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Part 6: Pyrite Its Wrongs

Part 6: Pyrite Its Wrongs

Pyrite Town

Welcome back to the hive. This place looks pretty similar, but there's a lot to do in this place, we'll be spending the entire update here!

It's alright man, we've all been there.

Do you know who I am? I'm CAIL. They call me the gatekeeper of PYRITE! Hehe! That smoldering look says you're raring to challenge me. If it's a battle you want, I'm here! All right, then! I'll show you what being CAIL, the gatekeeper of PYRITE is all about!

I feel like Cail got weaker after 5 years and looks exactly the same, but maybe I'm imagining it.

Swapping a hotdog for a pineapple is a good dieting tip.

I think you need a gate to be effective, honestly.


FATEEN, who's considered PYRITE's mother, foretold the appearance of POKEMON in the wild! Well, it came true! It's incredible. We'll now be able to catch wild POKEMON right here in the ORRE REGION.

I am FATEEN. If ever a problem clouds your brow, you shall come to me. MR. DUKING, this town's leader, took my fortune-telling to heart. He searched high and low for the wild POKEMON I had foretold. His search has been rewarded. He appears to have found several locations where wild POKEMON appear.

Pyrite Town

Crazy to hear that Pokemon can be found in a desert.

They know how to keep us busy, what with their brawling and so on. Lots of them will go out of their way to pick a fight with you. Be careful when you're out on the streets.

Huh? Kid, are you... that thing on your arm... it can't be! ...oh, nah, it's nothing. Get lost already.

Guess Team Snagem are still around, though this is the first time we've actually seen them, so I guess they're not doing much. That wasn't Wakin, the guy we fought outside Phenac Stadium, he just has the same model as all standard Team Snagem grunts.

You know what I love about these games? Everyone has a real swaggadon slow walk.

Now don't you lie to me! I know about the likes of you. You're up to no good, aren't you?

Cut us some slack, OFFICER JOHNSON, sir. We had a change of heart. We've sworn off our criminal ways, yes, sir!

No, no, no! That doesn't wash with me, no sir, it doesn't! I won't have you lot walking around the streets as if you owned the place!

Tch! Pompous oaf! FOLLY, the man won't listen to reason. Let's get out of here.

Before we talk to the men of men, let's talk to the big man of Duking.

DUKING, the town leader, discovered a place where wild POKEMON gather. Ever since then, he's been engrossed in searching for wild POKEMON. In the meantime, he left me in charge of the COLOSSEUM. If you want to battle, you should go straight to the COLOSSEUM registration desk and apply.

I never imagined I would be getting a part-time job at this age. Hohoho. But it's a bit too dark and chilly for my old bones to take. Achoo!

Back in those days, they wreaked havoc as if they owned the place. But I caught up with them and put them straight! I cut quite the dashing figure, don't I? It's my job to uphold the peace in PYRITE! Pow!

Ah finally, being able to buy Revives is great for when things can go south. And I guess the X items are useful or something.

So, sonny, how about we have a quick battle? Good, good! We'll work up a good sweat together!

Shroomish is getting closer and closer. Naughty is +Atk -SpDef, which is pretty damn good! It will make its special weaknesses more apparent, but it's better than Lonely!

You're quite a toughie. I'm sure surprised. You should check the DUEL SQUARE up ahead here. You'll be sweating up a storm.

We don't offer a children's rate, but I'm sure you'll find our charge of $100 to be a mere pittance. Will you stay with us tonight? A boy your age travelling all alone... it's quite inspiring. You've earned this rest. ... I hope you've had a good rest. I hope you'll stay at the PYRITE SUPER GRAND HOTEL again the next time.

I love looting places. Sure we could use the PC in the police station, but I'm super lazy, so we'll stay here a couple times.

After all, it's time for Duel Circle, uh, Square.

Trainer Battle

There's no Shadow Pokemon here anymore, so we'll just get some experience, since Shroomish needs it!

I forget that Togepi is fine getting Flying moves since it evolves into a bird.

If you get the urge to battle, come for a visit. We're always waiting!

Since this game has an immensely shit level curve, we should be fine. Mostly.

Of course we're able to rematch these guys, but this game is overflowing with experience, so I won't bother with any of that, like I did last game.

Despite the weak moves opponents keep using, they can still get lucky and knock us around.

If anyone demands a battle here in DUEL SQUARE, you shouldn't complain. That's the rule around here.

Still Shadow Bagon eludes me...

Everyone keeps picking on Hotdog while Shroomish is just chilling on the side. It's great.

We'll purify Shroomish in a moment, she's still gaining exp regardless, so it doesn't hugely matter.

Least I don't have to transcribe that, I would have to copy that accented e from somewhere.

Get all the crits out of the way now while they don't matter, I repeat to myself until the end of my life.

And that was Duel Sqaure, wasn't that battling fun? There's still plenty more fights to go in this update.

Pyrite Town

Wahaha! Not to disappoint you, but this isn't a job that anyone can just pick up. Give it another twenty-five years, then come back. Wahaha!

We've reached our destination, though there's still a little bit more of Pyrite to explore. And... is that a vending machine? Hey, Lemonade is pretty good, let's grab some!

...HUH??? What's the best healing item in the series doing here? Moomoo Milk is fantastic, since 100HP is great healing for most of the game and this is the first time it's become easily available so early in a game, it's crazy! Almost too crazy, our team still gets healed by Super Potions, but when the time comes for Moomoo Milk, we will be using them a lot, as Hyper Potions are only really useful in the late endgame or postgame, depending on the level curve.

When CIPHER's hold over the town was broken, the UNDER citizens moved out into the sunlight. I'm one of them, ONBS's NETT is another former resident of THE UNDER. They went and buried THE UNDER to prevent people from getting to the abandoned town site. It's sad to see my hometown go like that.

You can only get to this item box when ROKIT isn't running. I don't get why it's so complicated. Anyway, it's a shame, but The Under, and its surrounding locations, aren't in this game. So no Under Subway, Under Colosseum, or Deep Colosseum. However, to make up for that, when you get near the windmill, or go across the bridge, you can hear the creaking of wood and the wind from the abyss, respectively. As always, the little things are better than full on content. Uh, right?

Unlike the previous game, we can challenge Pyrite Colosseum immediately and get cool cash and TMs! It's definitely worth it, since Colosseum challenges are much easier than before and it'll be a good way to train up Shroomish. We'll be back in a moment.


My name is MEGG, and I'm the official guide. Glad to meet you! This SHROOMISH is my friend. Isn't it cute? We broadcast TV signals all across the ORRE REGION. I hope you'll take the time to see how we work.

They really spruced up the old Pyrite Building. Let's have an explore.

Since they're here, the act at the Krabby Club has changed. I think it's the Krabby duo, but I haven't gone over to check, since we'll be back at Gateon Port soon enough.

Started by kids five years ago during the "SHADOW incident", a tiny network has grown into this today. I operate this place with my partner, NETT. We're convinced that reporting the unvarnished truth will be for the good of peace and justice. Anyways, did you want something from me?

Okay, understood. You should take that DATA ROM and show it to NETT right away. I'm sure he can decipher whatever information is stored on that DATA ROM. After fighting against CIPHER five years ago, we decided a free press that reports the truth was necessary to protect the peace and justice of people. That's why NETT and I founded the ONBS. It's not an easy job to report the unvarnished truth in a fair manner. In a way, this is a battle, too.

We can't do everything in this building for now, so these item boxes here and there will tease us for the moment.

Guess where her mommy is? That's right, at the end of the game, this girl is our permanent team member! ...ah just kidding, she's on the floor above.


PROF. KRANE, the abducted head of the POKEMON HQ LAB, has been safely rescued! PROF. KRANE had been held captive in CIPHER's desert research facility, which was widely believed to be abandoned. Reports say that PROF. KRANE was rescued by a lone teen. This incident is evidence that CIPHER has returned after apparently being crushed five years ago. The authorities fear that CIPHER's return could result in more serious incidents. Citizens are urged to be vigilant and cautious.


My job is to deliver the news to as many people as possible. When I was starting out, I did experience some close calls. But still, I find this job to be fulfilling.

I'm starting to get sick of this game's SHIT.

KANDEE, sweetheart!


Oh, am I glad to see you! I was worried about you! You seemed to just disappear!

I'm sorry, Mommy! I went out of your room for just a minute, but then I couldn't find it again. That guy brought me here!

Oh, my! How very kind of you! Thank you!

When I was lost, I felt really lonesome, Mommy. I'm so glad we found you, Mommy! Thank you, too!

Sincerely, thank you. This is just a small token of my appreciation.

If you thought your Teddiursa needed an easier time reaching Return, then this is the item for you. It can also be useful later for happiness related stuff.

Man, I wish something big happened to distract everyone and let me get these items. Ah, what a pipe dream.

Weird place for a healing machine. Pyrite Cave has been shut down, so that's another area gone. I won't miss it.

Oh, NETT! This person here says he's come calling from the POKEMON HQ LAB.

Oh, yes, I was expecting him. Please show him through.

Oh, sure thing! I'll let him through! Now, please! NETT's waiting for you inside.

Pleased to meet you. We heard from PROF. KRANE. Sounds like you pulled off a daring rescue.

Yes, BITT, but now's not the time to waste chatting. Let's see the data PROF. KRANE called about. ... I've deciphered something similar to this before. It brings back memories. Okay... I think it's going to take some time for me to check the contents of this DATA ROM. Can you wait while I do that?

Hey, NETT! How's this for an idea? Our news team should be out visiting DUKING at one of his POKE SPOTS to file a story about wild POKEMON. Since he's got free time, why not have him go visit DUKING as well?

Hey, that's good. Good suggestion, BITT. Are you interested in wild POKEMON? It wouldn't hurt to go look, you know. Oh, yes. May I have your P*DA number? I'll contact you as soon as I find anything out. Thank you. I'll try to decipher this as quickly as possible. By the way, BITT. Where is our news team?

Um... I think they said the ROCK POKE SPOT.

The POKE SPOT that DUKING discovered is outside of town and to the east. That's where wild POKEMON have appeared.

We'll be going to our next destination next update. Just a few things we need to do first.

Hehehe, we're okay on that score. I went and snuck a transmitter on the boss. You can tell where he is by checking this RADAR. So, we can always be ready for him when he blows his top.

I have to hand it to you, FOLLY. Way to go!

Huh? TRUDLY, looks like we've got E-MAIL.

Gaah! Is it the boss? Hmm... let's see... "You two come back right now!" it says. Aww, gosh darn it all! It sounds like he's fuming! He might dock us dinner again. We'd better scoot back!

Tch! Well, so much for this RADAR! It's not much use if the boss is going to page us by E-MAIL! Oh man, why do our lives have to be this tragic?!

We'll be back in just a moment, it's purification time!

Pretty meh, but Shroomish is gonna get very good very quickly.

Already she's nearly caught up.

Alright, our team is halfway complete! Hopefully shouldn't be too long until we get our next member. Nickname by ZeButler. This is also our last food nickname, so enjoy this pizza!

So, how goes it? I doubt that I could beat you again, but how about we have a battle for a change? Okay! Let's get this happening!

I know I said we wouldn't rematch any trainers, but this is the only trainer we haven't fought in a double battle, so let's fix that. Then I'm not gonna talk to him for the rest of the LP.

Wow, that was a wake-up call. DAVID, there's nothing fake about your toughness. DAVID, so long as you're around, world peace is assured!

I might forget to show it off every time since no one's bothered to figure out when new moves become available, but there's three new moves to learn, which could be useful.

Alright, to round out this update, it's Colosseum time! Like before, we can enter even with Shadow Pokemon, but this now applies to all Colosseums, so use whatever you want.

The place looks the same, but the new font is nice. Also like before, I won't be covering this place much, since there's not much to it!

Colosseum Battle

We've got 16 trainers to take down, so let's get going! The battle themes for the Colosseum are the same as last game, so this is the only place we'll still find these tracks! What a tune!

Okay, let's get into why Colosseums are easier this time around. Like before, you can still use items and gain exp and all that, but no matter the trainer, they'll always be at the same level, in this case level 20. This means the Colosseum gets easier and easier as you go through them. And also because of this game's weirdly flat level curve, we're about to get horrendously overlevelled for the next chunk of the game! I'll go into why when we breeze past it soon enough, but it does put a damper on the game if you decide to fight every trainer you can (like me).

So since Portobello already starts off stronger than every trainer in this place, we're going to have a really easy time. Ah, what else is new, I'm just too good at these games.

Hey, a nice physical move. Just what I needed.

Even with a boosted SmellingSalt ruining Portobello's day, we clear the first set no problem.

It's very worth doing this, since bam, here's Brick Break for ya. We'll be using this very soon, oh yes we will.

Now if you wanted, there's not any reason to keep going, all the TMs left to get in this place are pretty naff (at least to me), the opponents are weak and it'll stop you getting even more overlevelled so the next part of the game won't be boring. Of course, I've got to show off everything, so let's get even stronger!

We just keep fighting babies, but some interesting things shine through, like an early sun team.

Oh yeah, you might have a harder time depending on your team, but since I've chosen Pokemon that evolve pretty early, you can see why I'm about to have a really easy time.

Oh but there's more.

I'm about to crush this game with my already fully evolved team.

While Taunt is whatever, Portobello has a really good STAB move, so anything weak to Fighting might as well not exist. Hmm, I feel like I said something similar last game...

Colosseum 2nd Round

Oh Breloom is really good since it has sky high Attack? I'm shocked.

Notice how strong we're getting compared to everything else. This is mainly because of double battles. Since we've only got 3 team members, there's not a lot of combinations we can go for, so they're out battling for quite some time and thus get even more experience.

Woah, an evolved Pokemon, that's crazy.

Like Taunt, Torment ain't great, but maybe you'll find a use for it.

More of the same, I would show off what the opponent was doing... but they're not even getting any attacks in.

Like the last trainer, who didn't get to attack once since we knocked out his entire team in one hit. Get used to this.

And then there's Roar. Whoopee. Sure, it can be useful to disrupt opponent's strategies, but there's less of that in this game, so it's not very useful in most situations.

Alright, that's it for Pyrite for now. Next time, we encounter something quite wild.