if only to make this less tedious. Uranium is way too wordy of a game to transcribe its text. This is on version 1.1 so it has some features and bugfixes absent in earlier versions, and there may be new releases while this thread is ongoing I won't cover.

SPOILER POLICY: Don't spoil one goddamn thing, even behind tags. With my big and beautiful backhoe I will dig up everything.

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