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Part 4: Puzzle #3

I guess it's that time of the week again.

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I was expecting this episode to be a fair bit shorter but somehow the entire set of diner stuff took up a whole 20 or so minutes. Don't worry, next episode will be rather "hold onto your shit" weird and then things will really get rolling.

Puzzle #3

When these three couples walked into the diner, Glori thought she knew what each would order. She was wrong, and now she's forgotten who gets what. Here's what she DOES recall:

1. Nobody ordered a meal resembling their spouse.
2. One lady ordered a meal resembling the fish-eating man sitting next to her.
3. Only one patron resembles his or her meal.
4. The ham plate should be set down next to the banana split.

Using the hints above, which meal goes to which person? There's only one right answer.