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Part 12: Return of Snagem

Part 12: Return of Snagem


Oh neat here's Bonsly.

Now remember, nice and slowly.

Alright, we've finally captured it. After all, the start of this update will be doing everything to do with Pokespots, so best get this out of the way first.


We sincerely appreciate what you've done for us. My granddaughter and BONSLY are overjoyed. See for yourself.

Yay! Thank you! I believed in you!

This is something that stands for our gratitude. Please accept it.

It's an event that's not open to everyone, oh no. The receptionist will know what to do if you flash that CARD at the registration counter. I'm sure you'll enjoy battling with BONSLY. Thank you again. We must be leaving now.

Seeing them, it brought a lump to my throat. Thanks for finding that POKEMON!

DAVID, we made the right decision in asking for your help. I'm amazed though... that POKEMON really was something we'd never seen before. The world is still a vast mystery!

Alright, now to dump a load of Poke Snacks at the various Pokespots and then wait around a while for Pokemon to appear. Or, well, use an AR code to increase the chance of a Pokemon appearing at a Pokespot so I'm not here for a million years.

Get pretty lucky by finding the rarest Cave Pokemon first. We already have Gligar and Trapinch (well, now Meditite) from the Rock Spot, so we only need to catch the 7 others. Well, 6. And because they're low level and I don't have to really do this, I'll just hack in some Master Balls to instantly catch them. See, I knew you wouldn't mind.

Didn't take long to get a nice collection going. Now a Pokemon appearing isn't based on step count, it's just when the Pokemon feels like turning up. So just go do other stuff while you wait. I was doing side stuff at the Realgam Tower, as well as purifying some Pokemon. I've purified quite a few now, so the Purify Chamber is getting pretty full, which means I purify more Pokemon quicker and then the Chamber gets even more full and, well, you can see how easy it is to get it rolling now that we have.

If I had to give an example, it'd be about as incredible as my hobby of sleeping while wearing my PLUSLE costume. Whoops! That's off the record! Pretend you never heard that, okay? It's not like I said anything like, "PLUSLE is so sweetly adorable."

You might forget that Silva is even in this game. Might be better to keep it that way.

That's two rare Pokemon. Now we've only got three Pokemon left to catch.

Hey this is pretty good. I was starting to consider using AR codes to modify what Pokemon appeared at Poke Spots (which of course I'll be using in the future), but the game decided to be nice to me.

Sure I'm bouncing around a lot so far, but that's what I want to do.

And there we go, that's all the rare Pokemon, now we can just ignore Duking for the rest of the game, which seems like a small crime, but oh well. Oh wait, we're still missing one Pokemon.

There we go, that's every Pokemon from Pokespots. Well, there's one more thing we can do, so we'll leave the Poke Snacks around while we do other things.

Like purifying Togepi! Yep, I was walking around that much since I spent around 30 mins going around doing side mode stuff and purifying. In fact, because of how full the Purify Chamber is, it was pretty easy to, uh, purify every Pokemon we've encountered so far. It is pretty damn easy when it gets going.

You've finished its purification! Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you're back to normal, TOGEPI! Now, may I have my TOGEPI back?

Great, our trade's done. Please treat my ELEKID with kindness, the way you did with my TOGEPI. Even though that ELEKID is cute, it doesn't measure up against my TOGEPI at all. Thank you so much for purifying it!

I think this is a much better deal. It's in your best interest to return Togepi as you get a GREAT Pokemon in return, with excellent coverage, good stats upon evolution and bonus exp from being a trade! Oh, uh, I should be saying all that stuff in its analysis, but this is a pretty interesting trade regardless. Even if you evolve Togepi into Togetic, you'll still get this excellent Elekid, but if you wait until postgame and trade a regular Togepi or Togetic over, you'll still trade for Elekid, but it'll have the stand moveset of Quick Attack, Leer, Thunderpunch and Light Screen.

Elekid, Trade, starting moves: Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop

Compared to Togepi, this Elekid seems a bit unfair, considering it gets some amazing starting moves to use right away. If I wasn't using Pineapple, I would probably add this to my team. Of course, just Ice Punch is enough for coverage, Cross Chop makes Fire Punch a bit unnecessary and you'll be replacing Thunderpunch with Thunnderbolt soon enough. With the bonus exp, it'll become an Electabuzz pretty quickly and then you'll have a speedy mixed attacker that has great coverage. You'll be relying on TMs for the most part, since it doesn't learn much in levels for a while, so you can also give it Iron Tail, Thunder Wave or even Psychic if you want, since it learns some weird moves. But you've got a good starting base, so this mon will do you just fine. Cross Chop could use some PP Ups though.

Okay, before we continue the plot or whatever, we need to put in another AR code to boost the chance of this happening.

I take my eyes off you one second, and off you run like this! Oh, no, no! You ate those POKE SNACKS, didn't you? Oh, you naughty child! Haven't I told you harshly enough to never touch what doesn't belong to you? Oh, you little glutton! The POKE SNACKS that were here... were they yours? I am so sorry! I'll replace all the POKE SNACKS you've lost.

And so, I've been traveling all over, collecting ingrediants for my trade. I am terribly sorry to have caused you trouble. I will talk sense into this glutton, so please accept my apology. Here! You apologize, too!

Every time you get a notification from the Spot Monitor, there's a 10% chance it's actually Munchlax. You'll get 10 Poke Snacks and a random herb as a reward, but thankfully this isn't the only way to get those items.

Uh, hi, excuse me? Sometimes when you come up here Munchlax just spawns at the top of the stairs preventing you from continuing. It's weird.

Anyway, from seeing that event, we can now buy herbs again. Bit annoying it's locked behind a rare chance, but at least we've got it now. Both it and the Bonsly event are completely optional, so you could go through the whole game without even knowing about them, which is a bit cruel to that girl and her grandpa.

Alright, let's finally head out to the Snagem Hideout. We're done with Poke Spot stuff now, but of course we'll be using it later.

Snagem Hideout

Oh I guess we can do that too. We'll actually save this colosseum for later, since we do not need our current team getting a bunch more levels.

Alright we're back here again. And of course there's a load of Snagem guys to fight again.

Well darn, dril's already caught up with everyone. Guess we should use our team more.

Pictured: me trying to remember how Mirror Move works. dril's moveset is still bad enough that I'm willing to try other stuff for the heck of it.

You know what you're doing with your POKEMON. I hate to admit it, but you've wiped me out. We could use your toughness. Come, join TEAM SNAGEM! We're always on the lookout for outstanding talent!

Might need that healing machine later, this is a pretty big place. If you're thinking that Agrev sounds familiar, he is! Three Snagem Grunts from last game return in this one and he's one of them. You remember him, right? Well he didn't talk when we first met him outside Phenac Colosseum last game, but we fought him in the postgame. He had a Shadow Ursaring. But he looks a little different this time around. For whatever reason, his and Wakin's model was swapped, if you thought you recognised Wakin's name but not his model. We have no idea why GS did that, but they might've forgotten which Snagem grunt was which too.


Ah shit, we'll have to fight mister hyper offense again.

We'll head straight to where Gonzap is, we need our Snag Machine back asap. You remember where it is, right? We did come here quite a few times last game. Also here's the Psychic TM. No one on our team can use it.

You should definitely remember Biden, he had the Shadow Smeargle, as well as the guy who just lost to Zook. Dunno why, his team has quite a few evolved Pokemon on it, so the trainers are getting kinda tough! His model is the same at least, so they got that right!

I get it now! You were on the S.S. LIBRA when I went to get the SNAG MACHINE! Okay, I get it now. I won't have to agonize over this! You're the kid from back there. I got it now.

Alright, dril is now fully integrated into the team. Hopefully that neutered the overlevelling somewhat.

Gonzap's Theme (Again, it's mislabelled, gah)

It's too honking small! How am I supposed to fit this on my arm?

But, uh... it's not because the MACHINE's small, it's because your arm is so thick, GONZAP...

Shut your yap! Bring me something so useless as this... huh? Who is that kid there?

Hey! You! You're that kid! He must've come for the SNAG MACHINE! Good work getting out here. But, we're not about to let you have it back. Give up now, kid!

Okay he's fighting us in a normal battle, this should be a piece of piss.

Still, these Snagem battles are a bit tough since they have around four to five Pokemon each and they're somewhat approaching our level.

Before the model swap, Wakin was simply the grunt we fought outside Phenac Colosseum. That's it, he isn't seen again for the rest of the game, so having him turn up as Gonzap's right hand is a bit weird. GS probably just forgot and this was meant to be Agrev's role, since he was ordered by Gonzap to lure you to the Snagem Hideout last game, so it makes more sense.

If we snag all the SHADOW POKEMON from them using this SNAG MACHINE, CIPHER will collapse. When that happens, TEAM SNAGEM will step up and take over! So, how about it? Will you join us? Hm? Gwahahaha! Don't lie, because you're obviously no good at it! Your lips are twitching! All you really want to do is get this SNAG MACHINE back, don't you? Fine! You'll have your SNAG MACHINE back, but only if you can beat me!

Gonzap Battle

Like before Gonzap is a bit tough since he likes attacking. But his team is a LOT weaker than before, even if they all love that Hyper Beam.

Despite dril being out, his Electrode just goes after Pineapple instead. Asshole.

His team is a little bit weak to Flying, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with Vileplume.

Ah here comes the Hyper Beam spam. At least Electrode won't be doing much with it and its recharging turn makes it a sitting duck.

Cool fact, despite this move's ubiquitousness, Skarmory can't learn Hyper Beam. Also since we snagged his last one, I guess he got another one.

Got a little dangerous towards the end, but really not that bad a fight.

Snagem Hideout

Hah? Are you serious, GONZAP? After all the trouble we went through to get it? Weren't we going to use that to teach CIPHER a lesson for dumping us?

This kid's fighting to bring CIPHER down, right? Him and us, we're both after the same thing. Here, kid, take it. You can have your SNAG MACHINE back.

Oh thank god, these past two updates have been miserable. I actually really hate sidequest stuff, so these constant 100% LPs have been hell. But hey, witch's curse, what you gonna do?

This is a gift from me. There's a chest in a corner on the ground floor. That's the KEY for it. All right, kid. Get going! CIPHER's secret factory is to the north. We'll all be looking forward to your crushing CIPHER! That's when TEAM SNAGEM will again be in control! Gwahahaha!

You'd better appreciate GONZAP's generosity. You repay him by sticking it to CIPHER! We should be the only gang in ORRE. There's no room for two!

Ah it's good to have the Snag Machine back. Now we'll team up with Snagem to take down Cipher! But before that, there's a bit more of this place to explore after all.

Let's see what else we can find here upstairs.

Depending on your qualifications, you can even recieve up to 20% more paid holidays! You won't find terms this good... huh? Why, you... you can't butt into a job interview! This is what you'll get!

Due to the evolved nature of our opponents, we're not knocking them out in one hit with neutral STAB attacks, which makes for a nice change.

Hopefully our opponents can keep up, since we're still getting a few levels here and there.

Nope, no way! I'm not letting anyone together than me join TEAM SNAGEM!

I came out because they promised to pay me the day's wages and buy my lunch. What is this place all about, anyway?

Sorry, the boss already said no.

Hotdog is still pretty fragile, nearly getting OHKOed by a Vital Throw.

Mmm, Fighting fodder.

Never had a good track record with that, eh?

It can't be helped because we haven't made much money lately. This just stinks... huh?! While I was feeling sorry for myself, an intruder appeared!

Bad dog, just learn Crunch already.

What's more impressive is the stand is still there. No one's moved it after all this time???

I haven't snagged anything in nearly two updates, I'm getting the shakes.

dril is doing pretty well, even if he only has Aerial Ace for damage.

Oh now this is a nice reward.

Only Hotdog can really use it, but his Attack is pretty good, so it's some nice neutral coverage against special walls. We're pretty much done here, so now we've got some real important things to take care of.

Cipher Key Lair

And what's with showing off that weird machine on your arm? You're begging for a thumping, and I'll deliver it this time! I'll bash, thrash, and even crash you, just like you want!

The only notable thing about Zook's team is Zangoose, since it's identical to when we fought him last update. Having a Relicanth is pretty cool at least. I only showed off his team since he's a unique character we see a few times.

Zangoose, 90 catch rate (78%, low health, paralyzed, Great Ball), starting moves: Shadow Rush/Brick Break, Shadow Mist/Refresh, Counter, Crush Claw

While it's not fighting against Seviper, Zangoose is pretty good against other Pokemon as well. Sure, it's a Normal type without Return, but from the reminder it gets Slash, which can do something similar when it crits. Getting a free Brick Break is very nice and we just got Shadow Ball, so already this mon has fantastic coverage. It's a shame it can't really use any special moves it of course learns hundreds of, nor can take strong hits, but you can leave its moves as is and give it Protect, or give it something else, like Aerial Ace, Iron Tail or Thunder Wave. If it doesn't knock out the opponent, then you're in trouble, but it can do a lot of damage and can't get poisoned!

...I should go away. Somewhere far away where CIPHER won't have any influence. So long, punk. I've had enough battling you to last a lifetime.

Alright, the way is clear, let's take this place down!

No, no. Can't let you in, nope. You run along now! Huh? Wait a minute. That weird machine on your left arm... you look sort of like that kid I saw on TV, but maybe not. Hey, kid, were you ever on TV? W-what? The kid taking the fight to CIPHER is you? Well, what an opportunity! I'll knock you out and earn myself a promotion to ADMIN!

What?! Don't make me laugh!

Hey, kid. You let us handle things here. It wouldn't pay to make a racket. All it'd do is alert the guys inside the building. Hey, WAKIN!


Hey! You guys are from TEAM SNAGEM! What do you think you're doing here?

GLOOM! Hit them with SLEEP POWDER!

Heheh! Glad to be of service!

Now's our chance! Hurry! We can wreck CIPHER right now! Come on, move it!

Heheh! GLOOM's some kind of useful, hey?

Alright, we'll be taking down this facility next update... but we've still got some time to explore it in this one! There's some very important things we need to get after all.

Does look very fancy. How long did it take to build this place? And how did they keep it so secret?

Of course there's a lot of Cipher goons hiding in the ceiling, so let's get to battling.

Well we're off to a great start. Like the Snagem goons, Cipher peeps are also using four to five Pokemon each, so this place is gonna be a bit long.

I don't have the heart to tell him I throw these away instantly.

Block puuuuushiiiiiiing!!!

Well wasn't that a neat dead end.

Back on the first floor, let's go down to the basement.

Ah come on, my fire dog is right there!

We're under orders to take a full shipload of POKEMON and turn them into SHADOW POKEMON. But we'll be done with this job soon. Then, I'm going to take a good long bath to unwind!

Excellent timing, Shock Wave was becoming a bit meh.

This game is never going to be difficult... our team is just too good!

Sorry for bugging you.

Of course there's a fair few Shadow Pokemon that we can finally go over again! Alright, we'll go over Paras is just a-

...whaaaaaaaaat? This guy has TWO Shadow Pokemon? Is that even possible???

Well it's not a big deal, Net Balls make it as if I didn't even need to catch them.

Paras, 190 catch rate (100%, low health, Net Ball), starting moves: Shadow Blitz/Spore, Shadow Shed/Refresh, Slash, False Swipe

Uh, I think they want you to catch Pokemon with this one, due to its PERFECT moveset for that. You want to use it for something else? Ah, hmm, uhh that might not be the best idea, due to its lack of Bug STAB and its best attack being Body Slam. No Sludge Bomb or Return sucks, it doesn't really have the SpAtk to use its Grass STAB and its best coverage move is... Aerial Ace. Still, Spore is an excellent move regardless, Slash is nice and you can remember Stun Spore or Double-Edge to give it some options. They could've given it something nice, but decided to double down on its excellent catching abilities. Meaning it really has to scramble to do something else. I think I chose the right mushroom, alas.

Growlithe, 190 catch rate (78%, low health, Nest Ball), starting moves: Shadow Blitz/Flamethrower, Shadow Wave/Charm, Bite, Take Down

Finally we can catch Pokemon in Nest Balls. Uh, barely. Anyway, Growlithe is of course a good boy, but by how much? Well, a free Flamethrower is nice, saves it relying on Flame Wheel and you can evolve it immediately, unless you want to wait and get Helping Hand. It'd be an alright mixed attacker, it just doesn't have too many moves to work with Aerial Ace, Iron Tail and Body Slam as its only options and Bite will be its only other special move. Extemespeed will be nice in the postgame, but despite being a very good boy, it doesn't really do a whole lot, though it will deal a lot of damage in the sun. It'll probably need Protect since it's not amazingly bulky and it'll be fine, just not exactly impressive. Shame too, cause it is a very good boy.

So yeah, multiple Shadow Pokemon at once. Sounds like fun, you can probably imagine where it might end up.

Three ways to push that box, joy.

Gone in a flash cause of Net Balls, but it's our fifth team member!

Thunderbolt is a pretty nice upgrade, but we're getting too strong again!

Shellder, 190 catch rate (100%, low health, Net Ball), starting moves: Shadow Blitz/Take Down, Shadow Shed/Refresh, Surf, Aurora Beam

If you're looking for the claaaaaaaamps, then you're in the right place, Shellder is pretty basic as a Water type, but that's perfectly fine, it's a good type. Since it gets Surf, it's very useful and an Ice STAB when it evolves is just great. And then that's it. It doesn't do anything else, aside from Normal moves. But really, as a Water/Ice type it doesn't need to do anything else, it's perfectly fine as it is. It can evolve straight away and you might even learn Spikes at level 33. Otherwise it's whatever, Take Down or Double-Edge are your best bets without Return and it can even blow up if you wanted. It just does what it needs to and sometimes that's all you want. Its gigantic Defense ain't bad either, there's a lot of Earthquake (eventually) going around.

We'll go back and pick up Shellder in just a moment, but while we're here...

Some idiot with Grass types is in my way.

Super fuckin neato

Let's grab our newest team member and take down a factory with them. It'll be a nice bonding exercise.