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Part 13: 2spooky

Well this is depressing.

Ikue is not a fan of this place. Me neither.

"Bless you!"

This is definitely a weird tonal shift, but I appreciate it. I played this game when I was younger and knew about death and all that, so to see this game so brazenly talk about it and so sincirely was definitely different. I like that all aspects of the Pokemon universe are explored and this is something they never shy away from in the series.

Death is a part of life and kids understand that. It's similar to the family pet dying, so they can relate.

"up to mischief!"

Ghosts, meanwhile, are totally fictional and don't exist and you can't prove it!

But what's more depressing then death?

"brings you here?"

: Your POKEMON don't look dead! I can at least make them faint! Let's go, pal!

#022: Fearow

Now his team becomes more interesting.

To an extent...

He does have some new Pokemon though.

But since we've gotten a bit overleveled, it's not much of a challenge. He can also have a Magnemite depending on his team composition. Hmm, Water, Fire and Electric. Where have I seen that before...

I think we need a new rival, this one's a bit rubbish.


: I just caught a CUBONE! I can't find the grown-up MAROWAK yet! I doubt there are any left!

: Well, I better get going! I've got a lot to accomplish, pal! Smell ya later!

Douche is a dick.

"wayward GHOSTs!"

: A SILPH SCOPE might be able to unmask them.

I'm sure it won't be important. On the third floor, we'll start encountering trainers and wild Pokemon.

I will try and avoid as many trainers as I can, since not a lot of my Pokemon can do much to them and they really don't need more experience.

Ah, one of my favorites, GHOST. Not a very original design or name, but that applies to a lot of Gen 1 Pokemon, I suppose.

While we can't unmask its true form, we can always fight it.

O-okay, that is a bit creepy, but we're fine, we're fine.


So we can't do anything to this GHOST, we have to escape.

#092: Gastly

These ones we can see. Though Ghost is not a good attacking type it's immune to Normal and Fighting so Ikue is the only one that can really damage them.

Night Shade (Naito Heddo: Night Head) is one of two Ghost moves and is technically the best one. It does damage equal to the user's level, but hits all types, so it's okaaaaay? Iiiiiish? I dunno.


It's implied that the ghosts are possessing their trainers in anger due to Marowak's death. Or they're dicks.

So we'll have to stick with Ikue, since Wukong and Vegeta won't be too helpful. And we'll just remove wild encounters.

Not too hard to get to the stairs if you dodge the crazy ladies.

There are some trainers we can't avoid, annoyingly.

Confuse Ray (Ayashiihikari: Eerie Light) is a terrible move because it confuses your Pokemon 100% of the time and I hate it and everything has it and ugggggggggggh.

"the GHOSTs."

Yes, yes, I'm just here for a fool's errand.

Doesn't mean I won't loot the graves. This is an RPG after all.

Next floor!

"with white magic!"

: You can rest here!

This game is convincing me to join a cult.

We can dodge past that trainer for whatever reason and steal her spirit gold or whatever.

I-I thought we could dodge this one...

Yum. Lick (Shitadenameru: Tongue Lick) is the best Ghost move in the game. Ahahahahahaha. It's pathetically weak and does have a chance of Paralyzing. Ghost sucks this gen.

Ooh, a good move. Razor Leaf (Happa Kattā: Leaf Cutter) is a pretty good Grass move with an increased chance to crit.

Oh great. Parafusion, combination of Paralysis and Confusion, means you have a 1 in 4 chance to attack. It sucks.

Yeah, yeah, gimme that good X item.

Annoying that Ikue is getting all the exp, but that's what happens when our team just has STAB and Normal moves...

Last trainer. Maybe this one will have something new?


"evil spirit!"'re sure it wasn't hair, eh, old lady? ...I'm assuming you're old since you have white hair.

And we've reached the final staircase.


A different coloured GHOST, but we still can't do anything to it.

So there's just one thing left to do.

And this is disappointing. This is a Cubone and would be my next member, but it's a GHOST right now, so annoyingly, we have to come back for one. Oh well.

So that's us done for now, let's move onwards. While we could head south to Route 11, there's not much of a reason to.


And of course plenty of trainers. We'll take them out, since we're here.

I just kicked them into unconsciousness, what's the big deal?

I, uh, I wouldn't know anything, uh, about that.

Don't say it too loud, or the censors will get ya!

It's good Wukong can punch things again.

I also cannot stop putting salty nuts in my mouth. Haaaaaaaaa.

#089: Muk

Maybe Fury Swipes over Scratch was a bad idea. But it's not gonna learn anymore moves that are that great. (Apologies for the mouse cursor, dunno how it sneaked in there)

Poison Gas (Doku Gasu), well, Poisons the opponent. It has terrible accuracy though, so don't really bother.


You box it! Well it's what I'm going to do...

#064: Kadabra

Into the grass, we can catch a new Pokemon, that I'll just find instead of hunting around for it.

So Kinesis (Supūn Mage: Spoon Bend) is a pretty bad move that just lowers the opponent's accuracy by a stage. What's interesting about the move is that in RGB, no Pokemon could learn this move, the only way you could see it is via Metronome. In Yellow, Kadabra starts with this move, as it probably should've been.

Not too bad to catch. Probably won't say the same about its evolution.


"here like this!"

You could say that, yeah.

Wukong getting stronger and stronger by beating up small, cute animals.


Huh, topical, since I'm doing a LEGEND OF KAY HD LP right now. Available in all good SALP forums now (usually on the third or fourth page).

Razor Leaf looks sweet as hell.

"are cute too!"


Nice collection you have there /sarcasm.

#030: Nidorina

The same thing applies to humans, gurrrl.

I'm too cool for school.

"gates at SAFFRON."

Man, that sounds like a real pressing concern, I should get serious and sort this out.

Heh, you guys make a rectangle.

RIGHT, let's sort this guard out.


: Oh wait there, the road's closed.

Uh, of course, sir. Thank you for your time.

"how's your chem?"

I'm 11. I don't know what that is.

I'm better at video games then school.

"great selection!"

I can't wait for all those delicious items. We're done with Route 8, at least, so let's take the tunnel to Route 7.

This tunnel is the same as the other one and has a couple hidden items too.

Just gotta make sure you count the steps right.


Is that thing outside Vermillion following me?

Maybe the guard on this side is more understanding.


: Oh wait there, the road's closed."


Route 7 is a bit shit, same Pokemon as Route 8 and is basically a small square.

And so we've made it to Celadon City, which we'll explore next time.