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Part 16: You can't throw the butt casually.

Intuition sends Terry north. Ht City, as those familiar with the original Pokemon Red and Blue games will recall, is right next to the power plant.

The local curator's original Japanese name is Kasumi, although she was renamed Misty in America. The name Jiasimei seems like an attempt at "Jasmine", although if I recall correctly that's a later gym leader entirely. With this translation, who knows?

None of the locals will shut up about the train still. For the curious, 550 KPH equals 341.754 MPH.

Jiasimei seems to be absent, to Terry's consternation. Great, first Yifuji and her "No, you don't get the badge even though you won" nonsense, now this.

Ah, it's been a while since the last "EPM laughs his ass off" line. Okay, what the fuck resulted in Dance Machine!? It refers to the Itemfinder, obviously, but...god.

Anyway, the Dance Machine reaction is actually a clue that you can find a unique item here. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the hilariously wrong name is, because the game just renders it as "Pole".

Ahhh, it's been a while.

Terry is challenged to seduce six men by the end of the road in exchange for a prize.

The last of them proclaims Terry to be some sort of inexorable force of nature.

For Terry's valiant skills of coercion, he is awarded with a pearl.

Uh, isn't Jiasimei supposed to be here or something? My memory is foggy. I assume I have to trigger some event before she shows up.

Oh come on, are they seriously going to make me lug around another Secre machine slave to cut down trees?

Thankfully, Jesus is able to learn lumberjack talents.

To Terry's shock, he meets a girl scout who doesn't proposition him or ask for some weird bondage involvement. She instead reminds him to avoid littering. It's a surreal experience.

Boomr learns Mel, which is an even more powerful version of Edu. Guano already learned it, so Team Jihad is starting to receive powerful upgrades.


Ass throwing aside, Terry comes to the end of the road, and those versed in the original game will remember that you need to surf along the water to reach the power plant.

Well, that explains why there's no power going to the Draught Train.

The manager of the power plant is mourning the generator's lack of function, swearing to electrocute the culprit with pennies if he finds out who did this.

Just as Terry leaves, he gets a clue about where to find the thief.

A lack of confidence is a very suspicious thing for a person to have in Guandong.

It's a leftover Missile Bomb grunt inside the gymnasium!

He commands Terry to keep his mouth shut about seeing him here, before running out. Terry don't take orders from nobody!

Recket team? He has the same uniform as Missile Bomb, but apparently isn't affiliated.

One beating later...

Rocket Team? It figures that the translation finally gets the name right at the very last interaction with a Missile Bomb member.

The grunt is shocked to hear that the team has been outlawed. Being a law-abiding citizen, he quietly gives up his life of crime.

The Jade is, somehow, a vital part of the generator. Some sort of magic is at work, surely.

And with that, the generator is restored. Overall, a productive afternoon for Terry.