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Original Thread: Death by bullet to the foot. Let's Play Rainbow Six


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Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter released for the PC by Red Storm Entertainment (first founded by Tom Clancy, now owned by Ubisoft) in 1998. The Developers originally planned for the game to be about a more international version of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. The premise changed somewhat, however, when the developers learned that Tom Clancy was writing a novel on international terrorism. They then adopted the name of Tom Clancy's book "Rainbow Six" and changed some of the missions and characters to fit within the book's plot.

The first few games developed by Red Storm defined the tactical first-person shooter genre. They place a major emphasis on planning and strategy both before and during missions in order to complete the missions successfully, unlike many other first person shooters where rushing in with finger planted on trigger will get the job done.

After the first two games, Red Storm was bought by Ubisoft but still continued to publish the Rainbow Six series. Starting with Raven Shield, Ubisoft made some major changes to the Rainbow Six series in order to cater to a much wider audience. Some of the additions in Raven Shield include many new keyboard functions, the ability for the player to see their weapon on-screen, a major graphical overhaul using the Unreal 2.0 engine, and a punishingly smart enemy AI. Raven Shield was also the last game in the series to feature the well-known one-hit kill style of gameplay; subsequent games in the series removed this feature.

For this LP, I will be playing through the first and third Rainbow Six Games. Throughout the LP, I will be using the Rainbow Six book in order to provide some background on the story and characters that the game may not show. For each update, I will post the mission briefing and other mission-related information in the thread.

So, let's get going.

cuntrageous shows us Ding Chavez with a whole new meaning of RAINBOW

Some dramatic readings of the first book's prologue:

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