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Part 31: Battle CD 35

Mini Dish 03: Battle CD 35

Battle Sim

Reward: X Accuracy

Alright, you can see how this is gonna go. Though we are at a disadvantage due to the Pokemon we're using and facing. But it doesn't matter anyway, it's all just luck, let's go!

Okay starting off with Mega Kick is a bit unfair.

Oh nice, Speed is important here, as whether Togepi or Geodude goes first might determine this fight.

Since this is Gen 3, there's still plenty of Normal moves to be chosen, though it's not as bad as Gen 1 Metronome battles. Maybe Cleffa will get something good.

Shit. That'll target whichever opponent each turn, but it does mean no one's gonna be sleeping.

Alright, let's not attack Machop for a bit.


FUCK. Since we're both the same level, the accuracy of OHKO moves are 30%.

Man we are getting unlucky. I suppose the added Defense means this Bide won't hurt much.

This could be going a lot better.

Like a LOT better.

Okay, this looks bad, but hey, we're both still in this.

...Cleffa is still in this. Though we die to Burn at the end of the turn.



Alright, let's try this again.

Okay, Super Fang is super good to get early.

Nice, that's a much better start. Shame we didn't get the Attack raise from Metal Claw, but Hail will be chipping everyone down, so it could be a dealbreaker.

Sure it's only 1HP, but every little thing helps.

You status me, I'll do it right back.

Huh. That's fitting.

And hey, that's pretty lucky!

Overall, this is going much better, we even had a legendary's signature move!

Aw man, why did you target Machop?

Still, that's Machop down! But this could still go either way.

With Fire Spin and Hail Cleffa is being slowly worn down.

That doesn't help.

That does though, shame it wasn't the Burn.

But then Togepi pulls out another Magical Leaf and that's the end of that. Neat! That's all the CDs this time around, but of course there's still plenty more to go.