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Pokemon Yellow

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Part 27: Final Preparations

Alright, we've got some very interesting fights ahead of us, so let's get ready for the challenges ahead. We have access to the entire region to get all the supplies we need, but hopefully we won't need nearly half of them. Oh yeah, new location and shit.

Indigo Plateau: The ultimate goal of Trainers! The highest Pokemon authority!
(Indigo follows the colour naming scheme as one of the seven traditional rainbow colours, as well as from the indigo plant, one of the sources of indigo dye)
Sekiei Kōgen: The Pokemon Trainer's zenith! The highest organization on Pokemon.
(Literally translates to Quartz Plateau. Quartz is an abundent mineral that forms a clear crystal and can therefore refract light into colours)

: At POKEMON LEAGUE, you have to face the ELITE FOUR in succession. If you lose, you have to start all over again! Go for it!

Let's heal up and move things around in our Bag. I'm gonna be crazy prepared for these fights, because I might as well be. Always good to have more items then you need. But I'm not hugely worried, our team is shaping up to be pretty good.

And then there's just some last minute evolutions to do, to round out the rest of the Pokemon we own. Let's go!

#062: Poliwrath

Whew, that's a lot, so I probably should've spaced them better, but whatever, now our Pokedex is nearly complete!

Stock up on the last amount of items and I think we're ready.

"FOUR one by one!"

: If you win, a door opens to the next trainer! Good luck!

So let's have a final look at our team. Aquamemnon gives us some good STAB and can sweep if given the right circumstances. Swift is mainly to save on PP for other moves.

mr. skeltal is our defensive tank as well as Ground STAB, as well as some Fighting coverage if need be. Strength isn't a bad general move, but it shouldn't see much use.

When we need to blast something in the face quickly and effectively, then Tri Ace is good for the job. Its movepool has basically stayed the same since we got it and really, it's all we'll ever need.

Vegeta is a balanced all rounder that can whittle things down, or blast things with Grass STAB. And maybe if we're unlucky we might have to rely on a Body Slam paralysis. No cheesy tactics here, as fun as they would be.

If we need a different kind of physical STAB, or coverage, then Wukong is all we'll need. Sometimes we might just want to go crazy and Thrash around, or be more precise and throw rocks. It's a fun time all around.

And finally our starter, Ikue, decked out with the strongest moves we can give so it can lay some serious pain, as well as good Speed control because we're not the fastest things on the field anymore.

Let's win this!