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Part 3: Operation Cold Thunder

Operation Cold Thunder

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Control: Hutu rebels have captured a research outpost in the Congo run by the Horizon Corporation. Your mission is to rescue the American and European scientists without alerting the main body of the rebel force to your presence.

Clark: You made quite an impression on the Belgians during that embassy takedown -- they're insisting that we handle this situation in the Congo. Horizon is the darling of the biotech industry -- wildly profitable, with a strong activist streak. I'll let their CEO, John Brightling, fill you in on their activities in Africa. The bottom line for us is that the leader of their research team is a VIP named Catherine Winston. High-ranking friends at NIH, WHO, dinners at the white house -- you get the idea. It's absolutely essential that if you get anyone out that it's her.

Brightling: We're not in the Congo to turn a profit. We're there at the request of the World Health Organization to see if we can come up with a cure for the epidemic that's been decimating West Africa's cattle population. You have to understand: Horizon doesnt exist to make money. Horizon exists to make a better future. If people think we're crazy, well, that's their problem.

Objectives: Rescue Dr. Winston; Rescue relief worker