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Part 23: Operation Falcon Hour

Operation Falcon Hour

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Control: A joint American-British drug bust in Cayman Brac has failed, leaving several agents down and others taken hostage. The kidnappers have taken refuge within a private airport complex and are threatening to execute their hostages. Your mission is to rescue the captives and eliminate their captors.

Clark: Pack your swim trunks, you're going to the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately, it's not a pleasure cruise. A joint drug intercept between the American DEA and British Customs went haywire at a private airport and since the defense of the Caymans is still under British control, we've been put on the spot. The local police were smart enough to block off the runways so the terrorists can't take off. What that means in practical terms is that we have a squad of angry, heavily armed drug dealers somewhere in the airport complex itself. Even worse, they've got ticketing agents with them as hostages. According to witnesses, someone or something must have tipped the smugglers off, because they were toting more ordnance than usual. When the DEA and Customs agents went to make their move, they got a nasty surprise.

Sweeney: Cayman Brac's the easternmost of the Cayman Islands. It's got a lot of money, a lot of big houses and a lot of people who like their privacy. The airport where the hostage-takers are holed up is small and private, with a short strip. Mostly it handles Gulfstreams and the like, wealthy people jetting in for the weekend. It's also a major drug distribution hub, mainly marijuana and cocaine, and the local police have made several busts there in the past. However, there's never been a hostage situation before. Don't kidnap the police was always one of the unwritten rules, but it seems that rule's been changed.

Objectives: Neutralize all terrorists; Rescue all three hostages