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Part 31: dreams burn down

Fifth up to bat is Rosalind again. She thankfully cuts off the story of how she defeated sexism.

I can't help it, I love vs. splashes so much.

Rosalind is stuck with no items and level up moves too. Her team becomes things-around-venisi.txt.

None of them resist Electric.

Well, I guess Duplicat does when it drops a prankster Transform but it still loses half of its HP from a Thunder despite its double resist.

Yatagaryu was strangely prophetic of aggressive electric move spam, but ups the ante by having perfect accuracy thunders and an amazing base special attack.

I still should've brought Zapmander along, but Zapface is proving she's yet another mistake of game design.

Oh fuck, it's him. It's Tiko.

Tiko is why I ever even heard of this game. It was over a year ago.

You see, Championship Tiko is the hardest opponent in the game, by far.

He still has his dumb fire ant lead.

It has one job: drop Sunny Day, then die. The sunny day lasts for 8 turns, and Tiko's team is really good at punishing you for letting that happen. Thankfully, the AI isn't that good at realizing it needs to do that, and it flamethrowers My Fursona instead.

Pajay is holding a choice scarf, putting its speed at too much. Air Slashes from that high can be a big pain if they flinch too much, and Solar Beam there can be a real mean trick to play. Thank fuck the AI isn't smart enough to switch aggressively.

Electric weak

Tiko is the only opponent to use a starter against you.

And fuck him for it! Two +2 priority attacks, and two high-power STAB physicals! Electruxo would stand little chance against a banded EQ!

And since it's working on priority, not even MEGAWEAPON can stop it!

Final form of Devimp, and literal demon from hell.

It's just a physical attacker with high-power STAB moves and an assvest. Easily the least obnoxious member of Tiko's team, but since it can cut straight through a Syrentide there isn't much that could stop this horseshit without blowing it up from a distance.

Ah. You.

The legendary Chimaconda from the first post is finally upon us. It's like I said then. It's stupidly fast, hits stupidly hard, and doubles its special attack each time it tries. Very, very little can handle that.


When I said it wasn't Tiko's most broken Pokemon, I was refering to this.

Every single thing wrong with Inflagetah is on display for the world to see. Swords Dance and the greatest priority move spam in the world. Why is U-Turn even there? It can U-Turn better than literally anything else but it's pointless when it needs to run from nothing.

Luckily Superfly barely hangs on and retaliates with a STAB Surf!

...It wasn't enough. Two things with choice scarves, including the overheat-spamming Chimaconda. A choice band thing with Flame Impact, and a Mega Inflagetah with Swords Dance. This is just so far above the rest of the championship in difficulty. It's ridiculous the amount of speed control Tiko has.

I'll need a different approach.

Due to the randomized nature of entrants, it'll take a bit before I get my revenge. Along the way I happen to get the exact two trainers I was missing.

It's amazing this game rolls nontiko lifeforms for the same slots as Tiko.

Cali continues to lack a personality.

And I'm shocked they didn't even edit the hairstyle.

Nothing on her team can really stop Superfly, so let's just go over them.

Tubareel has sky high defense, so an assvest for its special defense makes sense.

Brainoar is instantly obliterated in a single Thunderbolt.

Brainoar is the boringest set, but sometimes you just need a boring thing there.

Better that than whatever the hell Tiko was doing.

Oh snap!!

It's all offensive moves and a Focus Sash, with Corsoreef's unique ability Sharp Coral, that halves defenses but doubles offense. Corsoreef's bases are bad enough that this doesn't actually help it get anywhere normally.

It gets a crit on Power Gem to take out Superfly.

But that just leaves an opening for My Fursona to get a moxie boost before Mega Evolution.

I really like the tactical consideration of letting Moxie go before replacing it with Blood Lust.

Oh uh Cocancer has four powerful physical moves and a sitrus berry?

The +1 lets it 2HKO Escartress.

The AI isn't clever enough to use the non-damaging moves first. Having the thing with Steatlh Rock be in the back is a bit odd, I believe.

Cali gets a Gyarados since normally nothing in her team Mega Evolves.

This is like the Default Mega Gyarados.

Even though we can't get Crunch.

Drain Punch wins in a straight fight, by the way.

Davern continues to only really talk in terms of caves.

Seriously is that supposed to be a shitty mustache?

I think I rely on my set-up sweepers too much.

Not like this Tofu can do much about it. This set would be annoying at most times, but steel types just ruin its day.

Terlard has way too many entry hazards.

And that focus sash?


Oh damn now he has this frog??

It's pretty much the same as Cali's Brainoar.

Down to electric death.

Oh shit a Gliscor! I can't disrespect a Gliscor!

It's a Poison Heal motherfucker, too! See, the Toxic Orb poisons it, but the ability not only prevents the damage, but restores its HP. So it's immune to statuses by already having one, and it has extra toughness fro mthe passive healing.

Ugh, great.

Prankster Sableye, it uses priority Will-O-Wisp. Well, it would if it didn't try to Knock Off and get yelled at for its troubles.

Oh, Tofurang showed back up and also got yelled at.

Row row, fight the [copyright laws]!

Mega Drilgann has 184 base attack and nothing else going for it. It can kill God with that Earthquake, though.

x4 Nuclear weakness.

Don't think I forgot you, Tiko!

It's just... absurd. Davern and Cali have tricks, yeah, but they aren't just waving their arms and shouting about the game design mistakes they're highlighting. Tiko has team members centered around them. How did the devs design that Chimaconda or put in a Mega Inflagetah and not realize, hey, these are kinda busted! Did all the playtesters inexplicably run toxicstall Corsoreefs?

Or, maybe, like me, they realized that Mega Inflagetah is disgustingly overpowered.

Swords Dance is part of the puzzle.

The other part is letting Firoke drop Sunny Day for me.

Mega Inflagetah's Flame Impact is the most busted thing in the game. Swords Dance counteracts the fire resistance, so I just have sun-boosted Flame Impacts. Since this is Rocket Man, it's instantly lethal.

Beliaddon is sent back to hell by a +2 Earthquake. No reason to take chances.

Especially when I fuck up and run into Pajay's Flash Fire.

Rock Slide solves it well enough. Rocket Man is so disgustingly fast that it still hits first even past the Choice Scarf.

This entire scheme is building up to this moment: OHKOing the Chimaconda without letting it get off even one Overheat. I was on a timer, albiet a generous one, to get a sun-boosted Flame Impact and destroy it instantly.

You'd think the mirror match would be scary, but...

The AI made a fatal mistake and didn't windmill-slam the flame impact button.

Mega Inflagetah's Flame Impact defeats everything. Including a Mega Inflagetah not using Flame Impact.

Including the toughest opponent in the game.