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Part 24: Bzzzt!

Oh howdy y'all, it's time for some more evolutions, including one I kinda forgot. I had a look to see which Pokemon we won't actually encounter naturally in the game, so they'll be some of the first to evolve. You can find them all here.

#018: Pidgeot

Today, we'll be having some fun in a side area. I dunno where the writing came from. Maybe it's always been there?

We can Surf down and find this small place on Route 10. While we could've come here much earlier, it makes sense to do it now, especially so we don't jump straight from the seventh badge to the eighth badge.

Oh no no no, I'll show off my collection.

#108: Lickitung

So let's actually show something off I've been meaning to do. First off, Leech Seed, pretty simple move, nothing too crazy.

Next, we have Toxic and with those two turns, we've shaved off 1/4 of the health.

Two turns later and Lickitung has fainted. This is one hilarious bug where the counter to double Toxic damage includes Leech Seed, so when combined, you drain the enemy's health really damn quickly. From here, Vegeta could just easily take on the rest of the game, but I'll limit myself to just two more uses in the entire playthrough.

Here's what we're actually here for. Time to snag some sweet Electric types.

It's one large area, similar to the Cinnabar Mansion, but it's not much of a maze and there's only one floor.

So let's have an explore and see what cool new items we can pick up, like this one!


Surprisingly, the Pokemon styled after a Pokeball can pretend to be Pokeballs in the overworld.

Well nothing more to do but head off and try our luck again.

Gawd dangit!

GAWD DANG- actually let's try and catch it.

Oh. Never mind.

Well at least there's something here.

So hey, let's try and catch some Pokemon.

Pretty simple, as per usual.

Wait, what?

...god fucking dammit.

#125: Electabuzz

I hate these stupid codes sometimes.

So what I was TRYING to do was catch a Pikachu and show that it would still refuse to evolve with a Thunderstone and that it will act exactly like our starter. Pikachu traded in from other games and thus have separate OT numbers, act like any other Pokemon and evolve no problem. We can also trade Ikue to another game and evolve it there, but obviously we'll be keeping our Pikachu til the very end.

So since the codes aren't working perfectly, it ruined the whole joke and I just caught a goddamn Raichu. THERE. HAPPY?

And here's another slot to fill.

Anyway, that's enough catching woes, let's move on.

Cool. *tosses onto TM pile*





Yeesh, finally. I might give this to Ikue later, when we need some real power.

If this is another Voltorb, I swear to god...


Aside from those short distractions, there's not much to this place. Just head to the lower middle, then the middle right, then the top left. Simple.

HMMMMMM- well, we have a second chance to catch this thing.

It, uh, didn't work out. And since Electrode can't be encountered in the wild, we'll just evolve our new Voltorb.

But hey, Vegeta is as resilient as ever.

One last item to pick up before...

#145: Zapdos

Okay, good start. This is a pretty tough cookie, so let's catch it and move on. I do have the perfect move to whittle it down.

Oh shit, my Ice move user is a Water type. Goddamn.

I wish that had done more, but the Special stat is so dumb.

Oh yeah, even with a number of modifiers at our disposal, we only have a 10% chance to catch this damn thing. The game estimates this at 7%, so unless we catch it, we'll always miss. Great.

Also ow.

Eventually, capture complete.

Two down, one to go.

Conveniently, leaving through this exit sends us back to the entrance. The remakes would make this less space bending.

We'll also catch an Alakazam near Saffron, because Psychic Gym or whatever. Try and guess where we'll catch Golem and Gengar!

You know, I think we might just catch them all at this rate. Pretty crazy.

Now we're heading to one of the last routes of the game. Why is it always a goddamn water route.

There's plenty of trainers in the great blue expanse. Not too many thankfully.

Our team is really shaping up, though.

Due to nuclear apocalypse, the sun shines in Kanto 24/7.

Hmm. Nah.

Hah! Now unless I used a Fire move, or Haze, this Starmie is unable to do anything, forever.

Not too far from here, really.

Also thanks repels. Unless I never sprayed one to begin with...

Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my life away.


"catch anything."

Fishing is playing the long game, maaaan.

Uh, uh, nothing? I mean you are a Swimm-

Oh. Well, the belt might not be too helpful.

"tube? Get lost!"

Man, Satoshi is rude as shit.

Should've gone for Heart and Soul.

So you're a Hiker? Wrong sprite mate.

Oh. Oh no.




OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh it's over


I'm sure Aquamemnon knows all about that.

That's hard to believe with all of the really good Water types that you literally trip over every five steps.

But we've made it, we're back home. (There's nothing new in the grass)

Let's see how Oak's doing.

"a look!"

POKEDEX completion is: 141 POKEMON seen, 134 POKEMON owned. PROF. OAK's Rating:

: Outstanding! You've become a real pro at this!

Oh? Let's look through some personal files.

Hmm, seems we'll be seeing just what these trainers will be like very soon.

Anyway, there's nothing else here that I care about, so let's head to the final Gym in Viridian City. We could Fly there, but where's the fun in that?

It's crazy how much we've changed in these twenty four updates. It's been one hell of a journey.

...some things will never change.

Alright, this is the final one, what you got for us Jim Gai?

: Even I don't know VIRIDIAN LEADER's identity! This will be the toughest of all the GYM LEADERs! I heard that the trainers here like ground-type POKEMON!

Hmm, if it's so tough, I doubt Shigeru would've won, let's check the statues.

Oh my god...

It can't be...