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Part 19: Don't lick with mouth.

I will reiterate the bad game design this is. I'm at the very end of the game and the local random encounters are just too fucking low to be worth anything!

That aside for the time being, Terry heads north past the woefully-small forest. This patch of grass evidently contains hidden razor blades. Like those Halloween candy rumors.

Although, this kid seems to be pained by conventional things like grass and water, so who knows?

Nipi town is gray. Ho hum.

The Further will allow Terry to backtrack to the opposite end of the game and pick up a certain legendary Elf. Mangled mistranslation name pending.

Zhuzhi, the local curator, has nothing funny to say. Not before or after the battle.

And here I was hoping for something shorts-related.

Time for the last battle with Porno! He's vowed to become Terry, but that hasn't included a change in costume or anything.

Porno gets a new sprite for the occasion.

Yeah, if you haven't noticed, the translation has sort of dried up in terms of humor output.

Seeya, Porno.

Now that that encounter's taken care of, time to head south.

Terry makes a deal for some special oil on the way to the islands, probably some sort of ingredient towards something.

The local island is rather lackluster in terms of things to do, suffice to say.

Okay, I'm honestly not sure if the game calling Blue Green instead is an example of things being messed up, I vaguely recall something about the names Blue and Green being switched during localization.

At the very least, we can be sure that the tense is screwed up, as the volcano has clearly already gone off.

We'll take him on in a little bit. Green flies away, and Terry heads East a little bit to the next island, where the Gymnasium relocated.

Whatever you say, signpost.

Of all people, Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters is waiting for Terry, and after a quick, eventless match, concedes.

That's all for that. I'd apologize for the lack of humor in the LP, but really, the game itself is kind of just wheezing along at this point.

Flying back to Green's city, time to take him on. Something about insanity would fit, yes.

Originally, I decided to test how I'd theoretically do against Red by turning off the autokill cheat. It ended poorly, Team Jihad was severely underleveled. I even did about 7 fast-forwarded runs of the Four Emperors in order to grind up levels, but it just progressed too slowly. The game just completely lacks a place to grind for experience, and I've basically gone everywhere and done everything by this point.

By this point while playing the game, I was having severe doubts about how feasible a legitimate challenge against Red would be.

After turning cheats back on to flatten Green, Team Fuck This stands victorious.

Anyway, I forgot to take care of Jiasimei, so let's go clear that up now.

Finally, a funny line! It only took sifting through 60 images and posting the relevant ones before it came up.

I admit, I'm getting progressively more and more pissed-off at this point due to the lack of grind feasibility coupled with the lack of entertainment. This game isn't funny anymore, and that more or less took away the appeal it had. I'm certainly not here for the sub-par gameplay which would require me to grind my level 50-60 team against level 30-40 enemies for the next fucking 2 days straight.

Returning to Zenith and heading left through the newly-opened path, we can now at least enter the final area.

Wonderful, one of Game Freak's beloved caves. I'll need 4 Secre moves in order to progress, meaning that Team Fuck This is going in nerfed. Well, let's see what the local random encounters are like.

For fuck's sake!