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Part 6: Update #06: Mt. Moon

Alright, here's the big one. Pokemon can spawn anywhere. And we have no way of stopping them. My god...

#041: Zubat


Zubat's single trick of the trade. Leech Life (Kyūketsu: Suck Blood) is like, one of three attacking Bug moves and the worst one. And that's saying something.

This has, and never will, see the light of day.

Oh hey, Technical Machines. We'll start seeing a lot of them. 50 to be precise. I may get all of them, but I don't know if there's room...

They're disks and you, uh, turn them on? Then you put them in a Pokemon's mouth? Look, the remakes tried to explain it and just raised further questions. It's magic, okay?

Not that anything I have can learn it. Water Gun (Mizu Deppō) is a fairly basic Water move that does what you need in this part of the game. But by the time you get here, your Squirtle should know this, or be just about to, so this TM is a bit pointless.

Oh yeah, we also have this bad move. Most things can learn it, but it's bad, so they won't.

"What about you?"

I'm real sick of Bug Catchers.


Why would the Mafia be exploring a cave? You're crazy, man.

Always loads of free stuff lying around. Yoink!

"find me here."

No officer, I- oh whatever.

Oh hey, it's the thing that could've been the mascot.

#035: Clefairy

When I get my Mankey out, everyone loses.

"fossils here."

Oh, I didn't know yo momma was here.

Bats aside, there are multiple floors??? Man, this is hard to wrap my head around.

Great, another Zubat


Well that was unexpected. Saves me having to hunt one down later.

Well, onwards I guess.

Neat, time to shove a ball in a ball. that a ninja?



Oh wait we just fight using our pets like always.

I'm not feeling too intimidated.

Oh, never mind. Supersonic (Chōonpa: Ultrasound) is pretty inaccurate, but will Confuse the Pokemon.

O-Okay, I'll just keep being lucky then.

"stand for this!"

I'll beat you all up then. And steal your lunch money. Seriously I need it for my catching habits.

Ah, our first Vitamin. HP Up (or Max Up) is the same in every game, raising EVs (or Stat Exp in this case) of a certain stat. But instead of just 10 EVs in Gen 3 onwards, it's 2560 Stat Exp in Gens 1 and 2, but doesn't affect Pokemon that have more than 25600 Stat Exp in one stat.

After an eventful trip back, we're on the main level again.

I- okay, sorry...

#081: Magnemite

#100: Voltorb

I only made a gif since I like the effect of going to -2. It's really cool.

Neat. Now I can annoy everything forever. Double Team (Kage Bunshin: Shadow Divide) is an infuriating move that increases your Evade and makes you much harder to hit.

Just train the ones you have, they'll be good. Eventually.

Booty! Rare Candy (Mysterious Candy) will permanently increase your level by 1. Very nice, very rare. Oh yeah, Potion is Wound Medicine. And while I remember, Paralyze Heal is Paralysis Heal and Awakening is Drowsiness Cure.


Anyway, let's fight some more bugs.


Zubat are the last thing on my-


Hmm, this thing looks useful. Surely I would use it in a perilous situation. Escape Rope (Hole-Escape Rope) warps you out of any cave to the entrance.

If only I could escape from this hell.

"than I thought!"


#043: Oddish

It's one of them walking 'erbs, they're in my garden, I swear! Absorb (Suitoru) is a very weak Grass move that should only be used on 4x weak Pokemon.

Alright, a good Fig- oh wait, it's Normal in this game. Whyyyyyyyy?

#069: Bellsprout

Man, all the plants are walking today. Growth (Seichō) is one of the few moves to increase Special. As in, it's the less broken one.

It looks trippy and it's devilishly useful, but really, I could just attack things instead.

One day I'll figure it out.

One day...


More Mafia to beat up.

Hmm, tempting. Mega Punch (Megaton Panchi: Megaton Punch) is a pretty powerful Normal move. Just wondering if I should save it for later. I'll probably teach it to Mankey, but I dunno.

"Get lost kid!"

Only because you're rubbish, mate.

Well I was going to give it to you, but not after being so rude!

I'll instead dig out some drugs from the rocks. Ether (PP Aid) restores 10PP to a single move. Useful if you only have, like, one attacking move. Which you might do, let's be honest.

Why don't they sell Repel at Pewter City? I'm real peeved.

Pleeeeease don't be a Bug Catcher.

Good. Now I can be tired of Rattata instead.

So Karate Chop (Karate Choppu) is for whatever reason a Normal move. But, it has an increased critical hit chance. Combined with Mankey's high speed and we'll be seeing this a lot. Just a shame I can't wreck tons with this... (I actually think it's a 100% chance, but I'll properly calculate it later)


Goooood luck with that.

"just a kid!"

I'm fighting off hoardes of vampire bats, don't mock me.

It's an exp machine.


Says the loser of the pet fight.


Might as well, right?

This is this game's blink animation

#036: Clefable

If I'm not using them on my team, then I'll just shove stones in faces. Gotta get them sweet dex spaces!

Always gotta ruin the mood, don't ya?

This is more or less all of the first two floors, so now let's properly explore the bottom!

You'd think there'd be something here, but there isn't.

I'm glad we're nearly done with this place.

Fun fact, this guy has a Raticate in Red and Blue, but they decided to make things easier for all these casuals.

"people came."

Ah, this must be Philosopher Rocket. They're like Mr. Men.

An encounter...

...then fuck all for a couple minutes. I'm almost offended.

Pick this up, or you'll only have 3 of the 4 you'll need. But not in this game, you can miss one out. We'll see later.

#046: Paras

Now this is what I'm looking for. To catch. Not actually use.

"not attack!"

Grr, Stun Spore (Shibire Gona: Numbing Powder) isn't too accurate, but will Paralyze your Pokemon. And me without a Paralyze Heal.

I hate how good this status is.

Payback, bitch! And to, uh, increase my chances. Yeah.

And that's everything. Let's get out of here.

I'm not a fan of the status, but I can't do anything about it. Sorry buddy.

"both mine!"

I was only gonna take both of them!

#088: Grimer

Hah, nice try. Disable (Kanashibari: Temporary Binding) will stop one of your moves from working for a time. It's horribly inaccurate, but can stop you using a move for 6 turns. It's annoying.

Pound (Hataku: Strike) is another one of those weak Normal moves that just does some damage. It's only notable if it crits.

#109: Koffing

Now I'm really coughing.


So Smog (Sumoggu) is another bad, bad move that actually has a good chance to Poison. Thankfully it didn't. (Since I'm paralyzed, you see)

Glad you see it my way. Though still give me the other one.

"No being greedy!"

Alright time to leave it to a thread vo-

Oh wait, we already did that.

: They do research on regenerating fossils.

Let's go, everything's dying. Including the fossil.

Oh goddamn it!

: That fossil is TEAM ROCKET's!

: Surrender now or prepare to fight!



Let's do this properly.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, let's go.

We haven't missed out on the battle, blacking out (or whiting out in even numbered generations), just sends you to the previous Pokemon Center with half of your money. It sucks, but it happens.

Fuck yoooooooou

#052: Meowth

As we saw in the video, Bite (Kamitsuku) is an alright Normal move that's available for those who need it. It will become a lot better next gen, but I can say that about a lot of things.

Ah, that feels good.

Obviously, this is Jessie and James, or Musashi and Kojiro. They replace some Rocket grunts throughout the story.

"of light!"

This won't be the last we've seen of them, but thankfully it won't be in the next update. For the next 18 years.

And we are done with this-

Fuck You.

Ah the mountain air. It's only a quick walk to Cerulean.

Little hidden ball for those who still have energy left to go looking.

Yaaaaay. Whirlwind (Fuki Tobashi: Blow Away) is a pretty bad move in this gen. It ends wild battles and does nothing in Trainer battles. That won't stop them using it though.

We'll be seeing you later.

Now we can't go back, we are stuck here for now.


And we finally made it. Thank god.