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Original Thread: Gotta Snag 'Em All! Let's Play Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness



XD: Gale of Darkness

Part 1: Welcome to the World of Tonal Shifts
Part 2: Portside
Part 3: Arigato Agate
Part 4: Early Game Late Game
Part 5: Finally Some Gosh Darn Purify Chamber
Part 6: Pyrite Its Wrongs
Part 7: Having A Wild Time
Part 8: Distracted From Distractions
Part 9: The Fight for Phenac
Part 10: Ship Shape Scooter
Part 11: Snagless
Part 12: Return of Snagem
Part 13: Key Developments
Part 14: Before the Citadark
Part 15: Volcanic Clamber
Part 16: A Very Greevil Finale
Part 17: Orre You Serious?
Part 18: First and Only Round
Part 19: Fetching the Final
Part 20: Orre Done

Side Courses

01: Everything To Do With Shadow Pokemon (Colosseum)
02: Tutorial Battle Sims (From Part 1)
03: Everything To Do With Shadow Pokemon (XD) (From Part 5)
04: Battle CD Selection 1 (From Part 8)
05: Battle Bingo 1 (From Part 9)
06: Battle CD Selection 2 (From Part 11)
07: Battle Bingo 2 (From Part 12)
08: Battle CD Selection 3 (From Part 13)
09: Battle CD Selection 4 (From Part 15)

Mini Dishes

02: Dr Kaminko's Inventions (From Part 1)
03: Battle CD 35 (From Part 11)

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