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Part 7: Operation Blue Sky

Operation Blue Sky

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Control: The Phoenix Group has seized a dam on the border between Hungary and Slovakia and is threatening to destroy it. One of the terrorists is willing to turn informant in exchange for his life. Your mission is to infiltrate the dam, disarm the explosives, and bring this informant out alive.

Clark: The informant is a college kid named Roland Kunst who's finally figured out he's in over his head. According to the limited information we've received from him there's an American wing of Phoenix that we've never heard of, and they've gotten their hands on some sort of "super-germ". He says they're planning an "action" using this germ some time next month. Whether the dam gets blown or not, we need Kunst.

Winston: I'm not going to pretend to give you advice on how to save a dam. After seeing how you got me out of that situation in the Congo it's obvious you know what you're doing. This informant of John's says he knows about a plan to release a biological agent into the general population. That's very scary. In 1979 a small, accidental leak of military-grade anthrax killed 68 people in the city of Sverlovsk. Today, a well-orchestrated release of a bug like that in an urban area could kill thousands ... maybe millions.