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Part 13: Operation Deep Magic

Operation Deep Magic

Youtube Viddler

Control: Horizon Corporation's central computer system is located in its headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Your mission is to infiltrate this building, tap into their system, and extract all information about the activities of the Phoenix Group.

Clark: We've got the goods on Anne. Last night we taped her on the phone with John Brightling. Apparently they've been conspiriing since the 70's. He's secretly bankrolling Phoenix while she went underground to run political interference. The modified Brahma virus is scheduled to be released in four days. We still don't know where or why, but Brightling obviously expects it to produce the pandemic that Catherine predicted. Anne left this morning for Brazil -- ostensibly to tour several Rainforest 2000 installations, but more likely to go underground before the pandemic starts. We'll deal with her later -- first we need to find out exactly what's locked up in Horizon's central database.

Objectives: Deactivate security; Download files; Get to extraction zone