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Part 28: Operation Lion Shadow

Operation Lion Shadow

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Control: A private banking house in London has been seized by terrorists in paramilitary gear. They have taken hostages and opened fire on the Metropolitan Police. As several of the hostages are Swiss nationals, both the British and Swiss governments have requested your assistance in this matter. Your mission is to liberate the bank and any hostages within, and prevent the destruction of valuable financial records that we believe are the terrorists' target.

Clark: Both the British and Swiss governments are asking for our help on this one. Apparently there are Swiss nationals inside the bank carrying "sensitive financial documents", but they're not willing to say more at the moment. Obviously, the Swiss government is very concerned about what happens to both their people and their papers. The bank's four centuries old and private, which means that it's built like a fortress. We're looking at thick walls, thick doors, and good sight lines. There are two routes down to the vault, which is where we suspect the hostages are being held. Be careful of snipers on the walkway on the upper level. It's where I'd put my men, if I were trying to hold this thing. The other thing to watch for is the bank's security system. It looks like the terrorists got it back on line. One of their people is monitoring their camera set-up from the security room on the first floor, to the right of the front doors. You should probably take him out from outside the building.

Sweeney: We have a positive ID on the man in charge of the London bank operation. His name is Douglas Preston. He's a British army vet, decorated for service in Kuwait. He's also a major embarrassment to the British government. It seems once their war hero got home, he declared his sympathies for an organization called the Unified People's Front, which is an umbrella for every neo-fascist group in the UK. Officially, he split from the UPF six years ago. Unofficially, his politics haven't changed, and he's been connected to some illicit arms sales to paramilitary groups in Colombia. In short, he sounds like just the sort of man Gutierrez would have over for a drink. Preston's dossier says that he's good at what he does, which means that this operation's going to be no cakewalk. His psych profile indicates that he has no problem using hostages as human shields, and his men are likely to be highly trained and well-armed. He's a bit of a perfectionist, very cautious, so don't wait for his squad to make mistakes. They won't.

Objectives: Prevent destruction of financial records; Rescue all three hostages