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Part 29: Battle CD Selection 4

Side Course 9: Battle CD Selection 4

Battle SIM

Reward: TM01 Focus Punch

There's yet more Battle CDs to go over. Surely we're running out of them by now?

Do I like Focus Punch? Eh, kinda. Pulling them off unprotected is a lot of fun.

Clefable will use Follow Me every turn, because why wouldn't you.

I didn't need to use Spore on the first turn, but hey, if we have it, might as well use it.

Since we're faster than Mankey, we can easily take it down, but since Meowth is still faster, we still need Follow Me.

Well wasn't that fun. I still prefer the other Follow Me CD, since that actually felt tense since Aggron was so dangerous.

Reward: Rare Candy

This seems like a battle we can win. Hell yeah!

To begin with, we'll need a couple of these, thank you.

Alright, easy enough, since Banette is a physical attacking monster.

Then we need to deplete PP, limiting Zangoose's options.

Now we can lock it into Swords Dance.

We then need to use Agility to then keep it locked into Swords Dance and then whittle it down.

Charge isn't helpful since we'll do more damage with two Thundershocks instead of a charged one, depending on damage variation. The SpDef boost wasn't until next gen.

Reward: Lum Berry x5

We don't have much time in this battle, so we need to do something about Protect.

Since we have a dead turn, effectively, we need to switch in Ninetales and use Charge. Yes, due to these circumstances, Charge is a good idea. Amazing what weird and wonderful strategies are in these CDs.

Alright, we've dealt some major damage, but there's only three turns to go.

Let's stop them from doing that Protect thing and start bringing Muk down.

Hmm, that's annoying, but a Helping Hand Flamethrower will easily knock out a half health Mu-

What the Muk?

...there we go, beat the CD first try!

Reward: Elixir

Taking out these Magikarp is going to be quite the challenge. You remember how OHKO moves work, right?

We need Poliwhirl out, since he's about to get a lesson in aiming.

Beautiful. Usually OHKO moves are Acc = ((user_level - target_level) + 30) * 100%, resulting in 30% if both Pokemon are the same level. Certain moves like Mind Reader or Lock-On make it so, until the end of the next turn, the user's attack will not miss. Regardless, OHKO moves will never work on Pokemon that are higher level.

So Poliwhirl can take out this Magikarp no problem, but how can Smeargle take out the other one?

With Baton Pass of course, since Mind Reader and such is passed on that way, along with other moves such as Mean Look and Ingrain. It refreshes the move, so Spheal's moves don't miss until the end of next turn.

Simple, really.

Reward: Full Restore, CD 43

Hey let's do some A and B sides. I know you want to!

Articuno's not much of a threat, we just need to hit our Hydro Pumps.

...or it could just hit two 30% rolls in a row. That's cool too.


At least Raikou is so good, it can solo the entire trio.

Reward: Full Restore

Now for the other side, where it's a little tricky since we're facing Raikou right from the start. You know, the one who can beat this team by itself?

Well thankfully, you can beat Raikou with Articuno, you just need to PP stall and also get a bit lucky. Raikou was a bit rude and used Double Team on my Protect turn. Bastard.

Much better.

You need to throw up an Agility so you can outspeed and put up Substitute, though a Thunder miss is very nice.

Well damn, time to sweep the whole team.

Aw man

Still, this is a 1v1 we can definitely win.

Uh, so long as you don't get flinched to death.

Oh well, we've saved the best bird til last.

Suicune is usually a bitch, but it just decided to set the rain up for a Thunder. It's just a shame we don't have Thunder, but oh well.

Reward: Max Revive, CD 48

We've got two behemoth birds, but with the Soul Dew, the Latis become incredibly terrifying.

We need to put the kibosh on these two immediately. Thankfully they both target Ho-oh, letting us get a free turn in lowering their Speed.

As you'd expect, Latios needs to faint NOW

Owwwwwwww. Thankfully we're bulky enough to survive one round. Barely.

With the 10/10 threat out of the way, we can now go for the 9/10 threat. You're not out of this yet.

Still, since it doesn't knock out Ho-oh, a 2v1 situation is very easy to win. It'd be pretty dumb if a game had an option to do something like that.

Reward: Max Revive

Taking away the Soul Dew is rude as heck. At least give us the Mega stones!

We need to stratergise again. Since Lugia has Aeroblast, it needs to be knocked out immediately.

Latios needs to Protect so it can still outspeed both birbs, as Lugia doesn't go for Icy Wind again.

Keeping Latias's health topped up with Recover is a good idea, since she gets targetted a lot.

Phew, now we're in this. Ho-oh isn't a big deal since it likes going for Aerial Ace.

It'll take a couple turns, but again, a 2v1 situation makes it super easy.

This can be a super frustrating CD if the opponent focuses on one Lati, since Lugia will do a lot of damage, but it only took me like three tries. I know everyone's not gonna be as good as me at these, hyuck hyuck.

Reward: TM11 Sunny Day

The last two CDs of the LP are- oh, there's more in the postgame? Ugh, fine, of the UPDATE, revolve around the Gen 3 mascots. Should be easy, right?

We've got a need for +1 Speed.

Shiftry is faster than Jumpluff since they both have Chlorophyll, but thankfully Groudon goes for Ninjask.

That's fine by me. Mental that Shifty's +2 Speed is beaten out by Ninjask's +1 Speed. Next step of the plan is for Jumpluff to hit Sleep Powder!

I can't believe you've done this.


Ah it's not a big deal actually, since Jumpluff can easily solo a Groudon. I mean, obviously.

Reward: TM18 Rain Dance

You ready to make it rain?

This is one of the few CDs that actually make use of abilities, since you're not told of that info initially. Always comforting to check.

Quagsire gives zero shits about what anyone here does, so be prepared.

You can probably see where I'm going with this.

And since Lanturn also doesn't care what Kyogre does, it's a very easy fight. Not really deserving of the final CD, but I prefer it when they're quick and easy.

Now you know where Kakyoin's Rain Dance came from. Truly a wonderful origin story. Anyway, that's it for Battle CDs in side updates, since XD's postgame is short and bad and the remaining CDs are also short and bad, we can use the latter to pad out the former!