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by Dragonatrix

Part 2: The Molentary Express

Puzzle Remix

2. As the doctor makes special mention of being able to see the sunrise, it's likely his apartment is one of the ones higher up in the picture.
3. The doctor talks about seeing the flag outside his window move in the breeze from his seat inside. There appears to be only one flat in the bunch where you could accomplish this feat.

So, about that webcomic strip I mentioned last time...

(thanks to Feldherren for being able to find a copy of this still)

It was done by Cucumber Quest's excellent artist and author, Gigidigi, before she went on to do that.


At the start of most updates, but after the puzzles from the previous one, we'll get a bit of a recap on what's happened recently. It doesn't change overly often, so when it doesn't I'll just ignore it.

That letter prompts the professor and his assistant, Luke, to pay a visit to the doctor.

Known colloquially as Pandora's Box, the Elysian Box is rumoured to kill anyone who dares open it.

Nevertheless, the doctor's curiosity is overwhelming, and he announces his intention to open it.

Puzzle Remix

2. You won't find the answer in the areas that Professor Layton and Inspector Chelmey are examining.
3. The object in question is often found in pairs.

Anyway, now that we're back where we were before we can see that this curtain is more than a little suspect...

Just suspect enough to warrant mentioning, it seems.

A Sound Theory


Hmph! So, it is. But what exactly does this have to do with my crime scene?

I love Chelmey's face here. He's so aghast by this turn of events.

Well, er, yes, sound as a pound! I was just about to propose the same idea myself.

What say you and I conduct a little investigation of our own?
Professor, look! There's something in Dr Schrader's hand.

It's an old photograph, but it's been torn into so many pieces, I can't make out the original image.

Oh boy, jigsaw time? Still better than a sliding puzzle!

Or, uh, not. Okay then.

What is this anyway? Hmph, not that it matters. I'll be holding on to that. Now, out with the both of you.

Hey, whoa, we need that to do your job better than you ever could! What are you doing, Chelmey?!



Yet there was nothing resembling such an artifact in his home.
Maybe the person who did this to him was after the box?
An interesting theory, Luke, but for the moment that's all it is.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Professor?
Indeed I am, Luke. I believe a trip aboard the Molentary Express is in order.

Molentary Express

Dr Schrader did his best to point us toward the Molentary Express should something happen to him.
Sure as fog on a London morning, I know that this train will lead us to the answers we seek.

unaware of the secrets that awaited them down those iron tracks.

Like with the Laytonmobile scene, not much point to this one getting a full video. But it does lead us quite nicely into...

The first real chapter of the game. And we're spending it on board this train. Oh boy.

Molentary Express

Ha ha! Quite so, Luke. Every fixture and fitting is the very height of decadence. I'd wager the rest of the train is just as grand. How about a little exploration?

Alright, so now we have free reign to collect the hint coins in our room but we can't actually leave yet.

This stands out a bit too much for Layton to let us. Also it is a puzzle.

Oops! So they are!
You should put your things away before we start exploring the train.

Puzzle Remix

And so it kind of begins...

1. You can use little items like the harmonica and book to fill in the small gaps later, so pack up the big items first.
2. That unwieldy frying pan and spatula set go in the lower-left corner. Luke's teddy bear belongs in the upper-right corner.
3. Luke's book should be placed in the upper-left portion of the trunk. By this point, you should be most of the way toward solving the puzzle, so try working the rest out on your own.

See, this train has many puzzles like this one. Ones that as much as I would love to put them open to posting solutions, they just do not work.

This is nothing new, Curious Village had plenty itself, but this game has more puzzles and it feels like there is disproportionately more of this.

Especially my least favourite kind, but we'll get to that later.

Molentary Express

We were in rather a hurry, so I suppose you didn't really have time to pack properly.
I do feel better with everything put away. Come on, Professor, let's do some exploring.

So now we can actually leave and look around...

Or we can poke the other thing that stands out. And get another puzzle.

Oh, dear. I'll have to remember to get sugar for my tea elsewhere.
Curious though, isn't it? How did they get here? Speaking of ants, try this one on for size, Luke.

Sorry I don't have a clue.

Anyway, NOW we can leave for real. Let's step outside our little cabin and see what we can find.

You don't have to tell me twice, Professor. Now, why don't we start by investigating the train?

Sounds like a plan to me. We'll grab those two hint coins and talk to that girl.

But no one's allowed in 'cept for REALLY rich people. So, misters, are you REALLY rich? 'Cause if you are, you can go see the super-duper fancy rooms.
Super-duper fancy rooms...
...that none but the extremely wealthy can enter. If our young friend is correctly informed, there must be a set of deluxe rooms in the next carriage.
Wow! I'd love to see what those look like! I bet they're simply smashing!

Possibly, but being an archaeology professor who seemingly never does any teaching does not pay anywhere near enough to get in. So, we're stuck on the pleb side of the train.

...I wonder what else Lili has to say. Probably happier than this thought.

We're actually out looking for something, dear. Sadly, we don't know where it is.
Until we find a clue to point us in the right direction, we'll simply have to continue looking.
Ooh, that sounds like lots of work. Here, I'll tell you a puzzle to take your mind off that stuff.

Sadly, we don't have time to puzzle right now.

We can only move further past Lili right now, so we'll do that.

A Posh Person...?
Sometims there will be random voice acting for only a handful of lines. Not worth a video for either lack of animation or length, so I'll just put the audio for that up separately for those that care.

That reminds me, I believe it's dindin time for my sweet baby. I'm off to visit the dining car.


Like I said, the times this happens it ends up being very short. Also very rare, thankfully.

Talk about rich and flashy!
Quite. This train is full of many well-heeled patrons like the woman we just met.
We must watch our deeds and words here. A formal setting demands formal manners, don't you think?
Absolutely, Professor!

Admittedly, I have no idea what someone like her is doing on the side of the train that houses all the poors but maybe she's not actually rich. Just stuck up and annoying.

Regardless, we'll grab those two hint coins and look into the one room that's currently open.

I guess blundering into others cabins is all that could be considered exploration. Because we're on a train. A small and very compact place that generally does not house secrets!

...Until now, you probably thought this was Babette's room. Understandable but most certainly wrong. We'll just grab these coins and examine the one thing that stands out.

Who knew that something as ordinary as a pitcher could be so fancy?
What could be more relaxing than sitting in your suite with a cold beverage and watching the sunset?
Not everything that's served in pitchers is good to drink, however. Look at this puzzle, for example.
I'm ready for it, Professor!

That's good. But I'm not, so we'll move on!

The only place left to go from here is back in the hallway and past the door at the far end we could see before.

That leads us to the dining car... and I don't see that loud woman here. I do, however, see a waiter so we'll see what he has to say about this place.

What a pity.
Indeed it is, sir. But while you're waiting for a table, may I interest you in a puzzle?

Um, no, that's okay. While you were suggesting it, I think I saw someone move...

Great! I'm starving!

Ugh, great.

Madam, please wait just a moment. In truth, these passengers have been waiting long-

Good, be insulted.

I do apologise, madam. It's simply that these gentlemen arrived before you...
We will not be kept waiting, do you understand? Not a single second! Now, our of our way!
Talk about pushy!
Er, I do apologise, sirs. There's a lovely observation deck in the last carriage of the train. Please feel free to relax there for a few minutes while I prepare a new table for you.
Maintaining one's composure while dealing with difficult customers is truly admirable. Come, Luke.

Okay, fine. We'll go check out this observation deck and then come back later.

Puzzle Remix

It took me forever to get good at these kinds of puzzles, not gonna lie.

1. When tracing out a path back to the nest, leave as few roads untouched as possible.
2. Assuming the top of the screen to be north, from the point labeled Start, drag your stylus south and then go west at your first chance. At the next intersection, head north to the top of the map. When you reach a T intersection at the top of the map, head west again. When you hit a wall, take the road leading south.

I'd still say I'm not amazingly great at them but I can manage them consistently now at least.

1. Think about how much longer one side of the strip was compared to the other one after the first fold.
2. Remember, you're being asked to answer in millimetres.

Version change! In the US version, this is called Pitchers and Poison.

1. Grab a few water glasses and try the puzzle out for yourself--minus the vinegar, of course. The principle that determines where the vinegar is should soon become obvious.

The actual puzzle itself is identical, save for replacing every copy of "poison" with "vinegar." Unlike most version changes, I cannot really figure out why this one's different in such a small, insignificant way.

1. The mustachioed Mr. O'Connor is B. Seeing as how both C and F are men, his wife has to be A.