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Part 18: Haircuts For Everybody

Route 13 has this tiny-ass pond.

It's the only place with these before Dive.

Also it has the sinking Titanic and the iceberg that did it.

This is an actual Uranium Pokemon.

Duke Nukem is sturdy enough to survive most hits, despite them all being super-effective on him. I gave him an Expert Belt so his moves deal 20% more damage (well, the super-effective ones, but when your main STAB is Nuclear...)

As a TM, there's only one physical-slanted Dragon that doesn't learn it by level.

It appreciates it!

More halving-super-effective-damage berries, hooray.

There's a weird quirk with this trainer but it's not worth the effort of showing it.

Get it? Nerds are pathetic!

Nevermind we're looking at a fan-made Pokemon game.

That police officer is blocking the cave, so we go south. Luckily it's a quick trip to...


Venesi City has plenty of things in it, so let's look at 'em!

A guy offers fast travel back to West Tandor, and it's to a city with the subway.

Not quite Fly, but okay?

A child is in a coma, but without any leads Hokage Dick Solomon doesn't mention it to anyone.

A lady offers a free Eevee, after all that effort I put into Duke Nukem?

Well, for the Pokedex I'll need, indeed, NINE of the goddamn things, so a free one is good.

This girl gives items for three of those evolutions. Eevee keeps picking up gimmick evolutions that Pokemon Essentials can't handily reproduce, so Uranium just turned them into hold item-based ones.

Porkyus's evolution is a friendship-based one, so it's no real trouble to get her to evolve. Syrentide is, a lot like Electruxo, a solid brick wall with decent speed and special attack. Water/Fairy is disgustingly good typing, trading three whatever weaknesses for seven resistances.

TITanic 2K stays with us for no time at all, because of an in-game trade.

This is much less baffling of a concept, at least. Gargoyle!

Gargryph has donk-large defense and not much else, but Rebuild is pretty good so maybe it could get somewhere?

They're only availble outside of this trade on Tuesdays and Fridays because [insert reason here].

A city floating in the ocean has a rat problem. Rats with markers problem.

Hokage Dick Solomon is 13, but we can buy wine anyway because... uh...

It's a step up from coconut milk.

This guy telling a story from when he was as drunk as heck.

This lifeform saved him by kicking the Tanscure.


We show him Punchbunny and get...

Toxic inflicts Poison's weird cousin that st-

wait don't we already HAVE the TM06?!

Carrot Wine is the evolution item for Punchbunny, like how Coconut Milk evolved Deeznuts. Winotiger is yet another thing with a 550 BST with mostly 80s and 85s except for it's real high special attack. Fighting/Fairy is really good typing for, like, everything, so we can forgive some bleh stat distribution.

Incidentally, its pokedex entry states it is only visible to drunk people, so I assume Hokage Dick Solomon has been hitting the bottle really hard.

What is with multiple gags about underage drinking?

Hey it's one of those rats that guy talked about.

Ratsy is blatantly named after Banksy, but I had a much better mouse in mind.

This is the move relearner, and he can teach JohnRomero Iron Head, among other things!

Oh, nice. Dazzling Gleam is only used on things that want a special Fairy move but forgot to get Moonblast from the local grocery or maybe don't have it yet. It gives Porkyus a real STAB move!

Venesi City has no gondolas.

On that sad note we go to the gym, which has no dumb circumstances around it.

It's a sliding puzzle.

No, this isn't an ice gym. That would mean that there would be a gym leader with a Titanice.

The jr. trainers quote Shakespeare.

And they have masks on.


Well not quite, since it didn't copy MEGAWEAPON's bonus speed, so he's still going first and he's kind of a glass cannon when it comes to a backhoe dragon crashing into him.

My Fursona is really, really good at beating up psychics and ghosts. Huge skeptic, total Randi fan.

Fairies are very real and a very real threat to his life.

Finally we reach the leader, Iago.

Wait, he has the same sprite as any other actor and has a ? in there.

Big special ghost move, for big special ghosts, like Mismagius.

So yeah Iago isn't actually the leader.

He in fact dumps us in a pit that has the real leader.

...Who quotes Shakespeare.

Story time!

You know that neat egalitarian society Pokemon has? It's gone in this one specific circumstance so a story can be about sexism.

You know, it's great to get this in a big infodump.

Of course she reveals who she really is.

And she was so good the audience has to accept that sexism is wrong.

Surprise, it was Rosalind all along!

At least the character design dose a decent job making her appear androgynous. Just... to what end?

OFSelects: And So I Watch You From Afar - Big Thinks do Remarkable

Masking has Illusion, an ability introduced in the 5th generation. A Pokemon with Illusion appears as the Pokemon in the last slot, and only on being hit is the ruse busted. JohnRemero has no problem making this thing suck down Night Slashes.

I gamble on Iron Head's flinch chance and...

Nope. He got kicked in his face (which is the last boss of Doom 2).

Most of Rosalind's Pokemon have Sitrus Berries for some reason.

Is Rosalind also totally blotto, to have a Winotiger?

Duke Nukem shows it what-for.

Uranium decided for some reason to give Spritzee another evolution, the Poison/Fairy Miasmedic! Did you know Spritzee's face was based on a plague doctor's mask? Well let's take that TOO FAR!! Miasmedic is a phy-

Oh, it's already down. X4 weakness to Nuclear and all that.

Well Nuclear resists itself, so I guess that's a decent plan. This devolves into Duke Nukem and the Duplicat biting each other. Duplicat loses.

Rosalind's last Pokemon is Dramsama, the evolved form of Masking. It's Ghost/Psychic, not too sturdy but having an immunity to fighting to go with its Illusion ability is a real feather in its cap.

Too bad as her last Pokemon its Illusion doesn't work, huh?

Here, it tries to get in a slugfest with MEGAWEAPON and learns you don't get in slugfests with MEGAWEAPON and win.

Why is this badge in all caps?

Man, I love Trick Room, but it is not the thing to use in-game.

And it is not the thing to use when your signature Pokemon has speed as one of its few assets.

Oh well, sexism is over?