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Part 8: Distracted From Distractions

Part 8: Distracted From Distractions

Realgam Tower

POKEMON appear all right, but when the battle ends, they just fade away? You don't get to keep them?!

Oh, sheesh... I dropped all my secret savings into them because I thought I'd get rare POKEMON for real! There goes money down the proverbial drain! Let's get out of here!

What'll we do with these BATTLE CD things?

What good are they if they won't give us any POKEMON? Just toss them out somewhere.

Oh wait, we're not going to Realgam Tower just yet, we gotta drop everything and go see what wild Pokemon we have!

Wild Pokemon Battle

Oh hey a Gligar, that's pretty good! So yeah, I didn't just happen to walk enough by the time I got to Realgam Tower for a wild Pokemon to appear, it works on in-game time whether you'll get a Pokemon to spawn. What the Poke Snacks are there for is to keep a Pokemon there, as the wild Pokemon will take a certain amount of steps to eat one, so if you ignore it, it'll eventually eat all 10 in one go. In the Rock Poke Spot, we can find Sandshrew at a 50% rate, Gligar at 35% and Trapinch at 15%. We'll go over the more common Pokemon now and the rarest one later, since it's unlikely you'll find the rarest Pokemon first go and it helps split up the second part to this. I will eventually catch all of them once, might as well right?

Oh yeah, I got a bit unlucky, Gligar is the lowest level it can be, every Pokemon from a Poke Spot can be found from level 10-20. Roosevelt will be needed to catch them, anyone else will just one shot them and you have to lure another Pokemon if you want another go.

Sandshrew, 255 catch rate (99%, low health, Pokeball), starting moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting

The very first wild Pokemon in Orre is... alright. It's a pretty simple Ground type, able to deal a lot of damage, if a bit weak to special attacks. But really, what Ground type isn't? Don't post examples in the thread. Sandshrew starts off pretty rubbish, but it evolves early and gets Slash to help patch it up a bit, but it will be mediocre until you get Earthquake later on, and then you can give it Brick Break and, ugh, Rock Tomb to help it out. Then Body Slam I guess? It's not very exciting, but hey, it's a perfectly fine Pokemon to obtain pretty quickly, so if you want to use it, go ahead. There's just nothing else to say.

Gligar, 60 catch rate (34%, low health, Great Ball), starting moves: Poison Sting, Sand Attack, Harden, Quick Attack

Like the last game, Gligar starts off pretty rubbish and needs some TMs for all its important moves, but at least this time around it can learn Aerial Ace and have STAB on both sides! Woah! But like Sandshrew it's pretty standard for a Ground type, aside from really not liking Ice moves. Since Sludge Bomb and Steel Wing are postgame, it gets a lot less options to work with, but at least you've got, uh, Double-Edge? Still, its STAB will be good enough (well, Earthquake) to get it through the game, it'll just fall short towards the end and it'll be pretty meh until you get it those TMs.

Neat! I won't be placing any Poke Snacks in the other spots until later, but if something else pops up here I might as well go see what it is. At the Oasis Poke Spot, there's Hoppip, Phanpy and Surskit, all at the same rates as the Pokemon in this spot. The Cave Poke Spot has Zubat, Aron and Wooper, same rates again. Let's go!

Hoppip, 255 catch rate (99%, low health, Pokeball), starting moves: Splash, Synthesis, Tail Whip, Tackle (level 10) or Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed (level 20)

Eh, I was relatively kind to Skiploom last game since it was a Pokemon you could get early and had Sleep Powder to make catching Shadow Pokemon really convenient, even if it didn't do anything else all that well. Hoppip does not have that, since there's a much wider selection of Pokemon this time around and there's even a few that start with Sing! It's still good at spreading status and being annoying, but it won't be dealing much damage for you, though it can get Flying STAB this time around, as well as Double Edge... for all the damage it'll do.

Anyway, that's not why you should catch a fair few Hoppip if you get the chance. Since they're regular wild Pokemon, you can shove them into the Purify Chamber immediately and help out. Hoppip is the most common Pokemon we can find that can reach max tempo in a set all by itself, if you can catch four Hoppip. It's not that hard to do and can give you a nice early boost to keep the purifying snowball rolling. That's the best thing it does in this game, don't use it for anything else.

Phanpy, 120 catch rate (78%, low health, Great Ball), starting moves: Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Flail

Hmm, yet another Ground type that's pretty standard but gets a million times better when you get the Earthquake TM. At least Sandslash and Gligar could use Fighting or Flying moves, respectively, Phanpy gets none of that, just Rock Tomb and Body Slam. Cool. I mean, I guess you could teach it Iron Tail, but you shouldn't be happy about it. If you were feeling spicy you could reteach it Horn Attack, but yeah, there's nothing all that interesting about Phanpy compared to the other options, but IT'S REALLY CUTE. What else do you need?

Zubat, 255 catch rate (99%, low health, Pokeball), starting moves: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite

Of course you'll find Zubat, it's a Poke Spot in a cave. Anyway, despite being annoying, it's quite good, but mainly because it can learn Sludge Bomb. ...wait isn't that postgame? Hmm, shit. Okay, you will eventually learn Poison Fang in the postgame and have some cool moves to learn otherwise, like Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball and Steel Wi- oh wait that's postgame as well. Usually I would recommend this mon if you haven't used it before, but, uh, it becomes tricky without Sludge Bomb, like last gen. Still, if you want to make a bat happy today, it's an alright Flying attacker. But man it could be so much better.

Aron, 180 catch rate (99%, low health, Great Ball), starting moves: Mud Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Iron Defense

Well you know how this mon works, I think it worked out quite well in Emerald, despite taking a million years to evolve. Well it'll take another million years to evolve in this game, just before the end of the game in fact! Yeah this game's level curve is wonky. Anyway, its stats are pretty good for right now, but as the levels go on, it'll become less and less impressive, since it'll be sticking to Steel attacks for the most part. It'll need to learn Rock Tomb, alas, as well as Earthquake and Aerial Ace. And of course Protect, since even with its monstrous Defense, it's really, REALLY weak to both Surf and Earthquake. If you get one with Rock Head, then it can use Double Edge just fine and it'll be a damn good attacker and defender, if you have the patience. You can see the results for yourself and hey, there's not a massive ocean towards the end full of Water specialists to ruin its day, so it'll probably do even better here.

Realgam Tower

ANYWAY, that was a fun diversion, but let's head into this place full of more fun diversions for me to go into ridiculous detail for... ah man I dunno if my typing hands will make it.

The tube maze has been remodelled to be very, very simple, since Evice probably spent millions of Pokedollars just to make Wes's life more annoying at the end. So there's only three ways to go.

We won't need the Pokemon Center, er, ever, since Phenac is way more convenient to get to. MET: ROCK

On the left is where the gooooooood shiiiiiiiiiit is, plenty of TMs to keep you happy, which we will abuse instantly after I've sold the HP Up and Carbos we just obtained. We've got, ahem, Hidden Power, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Light Screen, Protect, Safeguard, Thunder, Reflect and Fire Blast. Oh god I did all of that from memory...

Despite Flamethrower being more obtainable in this game, the accuracy of Fire Blast doesn't make me want to completely regret life's choices, so I usually go for it. Oh yeah, because we can get it this early, it'll basically one shot anything that doesn't resist it, ESPECIALLY with this level curve we're dealing with. And then Protect is never a bad idea, though it'll be a while before we'll need to use it.

Neat. This is where the main attraction is.

Unfortunately, I must inform you that the COLOSSEUM is undergoing maintenance. Please do come back and make a challenge when we reopen.

Uh, okay, this is where the main attraction will eventually be. Shame too, it would actually be a challenge since the opponents are all level 40. But it would also make us overlevelled until the final boss, so maybe we'll hold off. Anyway, there's more to this place than just the Colosseum.

What's more, two customers just came in and bought up most of what we had left. Oh, but if you have BATTLE CDs of your own, you certainly may use them for BATTLE SIMs. Please do let me know if you have a BATTLE CD you would like to play. So, how may I serve you today?

VR gaming, bitches! Battle CDs are a main collectible in this game and are also completely optional. They're just fun wacky challenges the developers probably had a lot of fun with and will really test your Pokemon noggin. We'll be finding them around the region as we do stuff in the main game, so when we've got a chunk of them, I'll be coming back here to show them off. Because I will be showing them off. All FIFTY of them. After buying these three, we'll have six. Hmm.

Before starting a Battle CD, you seriously need to check its contents and figure out what scripted event they want you to play. It does kinda suck that you're railroaded to do something and get punished for straying from it, but there's some variance in a few of them. The big info you should take away from this is the order of the opponent's Pokemon moves, the Speed of every Pokemon and what Pokemon you'll have to puzzle out when you need to use them.

I'll be going over the first CD in this update, but the other 49 will be covered in separate bonus updates when we've obtained a good chunk to go over. So I don't have the first one ready just yet, I do have a life! Kinda...

Battle SIM

Of course as we saw with the Tutorial VR battles, loading into one of these takes TWENTY FOUR SECONDS. Now if we're good at maths (like me ) then doing all of these optional battles just once would waste 1200 seconds, so 20 minutes. If you fail them, then you're watching that animation all over again. But it's fine, we've wasted way more than 20 minutes on these fuckin LPs!!! The good music helps with all this at least.

So quite a few of these CDs require you to know real obscure stuff about the battle mechanics, such as Pokemon taking double damage from certain moves while using Fly. So all you need to do is just hit it twice with Gust and that's it?

Oh no no no, it's never that easy. These Pokemon are crafted in such a way that if you try and do something they don't want you, you'll just miss out on whatever it is you were trying to do. Now, since this is just the regular battle engine, you can get carried by RNG, damage variance, critical hits, status, etc, but it also goes both ways, even when you follow it to the letter, a random crit can seriously fuck you up.

Still, they're pretty easy to retry since they're often pretty short challenges and if you have no idea what to do, you can get a hint which may or may not help you.

There we go. Uh, first try.

Each Battle CD has an item upon first completing it and some of them are actually really good and can't be found anywhere else, so is it worth doing all of them? Well, decide for yourself at the end of the LP.

But one large extra mode isn't enough, so how about two?

Time to play some BINGO!

Battle BINGO

Alright, let's go over Battle Bingo, since I'm sure that's what you were all expecting to do with your Friday evening. To start with, pick any tile to flip over and choose your starter to battle the Pokemon inside. This uses up one EP (Energy Point) and if you run out of EP, it's game over! But there are multiple ways to keep going and flip over every tile! You also start with two Master Balls to catch Pokemon with to help you out and can find a third one under a tile.

Battle BINGO Battle

Our first tile is a Squirtle. You'll know what the type of the Pokemon will be, but not what it is, nor which move it has, as every BINGO Pokemon has just the one. When I go over every BINGO card in a side update (again, later), I'll be showing you every Pokemon and what move they have so you can follow along, since I won't be going step by step for every single one of them. The first card has these Pokemon:

Obviously as we get to harder and harder cards the Pokemon variety increases and becomes much harder to predict, so the main strategy of this game is first figuring out what you need to pick up and then try and take out the remaining Pokemon using those you've caught. The numbering goes from left to right, top to bottom, so 1-4, then 5-8 for the second row, etc.

Against a Pokemon you can Fight it (Dragonair's Outrage will not be used in this card), quit the card, throw a Master Ball at the wild Pokemon, or BINGO to check the game board. There's no way to stop midway and cash out, despite what the bar on the right shows. It's weird. The tiles remain the same no matter what, so get out some paper if you need to figure it all out, or just cheat like I did, since I'm REALLY BAD at puzzle solving.

I could've shown off David's sweet throwing skills against Gligar, but we were gonna do it here anyway and it's much flashier. Also we'll be using the Master Ball later on to Snag a specific Pokemon, so we won't see this specifically. Anyway, that's a team member.

All Pokemon start off with 2EP so it's a way to save yourself from losing, so things might get a bit hairy, but it'll be fine. You don't have to follow this strategy at all, there's many different paths to take, even on the harder ones.

No matter what you do, you must always spend 1EP, even if you're not fighting the Pokemon, or flipping over a panel to get sweet loot.

Like that, we need to catch our fourth Pokemon after all, though you don't have to on every card. One Pokemon usually becomes useless as you go on, so gets designated the flipper over using its spare EP. No point keeping it on there if it's not gonna use it otherwise!

There's no exp or anything like that, so defeating wild Pokemon is just a slug match of who has the best moves/RNG. But completing a row gives us 1EP!

We can distribute that EP however we choose and depending on what we flip over, or how many rows we get, we can get +5EP at once. Though that never actually ends up happening in my playthrough.

Alright, that's everyone. It's not a massive deal who you pick, so long as they can beat whoever they're meant to be fighting, you can use anyone. Though the stronger they are, the less turns, which means less times RNG will fuck you. And it will fuck you sooner or later.

Under one of the ? panels is EP +2 and under another is EP +1, they can be lifesavers and you can spread individual EP to your Pokemon as you see fit, I just chose to dump it all on Torchic to take out the last of the Grass types and get another BINGO, thus resulting in another +1EP. And that's how you clear these cards, get some Pokemon early to keep your EP up while you get lines and the +EP cards. Then just fill in the rest. Simple. Kinda.

We're always beholden to RNG, so status, flinches, critical hits and damage varience can and will play a part in these cards. The developers tried to minimize it as much as they could, but they can only do so much against the unstoppable Pokemon machine. Thankfully it doesn't matter in this instance, since we're knocking everyone out in two hits max. You can use any Pokemon for any card so long as you have the EP, but having resistances makes life a lot easier.

From there we're just filling out the board from the top. You'll usually want to get the +1EP in a BINGO, or if it's the very last move you can make, otherwise you're basically breaking even if it doesn't help you clear rows immediately.

And there we go. I hope that was easy enough to follow along, because I won't be going into that much detail later on.

It can be worth it to play BINGO, since you get Pokecoupons from it! Not a huge amount, mind you, but enough that you don't need to clear Mt. Battle infinite times to get all the stuff you want. There are other places to get Pokecoupons, but that won't be for a while yet.

Like with the Battle CDs, you get a reward for your first clear. Though the rewards are less exciting since they're the same for each card in a certain difficulty. But hey, it'll solve your PP problems for the rest of the game. I will not change the previous sentence in any way.

And since I recorded all of the Battle CD and Battle BINGO stuff in bulk, the Spot Monitor went off again, confirming it's not step based, since I was standing still when it went off. I got pretty lucky here, since this just leaves the most common Pokemon to find in this spot!

Though since you don't know what Pokemon it'll be until you enter the area and you fight it immediately, things can get a bit dicey. Hey wasn't Duking wanting a Pokemon like this? That actually worked out nicely.

That'll be convenient, we're gonna need a lot of Poke Snacks to catch every wild Pokemon and then some!

If you manage to catch any rare POKEMON, bring them to me, DUKING, all right? Hm? Do you maybe have a TRAPINCH, SURSKIT, or a WOOPER with you? That's mighty fine! Your super rare POKEMON, I've got to have it! Please, lad, I beg you! Trade it to me! So which super rare POKEMON will you trade me?

That's might fine! Wonderful, lad! I've accepted your TRAPINCH! I'm counting on you to raise my MEDITITE with care and love, lad!

Well this is quite the prize! For catching these 15% encounters, Duking will give you a Meditite for Trapinch, a Shuckle for Surskit and a Larvitar for Wooper, all knowing interesting TM and Egg moves. And like Plusle, they'll have Duking's OT, though you didn't blink, there is no trade animation for this game, which is a small shame, but no matter the Pokemon you give him, they'll always be level 20, which is neat. Alright, let's go over the last six Pokemon you can get from Poke Spots, since I'm counting these traded ones!

Trapinch, 255 catch rate (99%, low health, Pokeball), starting moves: Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack

What a lovable scamp digging its way back in. Vibrava was a great choice last game since you could evolve it immediately and pretend you never had to use Vibrava at all, however this time, you'll be using it for the entire time, so it's a bit of a shame, but Trapinch is a lot of fun before that, if annoyingly reliant on Sand Tomb as its only physical attack until it evolves. Yeah, let's fix that with... Body Slam? Rock Tomb? Shit.Still, when it gets Earthquake as a Vibrava, it becomes much easier to use and can use its special moves a bit more easily. But you're waiting for the main attraction and unfortunately it's way too far away, you might accidentally reach postgame before you reach Flygon, which is a problem, since there's other things lurking in the endgame that will very easily outclass it. However, its sheer versatility and interesting typing make it a neat choice if nothing else. But it's a lot easier to recommend in the previous game. By a lot.

Meditite, Traded, starting moves: Dynamicpunch, Confusion, Shadow Ball, Detect

Mmm, I love a good destroyer of worlds in the early game. Meditite was very good last game and, guess what, it's still really good in this game, especially since you can make it a powerhouse immediately with Brick Break and it even comes with Shadow Ball! Sure, it's got a while to go until it evolves, but when it's got a moveset this good early on that only gets better, then it's really easy to see why you should use it. By far the best of Duking's traded Pokemon, since it'll also get boosted experience and can even get Rock Tomb! Truly, this is a monster that'll serve you well, but if it doesn't KO the opponent it'll probably die. Hey, it's not perfect, but damn is it close.

Surskit, 200 catch rate (100%, low health, paralyzed, Pokeball), starting moves: Bubble, Quick Attack, Sweet Scent, Water Sport

Well... we've had worse. This is probably the easiest way to obtain Surskit in Gen 3, believe it or not, but it's still a Surskit and pretty tough to use. Still, there's always positives, uh, Intimidate is a VERY good ability in this game and it'll get its only Bug move when you start the postgame. Woo. Admittedly its movepool is pretty big and it has an okay SpAtk to deal some non-STAB damage. But its Aerial Ace is gonna be pitiful, so load up on the special TMs and go for broke, I suppose. Hey, at least it has more offensive presence than Shuckle. Damning it with faint praise, I fucking know, but it might be the better choice here. I'm still gonna trade it anyway, since I'm not using it. What do I care, it's fuckin Surskit.

Shuckle, Traded, starting moves: Toxic, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Encore

Well you can probably guess what the game wants you to do with this. So since we get this at the start of the game instead, there's more room to play around with Shuckle and... it does exactly the same thing it did before. Just Toxic stall stuff and, uh, use Sandstorm? It's pretty slow for an in-game team but some people like stall, so who am I to question those weird, broken people? Dunno why they bothered to give it Sludge Bomb, plenty other Pokemon could use it instead. Ah whatever, it's not gonna faint anytime soon, so at least when we eventually get to difficult fights (lol), Shuckle can be counted on to be the last mon standing. Unless it's against a Poison or Steel type. Then it's fucked.

Wooper, 255 catch rate (99%, low health, Pokeball), starting moves: Water Gun, Tail Whip, Slam, Mud Shot

Oh hey it's a super duper Wooper! Unfortunately since it doesn't get Surf in this game, it becomes a bit harder to recommend, since it's not the king of spread moves anymore. It'll still wreck fools with Earthquake, but you'll use the TM on it before it learns it naturally, alas, unless you put it off for a bit. Otherwise you have Iron Tail and Brick Break for TMs due to no Sludge Bomb and Return, but there's also Rock Tomb and Body Slam, so while you'll do piddly damage with Water Pulse, it's still a fine option that'll only fall to uncommon Grass types. Mud Shot will be a poor mans Earthquake for most of the game, but since it evolves early, it has the STAB and movepool to be perfectly effective. It just gets more competition, especially from Water types that'll come with Surf.

Larvitar, Traded, starting moves: Sandstorm, Dragon Dance, Bite, Outrage

Now this is an interesting choice, you ever wanted to use a Pupitar? Cause it will not become a Tyranitar in this game, you will probably finish it first, unless you grind. Now due to it being traded, you never know, you could get a Tyranitar early and sweep the rest of the game, because man, DRAGON DANCE. Outrage isn't too useful, but it's different at least and until that absolute monster, Pupitar is just a slow Rock/Ground type, so it won't be great until Earthquake, though an early Rock Slide is very nice, so Larvitar won't be complete deadweight until then. It can also get Brick Break, Thrash and Body Slam, so it'll do some damage, but it won't change after it evolves until you finish the game, so if it's not working for you since it'll be slow and take damage from common special moves... uh, it won't do anything else. I think using the Tyranitar from the end of the last game is probably a better idea.

Okay, I've spent a couple hours doing all the side stuff in Realgam Tower and it wasn't too bad. So, uh, what we were doing?

Phenac City

Oh yeah, Phenac City. Still seems perfectly fine, it's just been five years since Dash directed someone to the Mayor's house, not surprising he's forgotten.

But what is with this town's POKEMON CENTER? There's no one here! How am I supposed to get my POKEMON healed? We're kind of hooped here...

I don't see the problem, might just be out to lunch or whatever. We can still use the PC anyway, so it doesn't matter if they're in or not. Could also be on holiday.

See this guy gets it. We've got all the supplies we need from both Pyrite and Realgam, so we don't need anything else. Everything's perfectly fine.

Let's see if anything's up in the Pre Gym.

I mean, is she wrong?

Things are too hectic, so all battles are canceled. Can I help you with anything? Huh? What's that? CIPHER is going to attack the town? And you came to warn the MAYOR? Hahaha! Are you sure you didn't dream all this up?

Still nothing wrong, Justy was a prick last game with his Double Team Sand Veil garbage, so it's a shame he hasn't changed.

Oh, hi, guy. The MAYOR's bedroom is upstairs. There's no going up there! Oh, I am so bored! If there was some music, it might make things less boring.

Let's see if we can't help that nice lady.

If you're looking for a little rest, feel free to take a snooze in that bed there. If you're bored, you can listen to some tunes. I think there's something there.

Oh, that. It's popular among girls, but it's not what a man like me needs or wants. It seems a waste to just throw it out, so you can have it. Take it with you, okay?

Well I guess there's no reason to ever enter the Phenac Stadium. Least we won't have to bother with that old weirdo again, just offering us his bed to sleep in and dumping an old anime CD on us since he got the DVD, what a creep. I bet it's some Precure shit.

Oh, wow, score! Maybe this will make things less boring! Oh, wow! It's "Rumba of Love"! I'll borrow this.

Rumba of Love

I hope the Mayor isn't sleeping, that big dunderhead!

JUSTY, there is bad trouble brewing! Of all places, our beloved PHENAC is now the target of CIPHER! Already, CIPHER members are secretly taking the places of prominent members of our community! If something's not done, the city will be taken over by CIPHER without anyone noticing what's happened. JUSTY, I must turn to you for help. We need your abilities to overcome the crisis facing our city. You, as the LEADER of the PRESTIGE PRECEPT CENTER, should be able to do something. It may be too late, however. Already, I feel threatened by...

You're not getting the silly idea of delivering that letter to PRE GYM's JUSTY?

Oh, you naughty boy! You need to be taught a lesson for snooping!

Oh hey Cipher has infiltrated this town. I didn't really notice.

Oh this is gonna be fun.

Snorunt, 190 catch rate (99%, low health, paralyzed, Pokeball), starting moves: Shadow Wave/Water Pulse, Shadow Shed/Sing, Bite, Icy Wind

Shivering its way in, the Snorunt line is tough to recommend, since it's a jack of all trades. It was pretty good in the LP, but I got it late and used it as a pretty nice Ice attacker when there wasn't a million Water types to deal with. Since there's a lot less of that in this game, an Ice type is pretty great, but carting around a Snorunt for 22 levels is not gonna be fun. Still, Ice Beam is immediate and Crunch ain't far behind, while Water Pulse gives it something to work with. But aside from Shadow Ball, it'll remain very static for the rest of the game, which will be annoying when it falls behind later on. There are better Ice types, but this is a tricky Pokemon to recommend most of the time, so hey, if you want it early, here you go!

You weren't supposed to find that. But, you what? I think you'll be wasting your time delivering that to JUSTY.

Phenac City

Yeah they did, that's a good impersonation! ...oh, everyone's disguised aren't they? Goddammit.

Oh hey another Pokemon to go over, I was thinking I hadn't done enough of that already today.

Fuck me this thing is fragile. Shadow Pokemon Resets: 12 13

Pineco, 190 catch rate (99%, low health, paralyzed, Pokeball), starting moves: Shadow Blitz/Pin Missile, Shadow Shed/Refresh, Spikes, Counter

Well this was a good defensive tank last game and, well, if you evolve it it'll do just that. And hey, this time you actually get Bug STAB and a way to remove status to do your walling even more effectively. So hey that's cool, but otherwise it doesn't do anything else. It doesn't get any Steel STAB later on and you'll just be exploding or setting Spikes or Toxic stalling for most of the game, so if you need something to take hits and set up hazards, then hey, you've got your mon, but it's a bit challenging getting Pineco to evolve since it doesn't do a huge amount to contribute until you get the real good stuff. I won't knock this stuff (mostly), but it's just not for me.

Alright, let's get outside and find Justy! He should still be sitting in his chair like an asshole.







...that's it! Perfect! When we all look this much alike, even I, your own brother, can't tell any of us apart... Everyone knows why we're here? Our job is to confound any enemies that stumble onto us here. We'll all scatter and deflect attention away from PRE GYM. If my plan works, we may be in line for an ADMIN position! ...maybe. Brothers! May you undertake your order with pride and diligence! To your positions!

Hunt down Justy? Don't mind if I do...