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Part 19: Ocean In The Way

No more elegant way to tell us the prof is calling us for having gotten our sixth badge?


Did we need an explanation for how he knows we got the 6th badge when how people know that before wasn't a big deal?

Did we need him to set up a battle with the rival when Theo does it himself already?

The routes have, like, actual names, but the game doesn't use them very often... except for Route 13's.

Theo is standing around here and engages Dick Solomon on sight like a normal trainer. You'll notice he's on the same line as that psychic, who is a normal trainer. It's possible, or so I've read, to get between them and have them both see you, starting a double battle (a system of having double battles that Uranium doesn't use intentionally).

The combination of his dad's uncertain fate and the Rangers rejecting his offer to help have caused Theo to contemplate his place in the world. He's 11 so he just decides to put his all into Pokemon.

That sentence would work even if he weren't in a Pokemon game.

Porkyus has this move, which I use too much because I under-estimate how much damage she'll be doing, because with how resilient she is it seems like she should have awful offense.

Theo's Vilucard keeps defaulting to level-up moves, which means it is carrying this in addition to Giga Drain and Drain Life. Sad!

Chicoatl's final form is a Grass/Dragon with levitate and a solid brick of HP and Special attack. It does use Giga Drain fantastically well, but Grass and Dragon don't work as well together as you'd think.

Linkite's still there, still pitiful compared to Theo's evolved stuff.

Archilles is still a total badass, and I use the only thing faster mostly out of reliability.

Theo gives us directions, as that cave is no longer blocked. You can go south but you soon hit a roadblock there.

Unlike previous encounters with Theo, he stays right there and offers rematches.

His team stays the same, and since that's 4 evolved things in the 40s (and Linkite) and 3010 ducats per, it's pretty good training for once.

If only Uranium did something like this more often, it'd almost excuse its awful level curve.

The cave has a dramatic name, but with no minotaurs it's no big deal. It's a lot smaller and a lot less complicated than the name suggests, and it's only if you decide to get all the items that it can wear on you.

Perhaps how a cave should be?

We can finally snag our own Linkite, so so long after Theo got one.

Here's also a chupacabra thing. It's mono-poison.

OFS's nicknaming tip: you can always go with something like this to make things a little funnier.

Fuck you

But that battle put My Fursona at level 44, which is what he needs to finally reach his final form.

Baariette is a burly punk, with 100/85/85 defenses and a meaty 125 attack. Its speed is kinda low but high enough to not really feel too slow, if you know what I mean.

Which is impressive, because I don't.

You need Surf to navigate the Labyrinth, but since you need Surf to even get on the island it's no big deal.

It takes until now for me to finally get around to catching my own Tubjaw, by the way.

A held item that boosts the user's damage by 30%, but cuts their HP by 10% after every attack. The Life Orb is the single most important and influential held item in Pokemon's history, and fuck yes I got one for free. It'll bounce around and pop up here and there.

There's a mega stone for My Fursona, too. I really want that key stone to actually mega evolve things!

The TM for Shadow Ball is here. It's a good coverage move for things that need to get through Psychics or Ghosts.

Its physical counterpart is right next to it, for some reason. As a Slash variant Shadow Claw isn't that good unless you really need a physical ghost move, and the physical ghosts in Uranium learn it by level already.

Duplicat is here, too. In earlier versions of Uranium they just had Ditto.

Oh, great, Dive exists. Did you really need to include that HM too?

Huh, this is a pretty rare random encounter.

Unfortunately Porkyus one-shots it with Dazzling Gleam, so I'll have to get my Tubareel elsewhere.

The Labyrinth exits to Rotue 15.

Like Giga Drain but a physical fighting move. It's a legitimate choice for every fighting-type in Uranium except Winotinger because of that recovery.

Winotinger just doesn't have the physical oomph to go with it.

For My Fursona specifically, it's his main fighting move for the rest of the game, aggressively taped to slot 1.

It's not every day a move and a type share a name, so I guess it's pretty obvious that Psychic is a big Psychic move.

Gooey is really, really good at blasting through water types. The Life Orb is just making it overkill.

There's no Angelure on the town map. It's a planned post-game area, but not actually in the game yet.

That house behind the sailor's text box is a rest house. I'm glad, the encounter rate and number of trainers and how many Pokemon they have means I run out of PP pretty easily.

Most of Uranium's electric-types have a special slant, and it's useful for Ampharos and Jolteon as they don't learn Thunderbolt by level. I just happened to take two of the three that get Thunderbolt on their own.

Bulk Up but for special moves. Entirely too many Pokemon in Uranium get this. Duke Nukem does, for example.

Poor trainer, using official Pokemon while I've got these disgusting bastards from hell.

NPC chatter is so weird in this game, and not in the official game way where everyone is existential and quirky.

The eviolite boosts the defense and special defense of the holder by 50% each, but only if they can still evolve. This is really, really late for this to show up. So late I don't have anything not fully evolved anymore.

Besides the late placement, not much in Uranium can actually use it that well. Practically everything is better off evolving and the game lacks good tanks and walls in general. Sableau's 100/85/65 defenses and access to Recover makes it, like, the only thing that could possibly use it.

Feliger is Felunge's evolved form. It has massive HP and Attack and reasonably good defense and special defense, and pretty much lacks special attack and speed. Its 575 BST with such lopsided distribution is counteracted (for once) by its ability, Lazy, which makes it fall asleep instantly.

It has a Lum Berry to instantly cure its own sleep, which is one of the things you could do with your's. One of the rainforest berries cures sleep IIRC, so it isn't too hard to stock up for one of your own, but goddamn having to replace that berry every battle would be tedious. You could also use Sleep Talk instead, and have an unpredictable but ripped as fuck physical attacker.

Absolutely nothing in Uranium has Hyper Voice without having some brand of bullshit somewhere in its corner.

Just remember that.

Here's the next town, and boy does something stupid happen in it!

That could've been the tagline for every update so far, honestly, but this one is stupider than normal!