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Part 8: So You Wanna Be A Superhero

I've hit two reward thresholds. A free PP Up (boost's a move's max PP by 1/5), and...

Substitue is a really neat move for certain circumstances. We probably won't see those as most battles will end up slugfests, but I have, of course, plans.

Anyway here we are back at Rochfale with another bad gag about how many people are trainers in a given region.

And I don't know what the fuck it's going for sometimes

I hope not! It'd suck!

NOTABLE FEATURE: this dumbass.

He vaguely describes a Pokemon and asks you to show him one. In this case, we bring him Sexhaver Sr. and...

He gives us a Moon Stone. He describes another thing, and this repeats for every other evolution stone and eventually a Nugget.

Route 5 has a few trainers on it, no one exciting.

Here's a move that looks a lot better than it is if you aren't that experienced with Pokemon. That proc is incredibly powerful, but it's so infrequent, and Silver Wind itself so mediocre.

Also not much in Uranium actually learns it. Blants doesn't, for example.

Trying to go to route 6 has us run into Dr. Jorts.

And his science buddy has had problems!

He takes us to see Dr. Cypress and she immediately accuses us! This begins the 6 hour-long mandatory quest to-

Nah just kidding while his jorts and li'l shades are lame Bamb'o is still a pal.

The theif took only the Pokemon and left the valuable device there.

BTW, Lily Cypress has an unused trainer sprite in the game's pictures.

A couple of early sprites that look even worse than normal are still in here.

One of the stolen Pokemon was wandering around, and we have experimental tech to use:

The PST actually works, and the barrier between man and beast is shattered!

The screen dimming for a split second is the visual cue for using the PST. It's annoying.

The Owten rats out the Pokenapper, pointing us towards route 6.

In order to hear the cries of the proletariat, Cypress lets us use the PST some more.


There's one Lum Berry here. Lum Berries are the Full Heal of berries. I'd like to have more than one, but that's impossible without the Sprinklelotad.

Which is in the post-game.

There are a few Owtens lurking around and they try to kick Dick Solomon out.

I capture them.

One protects the entrance to the mountain cave.

I take it away.

Inside, a... vegetable youth notices us.

He's screaming for emancipation.

That is, a Pokemon that is a hero for other Pokemon.

So there's this ripped garlic boy, who wishes to fight us.

He actually functions like a trainer, for some reason.

Lunapup is a Ground/Fighting moon-themed sidekick pupper.

And its opposite number, the poison/dark nasty bat Minyan.

Then he throws Baashaun's evolved form at us. It's tough enough to survive two Incinerates!

Garlikid doesn't understand how he lost to an ant that willingly fights for his white master.

Then his buds say fuck this, we're out.

Garlikid escapes but swears to fight again, for revenge and justice!

I've ran Torment on Heatran before. It was pretty fun. It used it with Substitute since most Pokemon couldn't break Heatran's Substitute except with one specific move.

It's useless to me here, to be clear.

Hooray! I succeeded at winning the mission!

According to Cypress, Garlikid is some sort of noble savage who has a good heart but doesn't understand our enlightened concept of Pokemon ownership.

We get to keep the talk-to-Pokemon device, but we can't use it freely to talk to our own Pokemon or anything. Whatever baffling thoughts guide Lotadio will be forever a mystery to us.

Uranium is pretty practiced at setting up neat ideas but only disappointing with the execution.

Dr. Jorts hands over this! This is pre-6th gen Exp. Share, that gives half of experience earned to the holder. It does not solve the fundamental problem of Uranium's level curve being awful.

Then a giant bird eats him.

We're now free to go through route 6, which includes a trainer with the evovled form of the water ant. A water-type that's not weak to Giga Drain was suspiciously hard to defeat for some reason.


So Lunapups appear in route 6 during the day, but I'm not interested.

At night are Minyans, including our new friend Dumbledore. She's a bit of a glass cannon statwise, but her ability makes up for a lot of that.

It gives all her offensive moves, such as Bite, 1/6th HP drain. It really, really helps her sustain.

Dark/Water bitey fish. It's sorta like an opposite counterpart to Lungs?! in that it has good defense and attack.

My Fursona reaches its second stage. Now he's ready to beat up goobers and show the world that Dark/Fighting is actually pretty good typing.

We beat up her idiot pets.

It'd be great if Uranium reprised this kind of joke one or two more times.

Dumbledore gets a decent Poison STAB at level 22. That's about it for her level up moves that are worth a shit to me.

So I immediately apply the Dusk Stone to evolve her to bat supervallian Alucard. A mixed attacker with great typing and a good ability, eh? I think you and I are gonna be pals Dumbledore.

This is Owten's evolved form!

Decent move, best thing in flying from a TM anyway.

A Brave Bird TM would be interesting as hell, I think. But what do I know?

Except as part of the RPGMaker engine losing causes you to go back to your last save but anyway

This is the current team! I know it can be kinda hard to follow what all I sub in and out so I'll try to have the occasional shot of the active roster.

The gate to these features is closed due to construction, all three policemen say like creepy robots.

Caves make good cliffhangers.

Was that a pun? I hope not.