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Part 2: Congratulations, it's a Girl!

2. Congratulations, it's a Girl!

This is a mistake. Just look at him! What kind of childhood do you think he could provide that could be better than Lizzie living up here in Heaven with us?
And I keep telling you, Venus, this is going to be worth a few laughs, just come take a peek at what they're up to down there..


Owaaargh, oh fuck me. My head... HOLY SHIT there's a devil in my house! Lizzie where's my sword!
Papa it's just Cube!

Oh right, right.
Your daughter Lizzie is healthy and happy. It's time to decide on her schedule for the month.

Do you have to stare at me like that?
It's so you can feel my love!
Ahem. I've put together a few notes to help you plan out her month.

Oh g... goshdarnit. Why's she terrible at everything?
She is only 10 years old, sir. Here's the rest...

Have you been taking her measurements?
Ah, er... moving right along, it's probably a good thing to talk with your daughter as much as you can just to see how she's doing.

How little chit-chat can I get away with?
W-well, at least... once a month?
SOLD. Hi darling how're you?

I'm such a great dad. Now get out of the house, daddy's nursing a hangover.


Good day miss. What is your business here at the palace?
I've come to see the people here.
Ho ho! You want to make connections, eh? You're quite a modern woman... Well, then! Let me give you some advice. The more important the person you talk to, the greater the effect on your reputation will be. However, important people won't easily agree to meet with you.
What should I do?

Want to be my friend?
Becoming my friend is hardly an earth-shaking event!

And so Lizzie amuses herself chatting with the palace guard.

I think grace and refinement are the most important qualities in a woman.

Miss Popularity she isnt.


...and we probably should get the young mistress a full set of clothes rather than that tablecloth she's currently wearing.
Alright, alright. Here. Let's go.

I need clothes for a little girl, about 10 years old.
Oh wonderful. Your daughter?
God gave her to me.
Children are little miracles arent they?
No, I mean God came down to me in a fireball on a hill and gave me a naked girl last year.
It rilly happened!
Here are the dresses. That'll be 190gp.
Oh thank You God.


Of course, it's the end of the month, so we can only assign her one week of things to do. Otherwise she'd be able to do three seperate things in a month.
Well, what CAN we make her do?

We can send her to school. These are the current costs of the classes.
Doesnt look too bad.
Per day.
Fuck. That.

We can have her work. There's babysitting, helping at the inn or restaurant and working on the farm.
Farms need 10 year old girls to work them?
Apparently. She could also do work at the Church or help out around the house, though she wont get paid.

Why cant she just head out and earn her fortune the old fashioned way, killing monsters and taking their stuff?
Sir, 10 year old girl.

And she cant go to school or work all the time. If she gets too wound up, she needs some time off, either on her own, or on a nice vacation with you.
Why would I want to do that.
I thought it'd be nice.


Alright, here we go, it's all up to you guys. Schooling is hellishly expensive and we'd run out of funds on the first week. Adventuring will end really badly for her at this point, but hey, dont let that stop you. Work will raise some of her stats at the expense of others, dependent on what kind of work it is.

What should Lizzie do for the next few weeks, and how?