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Part 22: Operation Mountain Watch

Operation Mountain Watch

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Control: Several terrorists managed to escape Lamoura with hostages before your arrival. At the mouth of a tunnel on the N90 highway, the lead car skidded into the tunnel wall, producing a multiple car pile-up. The surviving terrorists have retreated into the tunnel with their hostages, using the wrecked cars for cover. Your mission is to the rescue the remaining IMF delegates.

Clark: It looks like the Swiss didn't bottle up these terrorists in Lamoura as well as they claimed. A handful managed to sneak out with hostages, while the local authorities were still sealing the perimeter. Near as we can tell, they had vehicles waiting downslope for their getaway. Those who slipped out headed for the French border, but got mixed up in the storm and took the wrong turn on highway N90. That's the good news. The bad is that they wiped out about fifty clicks from Lamoura. The ones who can still walk have fallen back into a tunnel, taking their hostages with them. They're using the wrecked cars as a barricade and firing at Swiss police as we speak. The other end of the tunnel is blocked off, so we're going to have to go in the front door.

Sweeney: Bad luck on this one. The tunnel the terrorists have holed up in isn't just a cheese bore through a pile of rock. Instead, the whole thing's connected to an old bunker system that someone carved out back in the 1930s. It's a rat maze, and these rats have sharp teeth. We have confirmation from several of the rescued hostages that our terrorists went for the bank first, and that once inside they looked for old bank records before they went rummaging for cash. Hopefully, you'll be able to bring someone in who can shed light on this mess, because right now both Intel and I are stumped.

Objectives: Rescue both hostages