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Part 24: Operation Pearl Castle

Operation Pearl Castle

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Control: Narco-terrorists have taken members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force hostage at a private estate on Cayman Brac. The Governor's Office requests your assistance in resolving the situation. Your mission is to secure the estate and liberate the captive officers.

Clark: It looks like hostage-taking is the latest fad on Cayman Brac. What we're looking at is the island estate of a man named Nikola Gospic, whom the local police wanted to ask some questions about the run-in at the airport. It was routine stuff, just "Did you see anything?", but they got a non-routine response. Gospic wasn't at home, but somebody else was. When they saw the police they panicked and opened fire. The officers who weren't hit in the first exchange fell back and radioed in for back-up, but two men are already down and a couple more were taken hostage by whoever's in the house. Since we were still in the vicinity, the Governor specifically requested that we help resolve this situation. Fortunately, Gospic likes his privacy, because the estate is walled and out in the middle of nowhere.

Sweeney: The estate you'll be liberating belongs to a man named Nikola Gospic, one of the most well-liked men on Cayman Brac. Gospic is in his 80s and is something of a philanthropist. He's also got extensive business interests throughout Argentina and Brazil, and according to Intel he's currently in Buenos Aires tending to some of them. He picked a smart time to be out of the house. We can safely assume that the men holed up on Gospic's estate are tied to the narco-terrorists you took down at the airstrip. The bullets the local ballistics experts dug out of one of their police cars match the ones the airport terrorists were using. Furthermore, the Cayman authorities have a positive ID on two of the shooters at the house. They're small-time drug runners who'd been overheard bragging about a big score they were about to make.

Objectives: Neutralize all terrorists; Rescue all hostages