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Part 22: Tutorial Battle Sims

Side Course #2: Tutorial Battle Sims

Alright, good for you to swing by. Let's see what the rest of these are like, eh?

These battles are finely crafted, so if you don't follow the win strat exactly, you'll probably get your ass kicked.

Like so, since Makuhita only faints if you use two Quick Attacks. Otherwise you get knocked out by two Brick Breaks. There's no other way to win unless you crit with Thunderbolt, which isn't something to really go for.

If an attack move isn't the same type as the POKEMON using it, you may be dismayed by how little damage it causes. Learn to choose moves for your POKEMON after you confirm the POKEMON and the move's types.

Even if you do the strat perfectly, you're still beholden to RNG, so you can get screwed that way and then get a "hint" about the battle you already know how to beat. So a little annoying. But it's easy enough.

Next match is all about type advantage.

Since Goldeen does sweet fuck all, we can take it out with Tackle since we're just that cool.

And then deal some chip before getting absolutely fucking wrecked.

Wasn't that fun?

I'm about to ruin this Marill's day.

That's a pretty simple one and only applied for about a year before Gen 4 came out and made Surf a full field target move.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, what do I do for this one?

I could switch, but you need to get safe switches and chip damage for future OHKOs into your head or you'll never make it as a Pokemon Master.

Alright, what's next?

Okay, I'm gonna switch Pidgey out, as tempted as I am to have a guaranteed safe switch, since I'll probably need it later.

I can let Geodude faint though, all I need to do is beat the opponent.

If you've been looking at our opponent, you'll notice he has animations for when you attack his Pokemon and trainers in general look at their Pokemon, even if it looks kinda doofy for certain mons. It's a very cute thing they haven't really implemented into the main games yet and that's why GameFreak is bad, as you'll find in my 75 page thesis on the subject.

We're over halfway done, so let's get a perfect.

Now in the future when I'm in a similar situation to this, I'll know exactly what to do!

The Poison didn't matter, you 2HKO this Diglett regardless, the Pokemon are always the same each time, so the only thing you worry about is critical hits, since the Pokemon are crafted so that you still follow the strat even if you get a low roll in damage. Or at least I fucking hope so, bad design if not.

Hmm, I don't see any tricks, it's looking like a slugfest.

That I'm losing! Oh no!

And now we win. What an emotional ride that was.

Ooh, there's some variety with this one. Which one to go for first... I think we should burn it!

...I said "I think we should burn it!"

Alright, cool. Hopefully we can still win after an Astonish flinch.

It's looking like a 3HKO, so hopefully we get lucky.

Nice! Bit of a close one, but it had some leeway.

While I love some hyper offense, I do like Swords Dance.

Either we deal more damage than it heals...

...or we crit making going to +6 pointless. Maaaaaaaan.

Alright this one is tricky. We have to choose the right weather. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It'll chip us down with Shock Wave, so can we knock it out before the sun fades?

Yes we can. A good tutorial for how long weather lasts. Please ignore the rocks that will prolong weather next gen.

The final one is a real puzzler. I think I know what we need to do.

Don't sleep on Vaporeon's massive SpAtk stat! And there we go, wasn't that fun? Oh... you're the only one who read this. That's fine.