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Part 18: First and Only Round

Part 18: First and Only Round

Mt. Battle

Yo yo, wanna do six areas of Mt. Battle in one go cause it's the only thing we can really do? Me neither, but this is what you have to do if you want to access the rest of the postgame. Sure, we have Shadow Pokemon that can take this place on, but now we need exp for our team. To make things easier, I spent a fair few Poke Coupons on three Choice Bands for our physical members. Just to speed things up.

But early Mt. Battle is pretty boring and I don't want to go over it. Clearing Area 5 nets you, ugh, Rock Tomb, for Pokemon that need it for any kind of physical coverage, or the sad Rock types that have this as their only STAB move. Rock Slide tutor in Emerald was a godsend, really. Area 6 gets you Overheat, for when you really want to hurt something in a short, quick battle.

Area 7 is when Pokemon levels get boosted again to become high 50s, which is a bit excessive. I'm almost missing the smooth, boring curve of last game. This gets us Calm Mind.

Since the battles are only gonna get tougher, Kakyoin's gonna get the only postgame tutor move. Shame there's not more, but a couple are pretty good, so I'm glad there was something additional.

We're also seeing legendaries! Colosseum's Mt. Battle Battle Mode also had legendaries, except these ones are put into your Strategy Memo. Any Pokemon we encounter in the Orre Colosseum will also count.

Area 8 gets us Bulk Up, but to keep up with the high levels, we'll be using all 9 Rare Candies we found on our journey, using the Hexagon Brothers' postgame teams to make our levels even beforehand.

Area 9 has another level boost as we climb higher and higher to the max level of 70. So yeah, Mt. Battle is much harder in this game than the last one, which does make it more interesting. But it's also a bit too tough, so it's another annoying postgame wall you have to overcome. However, the results speak for themselves, we're getting some nice levels. Oh yeah, here's Aerial Ace, way too late.

The final 9 battles of this place are pretty damn tough, with high level Pokemon and dangerous strategies. But since I can use my items, I'm finding it okay to get through, if a bit draining. Time for the final battle.

It's been five years, but it's time to face... Battlus? Where'd Somek go? Well, this actually is Somek, but in Japan, he was always called Battlus and I guess they decided to not change his name this time. Or they forgot. They probably forgot.

Mt BtlMaster Battlus Battle

Damn this team is scary! While it's not so completely overwhelming as the endless Earthquake combo from last game, it's still a bunch of Pokemon that hit really, really hard. And half of them have Earthquake.

Shame Pineapple goes down here, if we want any real chance of beating this team, we'll need to paralyze everything so we can actually be faster and not get knocked out in two hits.

Hotdog is set up as, perhaps unwitting bait, so Salamence can go down.

Something else that's very scary comes to replace it. We'll need Pineapple.


With that, Portobello can start taking Slaking down. Hmm, aren't I ignoring something really dangerous?

Nah, doesn't look like it.

Oh look, something else incredibly scary.

Okay fine, I'll start attacking Latios. I just got distracted a little!

While our team is taking a terrific beating, we're slowly getting through this.

Excellent, just in time for the final two.

Obviously Latias is the main focus.

Ah shit, of course it has Shadow Ball.

Ah crap that's really bad.

Maybe I could flinch it to death, but that works too.

Very nice, but now Kakyoin is out and he's quite the Dragon killer.

Oh come on!!!

This could've been over a lot sooner had Dusclops not have such an irritating movepool. Since it has Protect as well, it can be devastating if he sends it out earlier.

But otherwise, it doesn't do much else.

You, being so young, may not understand how I can be so happy about losing. Well, I'm delighted, even ecstatic, that someone so young as you could defeat me. Congratulations. Here are your POKE COUPONS for clearing AREA 10.

...uh, was that it? Well yes, if you did what I did and took on Mt. Battle with a different team and swapped in the PCs and such. But, like with Mt. Battle's Battle Mode from last game, if you clear the entire thing without using a PC in the break room, you'll be rewarded with a Pokemon! No, it's not another Ho-oh, it'll instead be a Johto starter with some unique moves! Chikorita has Frenzy Plant and Ancientpower, Cyndaquil has Blast Burn and Reversal, and Totodile has Hydro Cannon and Crunch. You can choose one of them each time... so you need to clear this place THREE times to get them all. Considering all starters were able to learn those special moves in DP, this isn't really worth it. This means, in total, to get all the rewards across both games, you need to clear Mt. Battle five times. Like fuuuuuuuuuck am I doing that. Twice is plenty!

Alright, I think we're finally ready to take on the Orre Colosseum again, we gained 10 levels from clearing 6 zones (well, 2-3 of those were Rare Candy), so that's alright, I guess. Since the Item Clause is in effect, only dril gets the Choice Band and Hotdog gets a White Herb, since one use items are refreshed each battle and it lets him spam Overheat more.

Colosseum First Round

With a new and improved team, we won't be easily beaten!

Thankfully Gardevoir doesn't want to attack, but instead miss with Hypnosis. I approve.

Alright, we're doing much better than last time, where we didn't knock out a single Pokemon before we lost!

Hmm, this could get tricky now he's pulling off his sleep strats.

Choice Band dril means all that's left is Slowbro.

It just didn't heal enough, we're onto the next round!

Wonder what strategy we'll see this time around?


While confusion is one of the worst things ever and I hate it with a fiery passion, it's only a 30% chance and if we break through it, we'll be fine.

Oh we are completely fucked.

I was not expecting the Lickitung to start a sweep, but even if I wanted to take it out, I can't!

And it just one shots Pineapple, great.

I know it already has Own Tempo, but does it also have Thick Fat? Cause Lickitung took that way too well. I guess it has a bulky EV spread.

Alright, we beat the first battle to then immediately lose in the second battle! Ain't this place just great? Well, we're out of unique places to grind, so let's get back into it.

Similar, but not exactly. Still, Hotdog has been pretty good at getting through this.

Everyone else less so, but hey, at least Grumpig is attacking Hotdog for some reason. I like that the AI has remained insultingly easy throughout the whole game!

That tactic won't work on me again!

All that remains is Spinda. While it's a strong, EV trained Spinda with good IVs... it's a Spinda.

We're halfway there!

Oh goody, paralysis, confusion (just after a battle full of confusion) AND misdirection! At least nothing is particularly strong.

Still, misdirection only works as long as you have the HP to abuse it.

Another good rule is to use Protect all the dang time, especially when new Pokemon come out so they don't surprise you with their shit.

Now with Raichu paralyzed, Pineapple can take a free turn.

So Hotdog can get a nice hit in (and uh, gets paralyzed because Overheat makes contact in this gen for whatever reason), dies to the hit sure, but Raichu dies to recoil. As easy as that.

Kakyoin unfortunately won't do much, but it draws the Psychic from Xatu.

Now it's just dril VS Stantler. We've got the Choice Band, so we'll win easily!

Oh never mind, we just lost. Save states are the only reason I can get through this bullshit!!!

Okay, we broke through the confusion. Can we do it again?

Just barely! Now just one more round and we never have to think about this damn place ever again!

Oh goody, guess who you can encounter in the Orre Colosseum?

At the end of each of the seven rounds of the Orre Colosseum, we'll face a familiar foe. I was only showing off the teams for every trainer since you have to fight these four to access the rest of the postgame, so I'll only be properly covering teams for those we've met before. Unfortunately, Lovrina's team sucks and trainers we fight here will have completely different teams to what they were using in the main game, so you can't use that as a basis.

Shuckle is going to sit there the entire battle and be barely a threat.

Wrap is annoying, but eh, I'm focusing on everything else first, cause that's more interesting.

Uh, okay. I'm glad I was chipping away at it then, if it was going to just blow its strategy early like that.

Annoying, but it doesn't matter, Mirror Coat doesn't affect Houndoom, so I can use all the special moves I want.

Okay Shuckle did just claim a kill, but I've got three other Pokemon, I'm not worried.

Since her other Pokemon aren't doing anything to me, I can take this no problem.

Eyy, it's the happy dinosaur. Also the shitty confusion variant.

Good turn everyone!

Okay, back to normal it seems.


Alright, only Shuckle left. Surely it can't be that hard to take out?

Hey that helps.

That too, thanks for not using Rest again!

Cool, you get Poke Counpons for beating this place. Whatever, the rest of the postgame is available and you don't give two shits about battle facility fighting, then feel free to completely ignore the rest of the Orre Colosseum. Ah, if only I actually had such an option...

In recognition of your brave achievement, DAVID, LOVRINA has conferred on you a new title. This is it. Do accept it.

Also, I have a reward for you, too. Go on, take it.

How thrilling. For beating each round of the Colosseum, you get a new title from the person you beat and another TM. So many TMs locked behind the postgame, such a shame.

Anyway, let's move on to the good stuff!!! Ah, did that sound too forced?

Agate Village

Oh? You don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, dear, how annoying. My E-MAIL to you was cut off. Well, let me explain. Lately, a strange affliction seems to have taken root among the POKEMON of AGATE VILLAGE. If you could, DAIVD, would you be so kind as to examine the POKEMON of AGATE VILLAGE? Oh, how delightful! Just a little while ago, SENILOR's son came calling for advice. But since my husband is away, I can't be of much help by myself. That's why I'm glad you've come. There are five POKEMON in AGATE VILLAGE in total. Please examine them all. I hope I can count on your success. I wonder what on earth is happening. DAVID, I'm counting on you.

Sounds easy enough, you remember where all the Pokemon in this village are, right? Let's start with an easy one.

It's very strange. We'd just been to the POKEMON CENTER, too. Not only that, I had my TAILLOW fitted with some unique machine. This has me worried.

Hmm, very odd. Only certain Pokemon really keep to themselves. I smell a mystery.

Now we know of Senilor's Wobbuffet, but where's the fifth Pokemon in this village?

Correct, in a house I've never once visited! You're good at this.

That's the way it is? Really?

It makes me feel so lonely... hm? What's wrong? The frustrated look on its face... it seems as confused as I am over why it can't seem to say anything.

Ever since that WOBBUFFET became that way, my old dad's been depressed, too. Maybe it is that thing... you see, I fitted that WOBBUFFET with a machine called a POKEMON TRANSLATOR. An old man in the POKEMON CENTER gave it to me. But while it went on easily enough, the device won't come off. It's got me concerned... do you think it might be because of that POKEMON TRANSLATOR machine? That old man at the POKEMON CENTER sure like peculiar inventions. But boy, this is really annoying.

The old man loves new inventions. Even though they're usually useless.

Oh, child! There's no need to remind me of that. But this isn't good... POKEMON shouldn't be affected this way... I was given those by, uh... DR. KAMINKO, I think it was. He comes by with peculiar inventions every so often. But I have no idea where he lives, or anything of that nature. Hmm... what to do...

Dr. Kaminko's Manor

We can just never get away from this place. Hmm, I wonder where Chobin is... ah, that's not important right now.

What's that you say? But why would that machine... anyways, this could be rather problematical. It won't come off unless a VOICE CASE is used. Hmm... ach, it can't be helped.

What you must do is play that cry at the POKEMON that cries in the same way. That should disengage the TRANSLATOR. If you wish to hear the cry, tell me. I shall play it for you anytime. I will find others for you. Come back after a time. That will do. I will play the cry contained in the VOICE CASE.

Well you can probably see where this is going and it's about as riveting as it sounds. But hey, we'll use this excuse to look around and see if anything's changed in the postgame.

Maybe it's JOVI's turn for adventure. JOVI should ask Mommy.

Thank goodness. CHOBIN is happy to see that JOVI girl go off on an adventure. DR. KAMINKO can focus on his research again and CHOBIN will serve as the doctor's assistant.

Hey! CHOBIN's writing in JOVI's diary again! This is a secret diary! CHOBIN can't write in this!

Agate Village

The first Voice Case is Combusken, since I can't really convey short audio clips in this medium. Unless you're reading this in 2076, of course.

Back to Kaminko's!

Next Voice Case, it keeps sniffing my shoes.

Oh! That was the first cry in some time! Have you found something for me, sweetie? My POOCHYENA has gone back to digging up all sorts of things for me. It's bursting with energy again. It would be fantastic if it could dig up something remarkable one day.

Are you enjoying the postgame yet??? Does this Voice Case want a cracker?

Oh! It cried! I'm sure of it! Oh, good, good! Go get BERRIES like you always do! My TAILLOW has been picking BERRIES for me again. It's overflowing with power!

I just took over the DAY-CARE business from my grandma. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm trying. I hope you'll trust me with your POKEMON.

I nearly forgot the Day Care existed, since we can just nickname Pokemon when they're purified.

Ah, finally, the saluting one.

Hey, WOBBUFFET! ...nope. No response at all. All the other POKEMON have regained their cries, but not our WOBBUFFET. As a result, even my old dad has clammed up and gone silent.


Neither WOBBUFFET nor my old dad will say anything, so the house has been ghostly quiet of late. I feel terrible for the both of them. They seem so sad...

If the solution is to clear another round of the Orre Colosseum, I ain't listening.

Is something the matter? What? The same problem showed up in PYRITE? What kind of POKEMON is affected this time? SHROOMISH, you say? It just so happens that I have the VOICE CASE containing SHROOMISH's cry right here. I listened to it a little while ago, so that is it without question.

Looks like this problem is more widespread than we thought. Guess that's everything in Agate at least, can't think of any Pokemon we missed. Zzz... hm! This case is putting me to sleep!

Next time, we'll continue this absolutely riveting sidequest and maybe do more Orre Colosseum. Ain't the postgame just great?