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Princess Maker 2

by SynthOrange

Part 1: Princess Maker 2

Well, given that this is a GAINAX game, we'll need a suitable figure to play our little girl's Daddy.

He'll do nicely.


Daddy, why dont I have a mommy like the other children at school?

We've been through this before. I dont want to discuss it.

Daddy, please tell me. Who's my mommy?

We're not having this discussion.


oh no


ALRIGHT! Alright, shut up already ...sorry, Daddy didnt mean to yell at you. I'm a little... tired... right now. Come out from under the table and I'll tell you why you dont have a mommy.

There once was a city in the
world of mortals.

It's king was proud of his
position, and its people were
arrogant about their wealth.

Its rulers made light of the
gods and ceased to worship

Its people sank into
debauchery and sloth.

The Lord became angry at
this and summoned the
Prince of Darkness,
ruler of the Underworld.

Accepting the Lord's will,
he attacked the world of

It was a once sided war...

The soldiers of the capital, grown accustomed to peace,
fell helplessly before the powerful Demon Army.

The ramparts were destroyed, and the castle was engulfed in flames.
It was clear to all that the fall of the castle town was at hand.

Seeing the plight of the capital, I, a wandering swordsman,
threw myself into the battle against the Prince of Darkness.
Some said it was brashness, others, that it was pure idiocy.
I'd like to think it was a little bit of both.

One dark night, I stole into the demons' encampment,
and defeated the Prince of Darnkess in personal combat.

You have beaten me! But why are you fighting for these people? It has been divinely ordained that I attack this decadent capital. It is no concern of yours. I killed only fools.

Suddenly, the Prince of Darkness disappeared along with his army, returning to the Underworld to recover from his defeat.

Brave warrior. You have saved the capital. It was I who foolishly brought this war upon us. It was divine punishment for my decadence. If you had not appeared, the people of the city would surely have perished along with me.

It was my fault as well. The king and I have resolved to make a fresh start. We will work together to restore the capital.

You appear to have been wounded. Why dont you stay in the capital, and help us to rebuild? We beseech you.

And this I came to live in the capital, and to be granted a salary by the king.

One night, when the stars were shining brilliantly in the heavens, I felt somehow drawn to go outside. And a voice called out from the heavens... Lifting my head, I saw a shooting star! Before my eyes, it slowly descended to the top of a nearby hill. I ran up to it, and there I found a floating sphere, shining brightly! And then there was this voice in my head!

Who was it, daddy?



"This darling child has lived in the sacred light since the time she was born. She is an innocent soul, and knows nothing of the impure world of mortals."

"And you want me to teach her all about the world and its impurities, yes?"

"NO! I'm entrusting you with this child."

"I fail to see how this can turn out badly."

"SILENCE! Your actions will determine whether she will live or die..."

"I dont know, raising a child's a big responsibility, there's feeding and education..."

"...and what kind of life she will lead."

"...and its not like I can just flush her down the toilet and get a new one from the store..."

"It... it is all up to you," said God, a hint of self doubt creeping in. "That is all I have to ask. We will be watching from the heavens."



Yes sweetie?

Are you drunk again?

"I never asked for this!"

Welcome to Let's Play Princess Maker 2! Where we, as a Satan-smiting war hero, will be ruiningguiding a little girl through puberty. But first, here's where you come in!

We'll need a name for ourselves.

And a name for our little girl.

She needs a birthday too! This affects when we'll have to buy her presents, who her guardian diety is, and her starting stats, which we can safely ignore.

How old Daddy is.

She never remembers our birthday anyway.

And finally her blood type, because the Japanese have strange ideas about blood.