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Part 15: Cuddle Be Sleepy.

Welcome to Kouye Port, the first stop in Terry's exploration of a whole new country.

The path to the right is blocked off immediately by a mafia leader of the fleas. Also, given Terry's position, there's really only one thing that can be gaping.

Dictionary time, yet again. Who'd have ever thought you'd learn things from a translation like this?


n. pl. au·tar·chies
1. Absolute rule or power; autocracy.
2. A country under such rule.

So apparently this guys is a conspiracy theorist who is talking about secret underground mole people who control the world.

A lot of people in the area talk about the Draught Train, which is used to connect the countries together conveniently.

Terry has a bad feeling about this feeling, yet in he goes anyway.

He's immediately greeted with the tragedy of miscarriage.

Terry expresses his deepest sympathies.

The other monster fans don't seem to care at all though, one of them planning to re-enact the Boston Tea Party in order to brew a gulf-sized cup of tea.

The commander of Elf liking, how impressive.

He's bred over 150 Elfs in his time, it's his favorite thing to do when he isn't eating Doritos by the sack and staring into people's windows.

Terry would love to say no, but unfortunately for him, I'm in control of the choices here.

No, Terry! Rohypnol isn't the kind of drug for you!

Staggering out of the Monster Fanclub several hours later with only a hazy recollection of people smiling at him and tugging at his clothing, Terry bumbles his way into a signpost that talks about electrified Americans.

People in this Gymnasium are enthusiasts of phones, proudly declaring the importance of phone mastery.

Terry's heard that one before. Funnily enough, this curator gets the name Tingsi, which is far less manly than his Lightning American status.

Bread enthusiasm exists in this country as well, Terry soon learns.

Tingsi forks over the Orange Budge, signalling to Terry that another 8 badges/budges are in store for him.

Just north of town, these two jokers offer a brief problem.

The first guy is no issue.

The second not so much, preferring to make the game crash and start painting abstract art pictures.

It's not talking to him that does this, it's just that his Elf has a tendency to bug up the game, much like in the ice gym. Fortunately, he's not a required encounter.

Team Jihad prevails eventually though, because I'm loathe to skip trainers.

So it turns out that the local power plant is having issues and various services are closed down. By this point, Terry is savvy enough to know that no problem gets fixed if he isn't the one handling it.

Further north is Shancui city. The gate guard notes that the Draught Train mentioned earlier can't move due to a lack of power.

A house near the entrance of Shancui has this guy, who technobabbles a bit while giving Terry a Skil Machine.

There's also the Silufu Crop. building nearby. They make all sorts of Elf products, so why not step in for a while?

Everything comes full circle as a guard gives Terry an X-Box bootleg as a souvenir.

A local girl mentions that the city is often mentioned on the radio, to her shame, because Shancui is apparently Guandong's Detroit.

There's a pair of Gymnasiums here, might as well check those out. This one is tourist-friendly.

While this Gymnasium has a superhero for a curator.

The tourist-friendly Dojo Gym is mostly empty because the head of the place is off in Shangdao practicing to be an ascetic monk. Buddhism is strong even in Guandong.

The two scrolls in the back of the room have ominous messages that don't seem to really mean anything.

The other Gymnasium has a warp maze. Let's see if I can remember how to handle this place!

Okay, you start in the bottom-right, then warp to the top-left, then to the left room...

There we go! Still got it.

All your badge are belong to Terry.

Speaking of bright, I think Terry's received enough hints that the local power station is in trouble. Time for an investigation.