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Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal

by Epee Em

Part 18: Many dictators fly from the earth.

In this update, expect to see me bumbling around a lot.

Heading east leads to the bike path. Unlike the original games, there's no flea don in the way here, so we might as well head this way.

Magehs get hard for MGS, whaddaya know.

There's little int he way of notability about the road south, there's only three coaches and none of them have anything funny to say.

I'm surprised that made its way through the translation at all, let alone in a recognizable form.

Terry is now in Shizhu town, which has a bounty of signs and new people to interrogate for yuks.

The Safari Zone was removed from the Gen2 games due to how glitchy it was in the originals. There's a tileset still in the game, though. Read the Let's Break Pokemon Blue LP for more info.

Figures of speech are tough to translate, so naturally this game turns them into instant comedy.

Lord knows how this happened, but this girl literally has nothing to say. Terry is met with cold, stony silence.

The gimmick of the local gymnasium is that everyone is dressed like the curator.

Including a crossdressing boy scout, disturbingly enough.

: I'm beautiful now, don't judge me!

The real curator is over in the corner, naturally. See those lines on the floor? Those mark invisible walls, so of course the real curator is in the furthest spot to reach.

She thinks she's a bird. Other than that, there's not much in the way of notability.

Curse you, Red Budge, aerial ace of the Germans!

Heading south from the city, there's road blockage preventing Terry from proceeding through the logical route of the game. I confess to completely forgetting what it was I'm supposed to do now.

Oh, right. Have to get the flea don off his ass.

Okay, so because I missed the original Radio Card item for the ElfGear, I need to backtrack all the way to Shandao to get that, so that the Expand Card item from the Guandong radio tower will work, so I can use the radio to wake up the Flea Don.

Oh, right. Goddammit, what's the point of making an expensive electric train if only a select few people get tickets!? At least I remember how to get the ticket, I need to give Copycat a doll.

Deciphering which item in the store IS the doll is going to be a chore, though.

Good news: It wasn't hard to find.

Bad news: The "can't gain certain items" bug/cheat protection prevents me from buying it.

And so, Terry is forced to backtrack through everything before Zenith in order to get to Shandao on foot, so Flier can take him to the proper destination.

A round of "Gibberish questions that you have to answer correctly" later, courtesy of the save state function...

And Terry gets to haul ass backwards and return to the Don, who is at least given the respect he deserves. The Don will always be referred to by his title.


Making his way through the cave, Terry heads south past an underwhelming hedge maze. A new city beckons, although the local curator is out.

And heading even further south...

We meet Red's mother. Surprisingly, Red's name is totally intact with the translation. She's worried about him because she hasn't heard from him in a long time, and has no idea where he is or what he's doing.

And lastly, Oujide promises Terry something worthwhile once he gets all the badges from this country. Well, at least we were already doing that, now we just have a goal to work towards.